Hello, and welcome to what I'm gona try to pass off as a discussion thread. Through the years I’m sure you’ve noticed many tiny details on MotU figures new and old. Now, with the MotUC line, we are able to see some of those details either enhanced or brought out in ways that make you look at them and say: “Just what IS that thing?” more so then ever! Some you can probably name off right here and now!

That’s only part of the point for this thread however. I would like to get some nice clear pics in here of the parts in question, but what I’m looking for is this: Lets take a look at those crazy details and either find an explanation in the mythos OR come on in and explain what you’ve always thought it was! Heck, if you’ve never noticed it before, then make up what you think it is on the spot! Even if the detail has a full official explanation, why not give your thoughts on what you use it for?

Now I want to start this off with a few real good ones from just one guy: Man-At-Arms.

The arm laser!

The armor with the breather thingy with 1.) Some sorta comm system and 2.) possibly buttons to start the breather?



And the inside of his mask for reference to the breathing unit.

Some of these things are new, for instance, the arm laser was on some old concept art (but not on the original figure, to my knowledge), and MAA is clearly shooting lasers from his arms in the opening to the Filmation toon. What is it, or what do you use it for?

Next, the details on MAA's armor are classic to the core. They've mostly been brought out from the original (though I lost that years ago so we gotta use the .org for reference) and there are many little things on there to figure out. The big part, though, is the breathing unit. Would a half mask be useful? Maybe there are other parts that make it air tight that we don't see?

I'm probably one of the people here with the least amount of real information, so I'll let this thread fill up a bit before adding my own ideas. Like I said though, lets see what we have! Solid offical info? Cool! Made up stuff? Also cool! Find any way you can to answer any questions about any odd details on any of the MotUC figures in: What IS that Thing?