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Thread: Horde-Ra: The Beginning

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    Horde-Ra: The Beginning

    *Story is intended for adult audiences. Some graphic scenes contained within.*

    I had worked out in my mind what a revamped, new She-Ra cartoon would be like. I had already planned out, in detail, what my ideal "Season 1 of She-Ra" would be like, and much of "Season 2". I eventually decided on what the climax of Season 2 would be, and this is how it would begin.

    Note: She-Ra is a bit edgier in this, and is similiar to many anime female protagonists. She's more willing to hold captive and maim enemies if needed, but she refuses to intentionally kill.

    Hordak is a fusion of his Filmation and MYP self with a touch of added caring for Adora and belief in lawfulness making him a more sympathetic villain - he has almost Captain Planet-esque control over the four elements as well as the ability to alter his form in a fashion similiar to his Filmation self; he also looks like his MYP self and is not played for laughs at all; he is very much attached to Adora, and desperately wants her to rejoin the Horde.

    Skeletor has Filmation powers, greater competency in general, and MYP hand-to-hand/sword-to-sword combat skills. This makes him an absolute monster in hand-to-hand combat due to his teleportation abilities. In this altered MotU reality, Hordak and Skeletor have a strained relationship, but never became outright enemies to one another. They occassionally work closely together, in fact.

    He-Man is like She-Ra - a bit edgier; willing to maim but not kill.

    Bow now has a diamond on his chest, and can shoot arrows of pure bright piercing light.

    Glimmer wears a purple cape, and is much more prone to make full use of her powers in a courageous way. In my planned continuity, she even holds a sort of victory over Skeletor under her belt.

    With that out of the way, here's the opening, with many key events behind it that I'll probably delve into later...


    It was an unique chamber of the Fright Zone that currently played host to four beings of incredible power. This chamber was typically used for interrogation, althought it was at times used as a means of brutal corrective punishment.

    One person was held upon a cross in the formation of a star, and hence with his arms and legs stretched far apart. This man contored his face into pained expressions in his firm resolve to not give in to his captors desire to hear him scream.

    A second person tortured this man with various blades, menacing instruments, and magic use. He was thoroughly enthralled in this sadistic pleasure.

    A third person was standing, but had her arms bound by highly advanced energized shackles that would send debilitating and excruciating amounts of electricity coursing through her body if she showed the slightest attempt at escape.

    A fourth person had carefully orchestrated this entire scene, and allowed himself the slightest of grins as he stood next to the shackled woman and watched his old ally engage in the torture of a captured foe. He held his arms folded neatly behind his back, as he took upon himself a somewhat contemplative stance.

    "You're a stubborn fool, aren't you, He-Man?" cackled the Dark Lord of Snake Mountain, Skeletor, in rhetorical question, "In spite of the grievous amounts of pain that I have inflicted upon you for the past hour or so, you have managed to resist screaming out in pain. Perhaps I'll be able to change that with a very special spell made just for you, old nemisis..."

    Beads of blood intermingled with sweat seaped down off of He-Man's brow. Several gashes had been opened up upon his upper torso and legs, caused by a variety of items designed to inflict torture, and most notably whips and short knifes.

    The shackled She-Ra had been brought down by Hordak to this chamber of horrors to behold this ghastly sight. She had shouted for mercy for He-Man at the first signs of him being tortured, but Skeletor had callously mocked such calls for restraint as he knew Hordak's plan and that the advantageous position was currently held by Hordak and him.

    He-Man, while gasping for air, had encouraged She-Ra to say nothing about the torture being inflicted upon him so as to not give the villains the slightest satisfaction. With this in mind, She-Ra had sought to avoid crying and grimacing just as He-Man had sought to resist screaming.

    Now, however, even their resolve began to falter.

    She-Ra tilted her head away from the sight of He-Man, wanting to not see what vile magic Skeletor would use on him next. As Skeletor began speaking a strange magical incantation, She-Ra finally asked a question of Hordak.

    "Why are you doing this?" she asked in a very low tone, "Why are you showing me this? I thought that you cared for the woman who you would call 'daughter'..."

    Skeletor, through his magical powers, had recently learned that She-Ra was Adora transformed, and he brought this information to Hordak to formulate a plan that could make use of this fact. Hordak was greatly enthused by the possibilities that She-Ra being Adora portended.

    "I do care for you, Adora..." replied Hordak, "In fact, that is why I am showing you this. If not for He-Man's relation to you, I could care less about what Skeletor does to him. However, for your sake, I am willing to end He-Man's misery... for a price."

    With that, Skeletor finally completed the casting of his unique magical spell, which caused He-Man to feel incredibly disoriented and nauseous. His stomache churned violently, and the lining of his throat felt parched, as he regurgitated blood and vomit upon the floor.

    Skeletor cackled at the sight, while She-Ra became enraged.

    "You disgusting monster!" she screamed at Skeletor, as tears flung from her eyes "You will pay for what you have done. I swear... you will pay!"

    "You're not in any position to be making threats, daughter of Randor." responded Skeletor coldly, as he walked towards She-Ra and met her penetrating eyes with the red glowing embers within his otherwise empty eye sockets.

    "Skeletor is correct, Adora." stated Hordak as Skeletor began to back away from She-Ra, and He-Man neared unconsciousness from Skeletor's latest, brutal move, "As future leader of the Horde, I hope that you will practice wiser discretion than what you just displayed."

    She-Ra went from a look of anger to a look of shock.

    With mouth hung slightly in shock, she turned to face Hordak, and asked "Future leader of the Horde...?"

    "That is what I always intended for you, Adora." replied Hordak, "Unfortunetly, the Eternians sought to steal you back from me, and largely succeeded in doing so. However, one of those same Eternians now offers the key to altering all of that."

    She-Ra instantly knew what Hordak was talking about.

    "You hope to use the sight of my brother being maliciously tortured to coerce me into rejoining the Horde..." she stated, with a countenance of unpleasant, and stark, seriousness about her face.

    "Good, Adora." replied Hordak with a juicy grin suddenly washing across his face, "You catch on well, and do honour to me by doing so."

    The conversation between Hordak and She-Ra was then briefly halted by the crackling sound of one of the Horde's cretarium-encrusted whips striking against the flesh of He-Man as it was swung by Skeletor. She-Ra winched painfully at the sound, while it was music to Hordak's ears.

    "At first, I was discomforted to hear that She-Ra was Adora." continued on Hordak with incredible calm given the scene of vicious abuse coming to fruition before his very eyes, "I have often tried to kill She-Ra, and it saddened me greatly to know that this meant that I had unwittingly tried to kill Adora on many occassions. Adora I have no desire to see die whatsoever, as I have great plans for Adora. When I gave intense thought to those plans it then occured to me the substantial benefits that would come from She-Ra and Adora being one and the same."

    "I will never fight for you, Hordak." stated She-Ra in an emotionaless tone.

    "Then you would rather stand here and watch your twin brother die the most nightmarish of deaths at the hands of Skeletor?" asked Hordak with an evil grin, as he stared at She-Ra.

    He-Man started to shout in pain over Skeletor's torture, and this shout gave She-Ra quite a shock.

    "Don't do it, She-Ra!" he exclaimed, "Don't give in to Hordak!"

    The scene of brutality then continued on unabated.

    "He-Man might be willing to sacrifice himself to prevent you from giving in to my most reasonable of offers..." stated Hordak, "But are you willing to see him make such a sacrifice, Adora?"

    Wretched tears began slowly slithering down the face of She-Ra. She was deeply conflicted over the situation.

    "What would be your terms, Hordak?" she asked after making a deep sigh.

    "I will release He-Man from my hold, and send him back to Eternia with out any more harm than what has already been inflicted upon him." began Hordak in answer, "In return for my promise to do this, you will promise to me to return to the service of the Horde as my Force Captain on Etheria, and eventual successor. You will remain in your She-Ra form at all times as you are still Adora within, and that is all that matters to me. Your costume will be slightly redesigned to reflect your new alliegance to the Horde. You will use your powers to help me bring Etheria back under the lawful and proper rule of the Horde."

    She-Ra slowly began to give serious consideration to these words, as she attempted to block out the reverberating sounds of He-Man being tortured, and also turned away from the sight thereof.

    "What do you get out of it?" asked She-Ra loudly with a raised eyebrow and in a tone of contempt, while looking at Skeletor.

    "One less enemy..." replied Skeletor, quite coldly, as he took a break from torturing He-Man to answer her question.

    "I see..." responded She-Ra, very coldly herself.

    After a tense moment of silence, aside from He-Man's gasping for air, Hordak finally broke it.

    "Well?" he asked of She-Ra, turning and tilting his head and body to make close eye contact with her.

    "No." responded She-Ra, trying to not choke up over what her answer meant for He-Man, "My answer is no."

    Hordak released an exasperated sigh, but then composed himself.

    "Very well." he stated, as he folded his muscular arms across his chest, and turned to face Skeletor, and with an evil grin upon his face, "You may now continue Skeletor."

    Skeletor cackled gleefully at these words, and He-Man felt the sting of whips once more. Each sharp sound of the whip striking He-Man's flesh, often resulting in a shout from He-Man, was like another dagger straight through She-Ra's heart.

    Tears began to flow uncontrollably from her eyes, and try as she did to turn her face away from the sight of He-Man being tortured, her sisterly affection would not allow herself to do so for long.

    'He'll be dead soon...' she thought to herself, 'If I don't give in to Hordak's demands, Skeletor will kill him. The Fright Zone is virtually impenetrable with out He-Man or myself to lead the charge, and both of us have been made captive. There is only one way to save He-Man's life, and end this suffering...'

    "Stop!" exclaimed She-Ra, as her eyes had been made sore through the tears, "Please stop!"

    Hordak held his hand out towards Skeletor to signal for him to cease his torture of He-Man.

    "You have reconsidered?" asked Hordak with a grin.

    "Yes..." answered She-Ra beneath her breath, "Two conditions, Hordak. I will agree to your offer if you agree to my two conditions."

    "No!" exclaimed He-Man, "My life is not worth it!"

    "Yes it is!" shouted She-Ra back at him, before turning her attentions back to Hordak.

    "My first condition is that if I agree to your offer, Skeletor must agree to make no moves against Castle Grayskull or the Eternos people for the next twelve Eternian months." stated She-Ra, while scowling at Skeletor.

    "Done." replied Hordak.

    "What?!" exclaimed Skeletor in agitated question, as he moved over towards Hordak with highly animated gestures, "You can't make a deal like that with out my approval, Hordak!"

    "Think of the big picture, Skeletor." whispered Hordak to him, "Once the twelve months are up, you can return to your usual attempts on Castle Grayskull and Eternia at large, and with out having to worry about She-Ra. Furthermore, I will make you ruler of Silaxia in my stead if you go along with the agreement... which I will hold you to if you do so."

    Skeletor visibly seethed over She-Ra's clever move here, causing She-Ra to grin over it. She wanted some small measure of revenge on Skeletor for what he had done to He-Man, and now she had it.

    "Very well, Hordak..." replied Skeletor, "But this plan of yours better work!"

    "It will." responded Hordak calmly, before turning his attention back to She-Ra, "And the second condition?"

    "You may make whatever movements you want against any Etherian kingdom except one... and that one is the kingdom of Brightmoon" answered She-Ra.

    Hordak sneered over this second condition that he loathed, but his desire to bring Adora back into the Horde fold was intense, so he would abide by it if She-Ra made something clear to him.

    "So... if we make the deal that I suggested to you, including your two conditions, and I deign that you will be part of a Horde force seeking to conquer Frosta's realm, or Mystacore, you will willingly fight for the Horde?" asked Hordak.

    With a deeply dejected look on her face, She-Ra calmly answered "Yes".

    He-Man was horrified by this. Hordak's smile was wide and true. Skeletor was now unsure of a great deal.

    "Excellent." replied Hordak, "Very well then, I will release He-Man and have him sent back to Eternia, though I will let you see him off. Skeletor will leave Castle Grayskull and the Eternos palace alone, while I will focus on territory other than that of Brightmoon. And you, Adora, will once more be Horde Force Captain... only with the power of She-Ra added to you!"

    A grumpy Skeletor teleported back to Snake Mountain while telling Hordak, in no uncertain terms, that he will expect to be made formal ruler of Silaxia within forty-eight hours. He-Man was taken down from the cross in the shape of a star, and She-Ra began to lovingly apply her healing magic.

    With him nursed back to health, and given his sword back, a Horde convoy carried Hordak, She-Ra and He-Man to the edge of Fright Zone territory, where She-Ra called upon the Sorceress to open up a portal back to Eternia.

    "You can't honestly be thinking of working for Hordak again, can you, She-Ra?" asked He-Man.

    "I made a promise, He-Man, and the very least that I owe Hordak is my word." replied She-Ra.

    "You owe him nothing." stated He-Man with great firmness, "He has caused more grief for you than any other person has!"

    "That may be true, but he also helped to raise me." responded She-Ra, "It... it may be a very long time before I see you or my parents again. Please send them my greetings and love."

    He-Man was incensed over the recent turn of events. He cared deeply for his sister, but he didn't like what she was now doing. He didn't like it one bit.

    "You shouldn't be doing this, She-Ra." he stated in a very firm tone of voice.

    "I'm doing this for you." replied She-Ra, as tears began to pour from her eyes anew, and she became choked up.

    As a show of compassion, He-Man said nothing else, and simply embraced his sister. She-Ra held on to this embrace longer than normal as she knew that the situation would be very different when she met He-Man again.

    They then disembraced, and He-Man immediately turned away.

    With a shaking of his head, He-Man left through the portal with a simple "goodbye".

    Hordak had won, for now. He now had Adora back on the side of the Horde. He even now had... Horde Force Captain She-Ra.

    To be continued...
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    "I'm not just crying for Hordak. I'm crying for the saddest thing I know - a wasted life. To be given that most precious gift - the gift of living, to do with as we choose. I'm crying, because this man has chosen to throw it away, and when he goes, nobody will care..." - She-Ra ( "My Friend, My Enemy")

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    Incredible! I love how suspensful this is! The choice she-ra/adora had to make and under those circumstances have truly kept me on edge! Wonderful fanfic right here, I can't wait to read more!

    "I am Skeletor overlord of E-ville!"
    -Skeletor (MYP version...he definitely said E-ville)

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    Great stuff, cant wait to read more.

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    A clearly very disgruntled He-Man exited out of a portal from Etheria back to Eternia at the edge of the royal courtyard where Duncan frequently tested out his various inventions, and engaged Teela and other members of the Royal Eternos Guard in combat training. The Sorceress had chosen not to speak of She-Ra's new situation to He-Man as Grayskull's mysterious inhabitant did not yet know what to make of it herself.

    Duncan, in the process of testing out minaturized smart bombs designed to eliminate any significant chance of civilian casualities during war, turned sideways with a bit of a shock to see He-Man walking towards him.

    "Adam!" shouted Duncan quite loudly, forgetting in his ecstactic surprise over He-Man's return, how He-Man's true identity was still secret to the vast majority of the people of Eternia, "You're back!"

    "Yes, I am." replied He-Man very curtly, which took Man-At-Arms back a bit.

    "Adam... He-Man... is there something wrong?" asked a perplexed Man-At-Arms as he began to remove his special protective googles that also provided him with greatly magnified vision.

    He-Man did not immediately answer Man-At-Arms' query, as he knew that there were no words that he could find that could soften the blow of Duncan learning of Adora's current situation.

    "I take it that the attempt to liberate Silaxia went awry?" asked Duncan, very knowingly.

    "It's far worse than that, Duncan... far worse." answered an increasingly dejected He-Man.

    He-Man then retold the story of Adora's situation to Man-At-Arm's.

    "Well..." stated Man-At-Arms very gruffly, but while trying to maintain his composure and hardy spirit, "This is certainly a terrible, and unexpected, turn of events."

    "Terrible is not the word for it, Duncan." responded He-Man, "Adora is now serving the brutal and contemptable Horde once more, and she's now doing so while wielding the might of Castle Grayskull. She... she has been a fool, and is now playing the part of a fool."

    "Adam..." stated Duncan in a corrective whisper, "Don't be so hard on her. Her two conditions were strokes of genuis. If Hordak is able to hold Skeletor to the first of those two conditions, then Eternia will know a lengthy and welcomed period of respite! Brightmoon itself is also secure. Your sister negotiated with great cunning, and while under extreme duress, Adam."

    "She is very clever, yes..." responded He-Man, "But that doesn't change how she seemingly intends to actually use the might of Grayskull to brutalize and enslave many innocent peoples in her role as Horde Force Captain."

    Man-At-Arms placed his hands upon He-Man's weary shoulders, which in turn were made uneasy by the worries of his head.

    "She did it for you, Adam." replied Duncan, "Never forget that she's doing this for you, He-Man!"

    "That... that is the worst part of all, Duncan..." stated He-Man, "That is the worst part of all. How do we explain this to my parents? How, Duncan? How?"

    Unfortunetly, Duncan could think of no compelling answer to give to He-Man at this time. It was a conundrum that he and He-Man would need to grapple with.


    The Brightmoon Palace was as serene and trainquil as ever. Its luster and glory had been restored from the time of former Horde General Sundar's temporary seizing of it, which in turn had been ended by He-Man and She-Ra's valiant efforts in persuading the General to defect to the Etherian Great Rebellion.

    Since that defection, the kingdom of Brightmoon had known two months of complete peace. Silaxia had become the new central front in Hordak's dreams of conquest, and that had spared Brightmoon his unrelenting and unwanted attention.

    Skeletor's shocking display of power and might in battle against both He-Man and She-Ra had proven himself a greater threat than ever before, and had been the last conflict to come even near the Brightmoon palace. It had been brought on by years of frustration cumilating in an explosion of rage and viciousness channelled through Skeletor's many powers.

    In the end, Bow and Glimmer, though principly Glimmer, proved instrumental in driving Skeletor back in spite of his startling effectiveness in combat against He-Man and She-Ra.

    Shortly thereafter, He-Man and She-Ra had followed the refugee Huntara back to Silaxia in an attempt to liberate the planet from its new Horde conquerors. That attempt had failed, and He-Man and She-Ra had not been heard from in roughly a month as such.

    Not until today.

    "I hope that She-Ra and He-Man are Ok, Bow..." stated Glimmer in great worry as she held tentatively upon the railing of one of the pristine balconies of the Brightmoon palace, joined there by Bow, "They've been gone for a month now. After the problems that Skeletor gave them, I wonder if it was unwise of them to rush off to help Huntara and her people."

    "I don't know, Glimmer." answered Bow in forthright response, and firm posture, contrasted to Glimmer's looking downwards and lurching over slightly, "Both are proud, and mighty, warriors, dedicated to fighting the Horde wherever it threatens their friends and loved ones, and Huntara had become a friend to She-Ra. I have much faith in them. All we can do is hope and..."

    Suddenly, a Brightnoon guard rushed out on to the balcony with a great sense of urgency in his voice.

    "Princess Glimmer and Commander Bow!" he exclaimed to both of them, "Queen Angella has just recieved a very important communique from She-Ra! It has been broadcasted from the Fright Zone to each of the various Etherian Kingdoms with the technology needed to recieve it!"

    "Broadcasted from the Fright Zone...?!" asked a shocked and dismayed Bow, after a slight but very tense moment of silence.

    "Yes!" confimed the Brightmoon guard, wearing a blue and silver uniform that included a helmet with a large shaded visor, "Please, follow me!"

    Bow and Glimmer were then rushed into Queen Angella's reception chamber, where incoming transmissions and communiques of an electronic nature could be recieved. A very large screen displayed a message from She-Ra that would prove very pivotal to all of Etheria. Angella was clearly deep in thought as she lay back against the throne in this reception chamber, while Bow and Glimmer each moved to take one of two different sides next to her. They could merely look up at She-Ra's message in stunned silence.

    "I regret to inform my former allies in the Great Rebellion of the failure of He-Man, Huntara, and I to liberate Silaxia." began She-Ra, "Sadly, He-Man and I were captured by the Horde. In order to save He-Man's life, I needed to come to terms of sorts with Hordak."

    The message played on several video screens situated through out the most heavily populated regions of the Brightmoon and Mystacore Kingdoms.

    "The good news is that I have negotiated for Brightmoon's perpetual freedom from the Horde, as Hordak has agreed to never again try to conquer Brightmoon." continued She-Ra, "However, that settlement, and He-Man's freedom from brutal and harsh torture, came at a price."

    The next part left Queen Castaspella of Mystacore sagging into her throne with a dreaded sense of anxiety.

    "That price is my rejoining the Horde." stated She-Ra bluntly, "I served under the Horde before as Force Captain Adora, and yes, Adora and I are actually one and the same. This secret can now be revealed to all as I will henceforth be remaining in my She-Ra form at all times."

    Glimmer gasped in shock over these words, while Bow was dumbfounded by them.

    "I will now serve as Horde Force Captain again." continued She-Ra, "I would encourage the citizens of every Etherian inhabitant who does not know Brightmoon as home to seek asylum there so as to prevent you from being captured by the Horde. To the rulers of all other Etherian kingdoms... I strongly urge you to surrender to the Horde now to prevent unwanted hostilities between yourselves and the Horde. As Horde Force Captain, it will be my role to see to the Horde gaining your territories in due time, and hence a peaceful surrender that can be negotiated in good faith is strongly recommended."

    Frosta almost cried over these words, as she was good friends with She-Ra.

    "How can you let Hordak do this to you, She-Ra?" asked Frosta while watching the video feed from her frozen throne, "How?"

    "I regret that it has come to this." stated She-Ra, as though she was answering Frosta's very question, "However, this unwelcomed reality can not change. I have made a promise to Hordak... a promise the benefits both Brightmoon and my native world of Eternia... a promise that I am bound by honour to uphold. Please do not make this worse than it has to be. The Horde will graciously listen to any and all terms of surrender, and are willing to negotiate what may prove to be acceptable conditions. I... I am sorry that this is what has happenned. However, this regret does not change reality. That is all. Good day to you all."

    With this communique ended, Sea Hawk pounded his fist loudly into the side of his flying, yet wooden, ship. He swore like the pirate that he is.

    "Curse you, Hordak!" he then bellowed, "I won't let you do this to Adora! I will not stand for it, you despotic fiend!"


    Hordak had watched the entire spectacle from the comfort of his gigantic and impressive throne, with an open smile that extended from ear to ear.

    "Beautiful... simply beautiful!" he exclaimed in almost a state of euphoria, as he arose from out of his chair, "Almost all of Etheria will soon be mine!"

    He was joined by almost all of his top Horde subordinates, including Catra, Shadow Weaver, Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna, Scorpia, Scurvy, Octavia, and Dylamug. All were very pleased by the latest turn of events. All, except one.

    "Meow!" protested the angry and embittered Catra, "I have been a good Force Captain for you for years now, Hordak!"

    "You have been mediocre, Catra." replied Hordak, in his honest appraisal of Catra's effectiveness, "You have been useful at times, but often too easily bested. However, there is no need for your protest. I am assigning you to be Horde Force Captain on Silaxia, where you will serve under Skeletor."

    Catra was surprised by this. She had not known Skeletor long, but had enjoyed making his acquaintance when she needed to rush him out of the clutches of Bow and Glimmer as part of one of Hordak's plans. Hence this soothed her concerns.

    "Very well, Hordak." she relented, "I will not accept a demotion, but a change of locale is not so terrrrrible."

    "Good" responded Hordak with a smile, "Now, to introduce the star of the hour!"

    With arms outstretched in a celebratory fashion, Hordak motioned to have a particular elevator used to lift a certain someone up through an opening that had suddenly appeared on the floor, between all of the currently gatherred Horde elites on Etheria.

    All looked on with great wonder at the sight of the woman who stood upon that elevator, as she came to a standing level to everyone else.

    Her old choker and cape had been replaced by a red choker connected to a black cape with a red Horde insignia upon it. Her golden bracelets and boots had been replaced by glistening black cretarium bracelets, and black boots identical in shape and style to her original gold boots.

    She now looked like a Horde Force Captain.

    She looked up at Hordak, hardly as bemused by this show as he was.

    "Behold Force Captain She-Ra!" he shouted in great cheer, "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"

    To be continued...


    This would mark the end of my idea of a Season 2 of She-Ra. Basically, this would be the Season 2 final episode cliff-hanger.

    Hopefully, I'll soon begin Season 3.

    Luminak and dagodfather - Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the compliments, and support. Your insights help a lot in making this, and I hope that you both like this latest installment.
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    "I'm not just crying for Hordak. I'm crying for the saddest thing I know - a wasted life. To be given that most precious gift - the gift of living, to do with as we choose. I'm crying, because this man has chosen to throw it away, and when he goes, nobody will care..." - She-Ra ( "My Friend, My Enemy")

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    This is quite good.

    I liked how you made She-ra having to serve Hordak. (ultimate humilation).

    But as we all know, any plan that leaves a smile on Hordak's face will naturally backfire in the end
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    Season 3, Episode 1

    The craggly cliffs and cavernous depths of much of the harpies territory had been laid waste to. A highly detailed plan of attack had been laid out by the Commander for this Horde operation, which involved masterfully executed bait and switch tactics as well as startling pincher manuevers.

    While only Hunga remained standing after the harpies' startlingly ineffectual defence, not a lone Horde trooper in the small division of flycyclists placed under the Commander's command had fallen. Hunga was amazed, and horrified at the sight.

    A smirking woman in black, white, gold, and the slightest touch of red landed in front of the screeching Queen, while dismounting from her winged unicorn. Her second in command for this delicate operation was the vicious Vultak, who had expertly completed his part in the great scheme by dismantling every last defensive shield, turret, and protective wall, put in place by Hunga.

    Hunga shot several magic blasts at the enemy Commander while in the midst of severe anger, rage, and righteous indignation. All were deflected away with contemptuous ease by the new Horde Force Captain of Etheria.

    "Resistance is now futile, Hunga." stated She-Ra, allowing her smirk to fade to softer and more diplomatic facial movements, "You still have the option to surrender your territory to the Horde with out further combat, and if you do so, we will let you roam free... provided that you cease and desist with attacks on Horde grain, and salt, convoys in raids, as well as stealing money from Horde citizens who are then unable to pay their taxes."

    "Silence, interloper and traitor twice over!" screamed Hunga in horse reply, "My people will never fall to the likes of you!"

    "Your people clearly already have fallen, Hunga." stated She-Ra, "If you force me to make you fall as well, we will imprison you on Beast Island."

    Hunga began to boil over in ferocious wrath at these words of She-Ra. She then jolted forward with surprising speed, using a combination attack by shooting her wand at She-Ra's left side, while clawing with her open hand at She-Ra's right face.

    She-Ra dodged the blast, and tried to roll her face to avoid Hunga's gouging attempt, but due to how her body had moved slightly to the right to avoid the blast, her face suffered a gash from Hunga's sharp nails, causing a small splash of She-Ra's blood to fall to the floor.

    Hunga allowed herself a laugh of victory over this successful attack, as she landed upon a large rock behind She-Ra. She-Ra was not amused however, and with a cross look on her face, she quickly turned about, and charged at Hunga! Hunga, though fast, was no match for She-Ra's truly lightning fast reflexes, and eventually found herself vexed by a wild barrage of punches and kicks that moved far faster than the eyes could percieve.

    The badly beaten Hunga eventually collapsed to the ground unconscious.

    "How dare you claw me..." stated She-Ra with a condescending look on her face, as she sneered downwards at the fallen Hunga.

    She-Ra then heard the flapping wings of Vultak as he came to a landing beside her.

    "Nicely done, Force Captain!" he stated, "Hordak will be very pleased with our perfect victory this day!"

    "Yes, he will, Vultak." replied She-Ra with a wide grin, "Yes, he will..."

    "What should we do about the fleeing subordinates of Hunga?" asked Vultak, after a celebratory pause.

    "Let them go, as they are of no concern to us." answered She-Ra, as she casually placed her Sword of Protection back into its sheath, "With the head of the harpy snake cut off, and captured, the rest of the body will disperse into chaos, posing no threat to the Horde, or its citizens, or our supplies. Let us return to the Fright Zone to give my adoptive father the good news..."

    Swift Wind felt a chill go up his lengthy spine from the words of his dear old friend, and master. He sincerely suspected that this was largely an act for She-Ra, but it nonetheless unnerved him to see her behave in such a cold and ruthless manner.


    Three nights had passed since She-Ra's critical message was relayed through out Etheria. Already, the kingdom of King Darkspur had negotiated terms of surrender with the Horde due to it.

    Darkspur signed a deal with the Horde that would simply cause his kingdom to become a Horde subdivision of sorts. Darkspur would be Governor of the Horde for the region, and all of his knights and soldiers would be outfitted with Horde technology, and obedience collars. Several robotic Horde troopers and tanks would also be moved into his kingdom to patrol the region, and ensure that the ten percent incease in taxes for Darkspur's subjects, and to be given in full to the Horde, would be promptly collected.

    One key article within the fine print of this signed upon agreement, however, was that if Princess Glimmer of Brightmoon was ever to fall captive to the Horde for taking illegal actions against it outside of the established boundaries of the Brightmoon Kingdom, she would be forced to marry Darkspur.

    The plump, and vile, Darkspur now plotted a way to bait Glimmer into committing such an act.

    She-Ra was intentionally not informed of this secondary detail, though Hordak was pleased to inform her of the basic details of Darkspur's surrender upon her victorious return to the Fright Zone throne room.

    "You have done splendidly well, dear Adora!" shouted a greatly enthused Hordak, dramatically arising out of his throne and quickly moving down the steps to greet her with good cheer, while clasping one of her hands with his two hands in a fatherly fashion, "The Kingdom of Darkspur has already surrendered due to your finely crafted address to Etheria, and now you bring me news of the fall of Hunga, correct?"

    "Yes... that is correct, Hordak." answered She-Ra, a bit tentatively at first, as she was very much unaccustomed to being treated in such a fashion by Hordak, particularly while in her She-Ra persona.

    "Vultak served me well..." she said, heaping praise on the odd creature in hopes of gaining his loyalty to her, and a new friend within the Horde, "And with his cunning help, I am proud to announce that not one Horde trooper was destroyed or lost this day."

    "That's correct, Hordak!" squawked Vultak with a wide grin, "The voluptuous Force Captain and I completely overwhelmed foolish Hunga and her forces!"

    "Marvelous!" stated Hordak, as he was now beaming at She-Ra, "Simply marvelous!"

    'It might not be marvelous' thought She-Ra to herself, 'But it's not too bad. Darkspur and Hunga were two of the harshest and most corrupt rulers on all of Etheria. Them falling to the Horde is no great lost, not even to the Great Rebellion. It is quite the blessing that I have been able to please Hordak with out having to harm any of my friends!'

    However, that would not remain the case.

    "Well..." Hordak stated, as he began to come down from his emotional high, and compose himself, walking away from She-Ra with his arms folded neatly behind his back, "I knew you would have little trouble with this first mission, particularly since it was tailor-made for the flight capabilities of you and your Swift Wind... and didn't require you to oppose any of your former friends."

    "That... that is true, Hordak." replied Force Captain She-Ra, nervously, as she dreaded what Hordak might say next.

    "You have already proven that you were serious about the precious promise that you made to me, Adora..." continued Hordak, as he turned his head sideways to make eye contact with her, "And you have also demonstrated that you have not forgotten the military competency that I helped to instill in you through how I raised, and trained you... my dear, sweet daughter. Now, however, your loyalty will be tested."

    With that, Hordak sat upon his throne once more, making an evil grin towards She-Ra, while she remained silent in trepidation over his words.

    "Tomorrow morning, the great offensive against Mystacore beings." stated Hordak after a tense pause, "You will lead the offensive at my side, as we will conquer Mystacore from your former foolish friend Castaspella, who sent me a strongly worded message of resistance earlier today."

    She-Ra sighed lightly, and looked dejected over these words. She angled her head sideways to the right, and downwards, and became very sad over these words.

    "I trust that this is Ok with you, Force Captain?" asked Hordak, enjoying every minute of this, and with a malicious grin plastered across his face.

    "...Yes, Hordak." answered She-Ra softly, "I will fulfill my promise to you, and Mystacore will be ours."

    "Perfect." replied Hordak, "Then please retire to your chambers for the evening, my dear. I want you to be well rested for our major offensive tomorrow. I will send for you in the morning."

    With a numbed heart, and an intense focus on duty, honesty, and honour, She-Ra left Hordak's throne room, while Vultak followed after her to wish her a good night. He had hoped for romance with the enchanting Force Captain, but she desired no part of it. Still, she entertained him with a smile and a good night of her own to him, and with thanking him once more for his efforts.

    Still, within her chambers, she allowed a few tears to flow forth from her eyes as she truly loathed what she felt that she would have to do to Castaspella, and Mystacore, tomorrow. Castaspella, however, had other plans...


    At the Brightmoon palace, a special closed doors meeting was held in Queen Angella's spacious throne room. At this meeting were Queen Angella, Princess Glimmer, Commander Bow, and the visiting royal dignitary Castaspella.

    "My fellow and honoured Etheria monarch." stated Castaspella, while bowing graciously before Queen Angella, "I have come here to inform you that I have chosen to stand against the Horde... and She-Ra as well, if necessary. I will not allow Mystacore to fall to the Horde's brutal authoritarian regime, and its cruel and contemptable enforcers!"

    Bow and Glimmer made worried looks to one another over these words. The idea of She-Ra fighting Castaspella was a very troubling thought to them.

    "I thank you for informing me of this, most gracious Queen of Mystacore." replied Angella, "Is there a reason for giving us such information beyond simply wanting to keep my kingdom abreast of important happenings through out Etheria?"

    "Yes, Angella, there is." answered Castaspella firmly, "I do admit that I am about to ask a great deal of you. I regret that I feel such a dire need to do so, as I see no way for my people to stand triumphant against the newly strengthened Horde with out powerful help from courageous neighbours. I will understand it if you deny my request. Nonetheless, I plead it to you in passionate terms. My dearest friends... my greatest allies and precious confidants... those who share the vision of a bright and free and glorious Etheria with me... I ask you to help me to repel a Horde invasion of my lands that my intelligence sources tells me will begin tomorrow."

    There was a thoughtful pause that hung heavy in the air after Castaspella had voiced these words. Glimmer almost cried at the thought of her fighting She-Ra, while Bow was torn apart by a similiar thought, but also one of Mystacore falling while he did nothing.

    "I do sympathize with your precarious situation, steadfast Queen of Mystacore." replied Angella, "However... I am unsure on the matter. Still, it is true that I do share your vision for Etheria. With this in mind... I would like to know what my daughter thinks of this."

    All eyes now focused on the shocked Glimmer. After composing herself after recieving such unexpected attention, Glimmer made her stance known.

    "I'm sorry, Casta..." she said in a decidedly unhappy tone of voice, "It's... hard enough to bring myself to fight against Adora... who is also She-Ra... and I considered them to be two of my best friends for a long time. Beyond that, however, there is the matter of the agreement that She-Ra made with Hordak that protects Brightmoon. If we impede the Horde by helping you, Hordak may choose to break that agreement."

    There was a disturbing truth to Glimmer's words. A truth that left daunted both Queens in attendance. However, Bow was undaunted, and felt compelled to voice his own opinion.

    "I respect Glimmer, and was friends with She-Ra and Adora for a long time." stated Bow, "But I strongly beg to differ. She-Ra has betrayed us. She has turned her back on us. She has become, whether we like it or not, a traitor! I say that we help Castaspella to stand against her, and to teach her a lesson for turning against the ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice! I say that we help our true friend... that we help Castaspella!"

    Glimmer was taken aback by these fervent words of Bow, while Angella began to muse over them while stroking her chin. Castaspella made a sweet smile to Bow, and calmly thanked him for his wonderful support.

    "Well, Angella..." she said, after turning away from Bow to face her fellow Etherian Queen with a look of hope in her eyes, "It appears that your Princess, and Commander, are divided on the matter, so the final decision rests with you."

    "That is true, Casta..." replied Angella, tiring of formalities, "Truthfully, my preferance would be to help you. However, I must be perfectly honest... even with Bow, Glimmer, and myself fighting alongside you, the odds would still be strongly against us. Also, I can't in good conscience risk the lives of the bulk of Brightmoon's forces fighting a war against the Horde in a foreign land under current circumstances."

    "You don't need the bulk." came one voice from out of nowhere, who stunned all in attendance by striding confidantly into the throne room from out of the shade and a door left ajar, "You need just one more man."

    "Who let you in here?!" asked a concerned Glimmer.

    "Forgive the intrusion, my Queen and Princess, but I was allowed in here by the guards... due to my reputation, you could say." he answered.

    "Who are you?" asked Bow in turn.

    "I am the one who She-Ra showed the light to not that long ago." answered the man, removing his camoflauged garments to reveal a shining suit of impressive armour, "And now I will help you all to remind her of that light! We will defend Mystacore, for with my help, you will have the power to do so!"

    General Sundar had made his chivalrous entrance... and with it, Castaspella would gain many powerful allies.

    Soon, Hordak and She-Ra and others would fight against the forces of General Sundar and Queen Castaspella, upon the hills and plains of Mystacore!


    End episode.
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    "I'm not just crying for Hordak. I'm crying for the saddest thing I know - a wasted life. To be given that most precious gift - the gift of living, to do with as we choose. I'm crying, because this man has chosen to throw it away, and when he goes, nobody will care..." - She-Ra ( "My Friend, My Enemy")

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    Just awsome! It's one thing to hear it and another to read about it, great job! I love Sundar's plan to help she-ra, keep it coming!

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    Dude, this is brillant. I haven't seen a story arc like this. I second Luminak, keep it coming.

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    I read the title and thought someone was doing something with my original character.
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    Season 3, Episode 2

    With the bright new morning rising on Etheria, the might of the Horde now rose against defiant Mystacore, as the vast majority of the Horde forces on Etheria had divided itself into four seperate attack divisions all situated alongside Mystacore's border.

    The first attack division was a tank division led by Hordak himself, and spearheaded by a newly designed mammoth Horde tank that towered a fearsome fifty feet tall, and hence able to crush almost any obstacle put in its path. This tank was principly made out of a special alloy that was equal parts cretarium and rainbow quartz, and enchanted by Shadow Weaver's arcane protections, causing it to be as invincible as any tank on the planet could possibly be. It was equally impenetrable against both magical, and physical, attacks. Hordak called this tank Mightakia, and sat within a reinforced armchair inside of a large protective bubble on top of the tank. Next to him was Shadow Weaver standing. This division included a vast number of tanks, primarily those of standard Horde design.

    The second attack division was a calvary division of sorts led by She-Ra, and situated five hundred miles eastward of Hordak just beyond the reaches of a different portion of the Mystacore border. Also within this division were Dragstor and Mantenna, each flanking She-Ra and Swift Wind, and with Mantenna moving upon a large flying discus of sorts. This division included an impressive array of Horde flycyclists, hovering low to the ground.

    The third division was a support division led by Grizzlor, and was situated two hundred miles westward of Hordak just beyond the western border of Mytactore. Grizzlor was moving upon a large flying discus of his own, and with Leech and Scorpia under his direct supervision. Leech and Scorpia were situated directly behind Grizzlor, and Scorpia was using her unique scorpion tank to move about the terrain at slow speeds. Hundreds upon hundreds of Horde troopers took up the rear of this division, and a large percentage of them brandished flame throwers, and other specialized weapons. Various weapon supplies, and rations, convoys were protected by this division, and created a large chain behind Scorpia's tank.

    The final division was an air division led by Modulock, operating out of a large weather satellite designed by him. Mutlibot was at his side, and Vultak flew alongside the dozens of Horde batmeks and bombers that flew just below Modulock's weather satellite.

    Hordak, She-Ra, and Grizzlor all were wearing highly advanced minaturized earphones that enabled them to speak to one another in spite of the hundreds of miles currently seperating them. Modulock, for his part, had simply positioned several camera drones nearby each division commander, and hence was able to communicate with each through those drones.

    After the great rumbles of Hordak moving his tanks into place could be heard for dozens of miles in all directions, the ruthless leader of the Horde finally brought them to a stop. After a brief pause, he then spoke out to his fellow division commanders, though he himself was obviously the leader of the commanders and the architect of this gigantic combined arms operation.

    "She-Ra! Grizzlor! Modulock!" he shouted, with his earphone turned on, "Are you all in position?"

    "Yes. Swift Wind and I are now right next to the edge of Mystactore's eastern border." answered She-Ra.

    "My forces and I are ready whenever you are, Hordak!" shouted Grizzlor in reply.

    "The air division is primed and ready to strike, glorious leader!" exclaimed Modulock from within the relative comfort of the control center of his weather satellite.

    Hordak grinned in great anticipation of the battle for Mystacore to come. He had left the Fright Zone under the temporary command of Entrapta in his absence, confident that she could manage any fool who would dare to attack the Fright Zone now that the Horde was stronger than ever before on Etheria. His strategy called for truly overwhelming firepower and force to be brought to bear upon the people of Mystacore. He suspected that with the magnificent military machine that he had pieced together for this enthralling hour of conquest that Mystacore would fall decisively, and quickly. Mystacore would serve as an example to all who would risk the Horde's wrath by standing defiantly against it.

    Grizzlor, and Modulock, both looked forward to this opportunity to prove their worth to Hordak, and as such their minds were keenly focused on simply achieving their objectives with the greatest degree of efficiency possible.

    She-Ra, however, was much more conflicted. She had been startled by the sheer enormity of the armies that Hordak had amassed for this attempt to conquer Mystacore. Mystacore was an affluent and prosperous country on the world of Etheria, and it enjoyed a growing economy and high rates of literacy and much personal freedom, but it had almost no military force to speak of beyond Queen Castaspella's elite mage guards. Surely, a half of Hordak's chosen force would be able to get the job done. However, she knew that was not Hordak's way. Hordak wanted to absolutely flatten all opposition, and spared no quarter in his attempts to achieve that.

    On the one hand, She-Ra deeply resented Hordak's style of warfare here, but on the other hand, she shook her head at what she considered to be foolhardy resistance on Castaspella's part.

    'What could Casta possibly be thinking?' asked She-Ra to herself, 'Even if I was not a part of this force, it would still prove far more than enough to crush Mystacore into so much dust if Hordak chose to do so. She should have surrendered as Darkspur, coward though he may be, did. Now she endangers the lives of all of her people with her refusal to accept cold, hard reality. I... I deeply regret this hellish scenario that begins to play out before me now, and I most poignantly regret my part in this. I only hope for as few casualities on both sides as possible, and in this vein, perhaps a quick and decisive triumph for the Horde would be ideal. Nevertheless, you have made an awful mistake this day, Casta.'

    The clarion cries of Hordak brought She-Ra out of her mesmerizing thoughts however.

    "Excellent!" shouted Hordak in response to each of his top subordinates for this offensive, as he began to rise out of his seat and thrust his right arm and index finger forward, "Then forward! Onward! Crush the insufferable mental ******* who actually believe that they could resist the Horde!"

    With that, the rolling thunder of the four Horde divisions began to take flight, either figuratively or literally. Both Mystacore ground and airspace was penetrated by the ground and air divisions of the Horde.

    She-Ra, while Swift Wind sprinted forward while a lone tear of secret shame slipped from his eye, could only keep thinking, 'Why, Casta... why?!'


    Castaspella had teleported herself back to her throne room in Mystacore from the Brightmoon palace after a detailed defensive scheme had been drawn up by the brilliant Sundar. Some of his ideas struck her as rash, and lacking in prudence, but she nonetheless respected his extensive experience on the matter, and hence abided by his advice.

    From her throne, she was able to view the movements of each of Hordak's four divisions through large screens floating about all around her. These screens were maintained by an unique fusion of magic and technology, as was appropriate for the technomage tradition of Mystacore's inner circles.

    As she watched them move, she suddenly realized the great wisdom of Sundar's plan. So did the captain of her personal guard Chord, and her chief advisor Catillus.

    "Those Horde forces would have unquestionably demolished any who stood in their way in the villages on the outskirts of Mystacore if not for for General Sundar's plans, my lady." stated Chord.

    "Yes, I agree." interjected Catillus, "Thought I was dubious over his ideas myself, they were strikingly wise given how suprisingly enormous a force that Hordak has brought against us!"

    "True, First Minister Catillus, and Captain Chord." replied Castaspella, "Sundar was right about the size of the force that Hordak would use in this battle. Even with such shrewd cunning as his on our side, though, it is now crystal clear to me that we will be in for the fight of our lives."

    "Do not fret, my lady!" exclaimed Chord in reply, "The people of Mystacore, and your personal guard in particular, are proud people! The Horde will not overcome us! When the smoke of rancid warfare has finally cleared, the throne will remain yours, and our people will be free!"

    Castaspella could only smile at Chord's eternally optimistic words here, and utter a simple "Thank you, my good Captain. I pray that you are right."


    Grizzlor had the most difficult path to Mystacore's capitol, though it was also the shortest. For he needed to travel through the Dark Forest, which was so thick and with a width that would make one think of an ocean, that Hordak did not even consider using his tank division to try to trample through it. Instead, it was decided that basic ground forces would be best able to slowly weave their way through the forests with Grizzlor providing direction to them by flying above the trees and scouting ahead. Scorpia and Leech, for their part, would need to cut a path through the Dark Forest with the shooting scorpion tail of Scorpia's tank.


    After a hour had passed, She-Ra's division was the first of the four to come to a village. She told her forces to hold while she alone would survey it thoroughly.

    "If I am not back within thirty minutes, then assume the worst and have our forces smash through this village." she stated to Dragstor, "Otherwise, wait for me!"

    "Affirmative!" replied the cyborg Dragstor in a decidedly mechanical tone.

    'You wait here too, Swifty.' she said to Swift Wind through telepathy, 'Perhaps I will find little resistance in the village, and be able to dispatch it with out killing or maiming anyone.'

    'I... I hope so, She-Ra' replied Swift Wind telepathically, still greatly uneasy over the involvement of She-Ra and him in this invasion, 'Please be careful, old friend...'

    'I will, Swifty.' answerd She-Ra, 'I...'

    She-Ra was about to try to reassure Swift Wind of how their current situation with the Horde would improve in time, and of how these messy and ethically questionable actions would not always be their lot in life, but decided not to, since Shadow Weaver might be monitoring her thoughts even from several hundred miles away. Such was the great power of the dreaded witch.

    'I... I will be back soon, Swifty.' finished She-Ra in telepathy.

    She-Ra began to race about the village at almost incomprehensible speeds, keeping herself at a far lower velocity than possible for her to simply ensure that the wind currents following after her would not be sufficient enough to create great damage in the village. With such speed pushing her onward, she soon came to a surprising conclussion.

    "The village is completely vacated!" she couldn't help but to shout out loud in surprise while within the village center, "Not one lone resident of this town, or even the tiniest scrap of food or supplies or tools, remains here. It is a ghost town!"


    Though Hordak had started the day off with much eager desire to see this annexation of Mystacore to completion, he was now actually beginning to grow a bit bored. His tank division had rumbled through various small forests, and over large sloping hills of lush grass and faura. Still, much to his chagrin, he had yet to encounter the slightest amount of opposition.

    "What is the meaning of this, Weaver?" he asked in an irritated tone of the witch who stood next to him, "Why bother to openly defy the Horde if you will not defend yourselves after you do so!"

    "I... I do not know what is happening here, mighty Hordak." mentioned Shadow Weaver, "Perhaps the citizens of Mystacore have all fled to Brightmoon, as per She-Ra's communique of several days ago?"

    "So the Queen is a courageous fool, but her citizens are a cowardly lot." stated Hordak, "I suppose that this is possible, Weaver, disappointing thought it is. I had hoped to gain some new slaves for the Horde to put to work for you on this day."

    Hordak's earphone then began buzzing, as he was recieving an incoming call from She-Ra. He pressed the earphone lightly to begin the transmission.

    "Yes? What is it, Force Captain?" he asked, a bit taken aback by such an early report.

    "I have just combed through an entire village, Hordak." replied She-Ra, "Not only is every inhabitant of that village missing, but there is also not a signle morsel of food, or piece of machinery or tool, to be found in the village! It has completely emptied out, Hordak."

    Hordak made a decidedly discontented look over these words, including an open frown. He immediately deduced the meaning of this.

    "Desperately fleeing refugees would not have the time to gather up every last personal belonging or piece of equipment." he noted out loud, "Hence, this is not a matter of cowardly citizens so much as it is a military tactic!"

    "Hordak!" schreeched Shadow Weaver, as she looked upwards into the sky, "Look at that! Snowflakes are beginning to fall... and the wind has noticably picked up!"

    "Modulock!" exclaimed Hordak into his earphone, "What is the meaning of this?! Have you lost control of that weather satellite of yours?!"

    "No, mighty Hordak!" replied the dismayed Modulock in reply, "I have done nothing to the weather as of yet!"

    "Then this must be the work of magic!" shouted Shadow Weaver, "This is part of Castaspella's defence!"

    Hordak's tank division was soon besieged by heavy snowfall, powerful winds, and drastically falling temperatures.

    His own Mightakia withstood the onslaught well, but much of the rest of his tank division began to slow down against the force of such a weather bomb!

    "Curse that detestable Castaspella!" stated Hordak out loud in fierce anger, "You will not defeat me with mere bad weather, miserable mage!"

    However, She-Ra's assessment of the matter differed as she listened in to these words of Hordak, taking note of how gorgeous the weather was in the village that she was in.

    'Castaspella is trying to divide and conquer.' thought She-Ra to herself, 'She hopes to bring Hordak's division to a screeching hault, while leaving nothing in the way for the rest of us. She has done well, thus far, and it may be wise for all divisions to now slow to the tank division's pace to ensure arrival at the Mystacore capitol at the same time.'

    "Hordak!" shouted She-Ra, "I would encourage you to have Grizzlor's division, Modulock's division, and my division, slow down to match your tank division's slowing pace! Castaspella clearly wants us to arrive at the capitol at seperate times, enabling her to fight us independently from one another!"

    "No!" bellowed Hordak in reply, "I will not allow mere weather to slow the progress of my plans! Race to the capitol as fast as you can, and deal with Castaspella expediently! I am counting on you, Adora, to pay her back for me!"

    "Very well, Hordak." responded She-Ra in a slightly worried tone.

    With a forward motion of her Sword of Protection, after mounting Swift Wind once more, she beckoned her division to push onwards. Still, even with the stampeding hooves of Swift Wind leading the charge of this calvary division and causing a glamorous sight, She-Ra began to feel a slight touch of concern over the fate of her side of this battle.

    'Castaspella may be horribly outmatched, but she has still managed to manipulate her enemies, and hence choose the proverbial field of battle.' thought She-Ra to herself, 'Hordak is allowing his emotions to give such control to Castaspella. If Castaspella chooses the terms of combat, she may yet pull out a stunning upset.'

    Such thoughts plagued She-Ra as she came ever nearer to the capitol of Mystacore. What other tricks would be found up the sleeves of Castaspella, General Sundar, and the Great Rebellion?


    Commercial Break, Season 3, Episode 2


    Luminak, Rhoman06, and Thor - Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you're all enjoying it so far.

    Sonofblaine - Oops! Sorry about that. I hope that you don't mind - I can rename the story if you want (assumign this message board allows for that). I wasn't aware of your costume Horda-Ra figure, but she looks gorgeous!
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    "I'm not just crying for Hordak. I'm crying for the saddest thing I know - a wasted life. To be given that most precious gift - the gift of living, to do with as we choose. I'm crying, because this man has chosen to throw it away, and when he goes, nobody will care..." - She-Ra ( "My Friend, My Enemy")

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    I like the commercial break. I'm thinking there would be an ad for frosted flakes or something. Another great post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhoman06 View Post
    I like the commercial break. I'm thinking there would be an ad for frosted flakes or something. Another great post.
    Probably also a Mattel toy commercial for Hordak's Mightakia tank...

    Thanks. I put in the commercial break since any episode is going to have at least some combat action in it (regardless of how long the non-action parts might take to write). The second half of this 'episode' should contain some actual fighting.
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    Great chapter! I can almost see the entire strategy and where everyone is! The snow was an awsome touch and I seriously can't wait to read more! Great stuff!! Sorry if this is a short response but I am still a little tired

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    I'm enjoying this - it's an interesting and original story. Please keep it up!


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    Very cool indeed. :-)

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    What ever happend to the rest of this?

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    Not sure if he ever finshed it...
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