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    Keldor Discussion Thread

    The biggest news for ME wasn't Optikk. It wasn't Screech. It was Keldor.

    Hopefully Keldor comes with everything that we see here! I've long disliked Classic Skeletor because I've felt that he wasn't scary enough compared to the 200X version...hell, even the Alcala version.

    So hopefully MOTUC will replicate the original Keldor's "action feature" "just as we remember them" and give us a vial of acid, 2 alternate heads (please one of them be the 200X head), double swords and a repainted 200X Havoc Staff. Repaint Skeletor's armor and loincloth like the 200X Skeletor and we're good!

    Even if I can't make a 200X Skeletor out of Keldor, at least regular Skeletor will finally have a cape!!!
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