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Thread: Pleased with MOTUC! The MOTUC Appreciation thread

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    I like the toys.

    That is all I like.
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    I'm very happy with the line. The customer service of Digital River - not so much.

    I'll put up with the poor customer service for the figures themselves! They're great and I can't wait to open up my King Hsss - reversed shoulders and all.

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    I'm more happy than unhappy but still find miss-assembled figures terrible.

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    Well for once, I'm almost 100% thrilled with the line. Let the good times roll! If characters came with 200X heads for the occasional character, this line would be prefect. Finally I can feel somewhat like everyone else has felt since 2008 to 2011, while I was one of the most malcontent members on this forum with petitions to change something or other.

    They were a long time coming, but I'm finally getting Battleground Teela, 200X He-Man (made from King Grayskull II) and a mini-comic colored Mer-Man. Oo-Larr will probably eventually come out, just like all of the other Pre-Filmation colored variants I want such as pale MEF, orange Ram Man, red Beast Man, Blonde Teela, Green Trap Jaw and new sculpts of mini-comic Tri-Klops and Caucasian Stratos.

    So much to look forward to! 200X versions of Sorceress, Randor, Adam and Evil-Lyn, beefed up NA characters, Filmation looking POP females and vehicles.

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    I am (still) a Very Happy Camper.
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    I am sorry I got a subscription two years in. I wish I had gotten in earlier on this.

    These are great! I am happy someone started this tread! Keep on keeping on. . .

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    Love the line! Don't give a damn about Hiss' or Roboto's shoulders! Of course they SHOULD be right, that's a given, but I NEVER EVER would have noticed either of them on my own!
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    While I can completely understand people's frustrations with the whole shoulder debacle, I for one am still very happy with the line. Sure I have a few grumblings, but I'd rather have something than nothing at all.

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