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Thread: Extra Rooted Head for Female Figures/Women Keep Losing Out in MOTUC

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    Extra Rooted Head for Female Figures/Women Keep Losing Out in MOTUC

    I would like to bring up the history of the extra rooted hair head issue in MOTUC as well as a couple others for the female figures, as I feel it's extremely important to point out.

    Before anyone gets all upset, this is for an EXTRA head, nobody wants to replace the plastic/rubber haired female heads, and ToyGuru has stated all figures will have plastic hair:

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    3. Do you know if Princess of Power figures in the MOTUC line will have sculpted or rooted hair?
    All the figures in the MOTU Classics line will have sculpted hair.
    Q: Why would someone want a female figure with rooted hair?
    A: The 80's toyline had it which makes it nostalgic to PoP toy fans. They had them in the 80's that way and loved them and would love a throwback/nod to the vintage figures. Just how 80's MOTU fans desperately wanted, fought for and won a flocked and pine-scented Moss Man, Stinking Stinkor, possibly second-release flocked Panthor (see below quote) and more than likely a furry Grizzlor.

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    [I]2. And as for the Panthor, we may indeed release a second flocked version of him in the future, but the initial release will be unflocked as fans at SDCC requested.
    If we can have moss, fuzz, fur, scents and possibly cloth capes (see quote below), why not an extra head of real hair for the girls?

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    9. Jay Bell: Has a decision been made regarding the use of fabric materials on MOTUC figures? We will see capes or clothing (such as Prince Adam's vest) made of cloth? Or will such things always be plastic?

    Much like Scareglow, all the figures will have plastic for a universal feel across the line. A fabric cape would be a great way to refresh the characters down the line. But the initial release will not be fabric.
    Also, as PixelDan has pointed out in his Adora review, it's virtually impossible to move a long-haired female figures' head up and down...even with rubber hair. How can one pose Adora looking up at her sword as she transforms into She-Ra? One cannot. An extra rooted head would allow for movement/poseability of the head in ANY direction!

    On August 1st, 2008 I started a poll about getting extra heads. It's hard to tell the *true* results as some people who hate PoP and have no intention of buying the figures could have voted, but the results were basically 50/50 out of 106 votes:

    51 or 48.11% FOR an extra rooted head
    55 or 51.89% AGAINST an extra rooted head

    Poll was here:

    [NOTE: If any more votes come in, please dis-regard them as the votes haven't changed for OVER a year. These were the official results and I'm unsure if I can close the polling.]

    ToyGuru has told us many times they would do second heads for figures that absolutely need a second head or have a compelling reason for a second head. PoP girls have both: rooted will allow for up-and-down head articulation and is a throwback to the original toys.

    Why no heads then?

    TG says Mattel would have to change vendors, but in the exact SAME Q&A session he explains that they DID change vendors! Why would they not look for a vendor that can DO rooted hair if they had to switch? (see quotes and then I'll continue below).

    From the EXACT same Q&A session:

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    4. With the announcement of alternate heads for some figures, how do you determine who gets an extra head and what that head will be? For example, many fans would love to see POP figures come with alternate heads with rooted hair, or Skeletor come with an Alcala inspired head.
    We handle this based on two factors: 1: Who absolutely needs a second head (Mer Man and Man-At-Arms come to mind) and how much tooling do we have for the total line for the year. Obviously the more successful the line is the more tooling dollars are available. We wouldn’t do a second head just to do it or to do a second expression, a figure would have to have a compelling reason to need a second head.

    Also, for major characters like Skeletor, we would be more likely to do a new release then pack in a new head since he is a guaranteed seller no matter what the head is.

    At this time we will not be doing rooted hair for any of the characters. All POP characters will have plastic hair to keep a uniform line look and keep costs down. (having rooted hair means using a vendor who can do rooted hair and the MOTUC line and the DCUC line is produced in a plant that does not do rooted hair). Changing vendors is expensive and would slow down production.
    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    9. Given the durability issue of King Grayskull and the numerous broken figures, what is Mattel doing to insure durability on future MOTUC figures?
    We switched vendors.
    Okay, so we don't want to cause any crazy expenses or MOTUC slowdown, so why not just have the rooted heads made at a Barbie factory? The answer doesn't REALLY make sense here. We're not asking Mattel to make full figures in different factories, just a head where they make Barbie heads. MOTUC figures are made in China as is Barbie. I don't see the extra tariffs and product development issues. They would basically be smaller sized Barbie heads. It should be 100% possible. Here's the full answer though:

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    8. Instead of switching vendors, couldn't Mattel just produce rooted hair POP heads at a factory that makes Barbie heads? You could then package an additional rooted hair POP head with figures, or produce a set of additional variant heads to sell to fans.
    While this sounds like a great idea on paper, logistically it just doesn’t always work out. Many of the vendors who do rooted hair are in completely different countries. Because of tariffs and product development issues it just is not feasible at this point to develop MOTUC figures in multiple factories. It would just slow things down too much. For now, we hope fans will be excited that we will be including POP and other females in the line and many fan demanded characters.
    Now, most of the PoP figures don't really have accessories. Just a shield and a comb. The same mold shared for both pieces, just different colours...but we STILL cannot get a second, rooted head which is vastly different. Especially more different than mustache vs. no mustache (even though I loved that head). We won't even be getting She-Ra's toy sword with her as an extra, but He-Man comes with TWO Power Swords! One full, one half.

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    3. grenadaspice: When you get to She-Ra, do you plan on including an updated version of the original POP gold Sword of Protection?

    Not with She-Ra, but this would be a great suggestion for an accessory pack!
    ToyGuru did throw us this bone:

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    6. Since POP figures will not have rooted hair, that means they won't need to come with a comb like with the classic POP figures. Does this mean they could have another weapon to go along with the shield that many classic POP characters had?
    It is quite possible. We will look to include as many accessories as make sense for all of the Classics figures. But yes, it is likely a comb will not be included and more likely we will indeed to shields and other weapons. Maybe even a sword that is comb-like as an homage!
    So, riddle me this:

    All the women share Teela's body, have ONE piece outfits (possibly two-piece in future, see quote below), cannot ab-crunch or look up and down (because of no extra rooted head)...

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    5. Darkspecter: We have been told that female figures will use the one-piece outfit. Would Mattel consider making it a two-piece outfit instead so they can use the waist-twist feature, especially for female figures that have distinct waists, skirts, pants, etc?

    We went right to the Four Horsemen for this one:

    “This is something that we will look into the next time we get to a figure that has an applicable design. We also want to see how the softer material works out on the Adora figure before we make any big decisions. The biggest issue that we have is that the body design was built for a one piece outfit. We are not 100% sure that we can make it work without a complete tooling overhaul. We will keep you posted as we move forward. Just keep in mind that since we work so far ahead that you may not see the results for a while!”
    Where's all the love for the female characters and the fans of PoP who have supported this line, MOTU and will be the MAIN supporters of the PoP characters released in MOTUC?

    It's the 25th Anniversary of PoP and we REALLY can't get an extra rooted throwback head so our figures can look up and down?!

    I love Mattel and all the MOTUC figures we have received, but I am MASSIVELY disappointed in this and it needs to be fixed.

    I am a subscriber, will continue to subscribe and buy every character in this line, but Mattel needs to show more love to PoP fans! Where's the fore-sight?
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