I received my Adora yesterday and as I was opening the box, my 16month old daughter is by me watching. Just I took her out of the box, but before I got her out of the package, my daughter takes her from me and walks around the house looking at her. I went and took it away from her so I can open her up, and my daughter starts crying. I told her to come to me and as soon as I had the figure out, she take it from me and walks around the house again. After playing with her, my daughter puts her in toy-box, like it's her toy. A few minutes later I took Adora out of the toy-box so I can look at her like I do every figure, my daughter comes over and takes her from me again. Later I got another figure in the mail, Zodak that He-Ryno traded to me, and she takes him from me too. For a hour or so she's walking around the house with Adora in one hand and Zodak in the other.

Then last night at midnight when she wouldn't go to bed, we had her in our room and she was pointing to the shelf above our bed, this is where all my Classic figures are. She wanted to play with them, so i told that she could in the morning if she went to bed. Today I got down all my classics and let her play with them, without their weapons so she wouldn't choke if she tried to swallow them. She had Webstor by his hook and was dragging him around, it was too cute. I will try and get pics the next time she plays with them.