I may be responsible for another generation of MOTU fans and the downfall of a parent's wallet!

I have a friend who has a six year son (It was his birthday yesterday!). Months earlier, I bought his son the Filmation value Volume 1 DVD that contained 20 episodes. I've heard that he loves the old cartoon and makes his dad skip the "reruns" that he recognizes. His son otherwise is a huge fan of cars...Hot Wheels, monster trucks, Pixar's Cars, racing video games, you name it!

Well, I bought him an Essentials set of MOTUC He-Man and Skeletor for his birthday and waited for the grand opening of presents. All his friends and relatives naturally bought him car toys, which made him happy. I was the only one who gave him action figures and, of course, he wasn't too impressed with the plain, white mailing boxes at first. Once he opened the boxes, though, his eyes lit up and he held up his figures for his mom to see, shouting, "Oohhh, Skellytor!!"

About half of the presents were left in their packages after unwrapping but He-Man and Skeletor were among the first to be opened. After some ground rules were established by his son (Skeletor uses magic and He-Man's shield can block it but the Power Swords are equal in a fight), the epic battles began! He-Man and Skeletor were involved with every toy out there; Testing each others strengths on the electric field of Operation...Battling on the speedways as race cars zoomed dangerously close by...Skeletor turning the tide riding atop a radio controlled monster truck! Some of the others kids at the party were also curious about the MOTUC toys as they took turns playing with them.

It was nice to see kids playing with MOTU toys once again, it reminded me of my own childhood. It's amazing that after several decades, the Masters of the Universe can still capture the imagination of a new generation. My friend was impressed by the quality of the sculpting and poseability of these new figures and his wife will probably start hating me now that her son keeps looking at the cardbacks and pointing out the other figures pictured there, heheh!