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I like your version, but Keldor is human, so forearm must be bare or use the gaunlet ones (Hordak and Zodak).
That's not quite accurate. He's half human. He's half Gar. Blue skin. Sharp Vulcan/Elf ears. Gar appear to have arm fins or something like them (check out Vormus in the series), so it's not necessary to leave out the arm fins on Keldor.

Also, I think they will follow the same formula for Keldor that was used in 200X--that is Skeletor wears the same armor as Keldor but with bones worked into the design (a difference too minor to matter for the toy) and with exposed feet (to add to his monstrous appearance). If MOTUC Keldor is wearing different shin-guards than those worn by Skeletor, they've departed from the formula. They might do that, but they don't have to.