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one thing I'm really confused about though... if the power sword was split into two halves; and Adam can become He-man with his half, then what can Skeletor's half do? Why can't he call on the power of Grayskull with his half? maybe become He-tor (lol, evil master of fire)

in the old minicomics, Adam becomes He-man with his half of the sword, and in the menace of Trap-jaw they combine both halves to defeat him... so what can Skeletor do with his half of the sword?
I'd like someone to explain this to me, because I'm going nuts trying to figure it out.
the motuc bios claim MAA had to make the 200x sword so Adam could become He-man... (which I also totally disregard), but if i did go by that concept, then how would Adam be able to defend Eternia with out being able to become He-man? if he's carrying a useless half sword... then what's the point? i'm sure it must take a while for Duncan to forge another sword that may or may not work... leaving Eternia helpless in the meantime.

that's why i also disregard the whole swords split in half storyline too... it raises way too many questions. iMO if He-man has one half & skeletor has the other, then skeletor's half should be able to do something special just as Adam/He-man's does. why doesn't He-man just lay the smack down on Skeletor & take the other half from him? End of story...problem solved.
Well, it helps if you take into account what came out when. Any time there's talk of two halves of the Power Sword there's no mention of Prince Adam, because the concept (far too similar to Captain Marvel, in my opinion) hadn't been introduced yet; the first 11 mini-comics (series 1 and 2). As soon as the concept of Prince Adam is introduced there is no more talk of the two halves of the Power Sword.

As for talk of the Skittle-colored swords... we haven't actually gotten a color we should have: fiery green!


He-Ro's blue Power Sword is an homage to the Blue Battle Armor He-Man Power Sword from the Weapons Pak. Plus, he brought it to Eternia; it can be whatever color he wants.

Skeletor's should be gray/silver, but I'm guessing part of the reason the original toy came with purple, just as Faker came with orange, due to the way the toys were manufactured in the early 80s.

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...As an artist and 3d animator myself I can't stand the TF movie designs. Other than hardcore fans, most people can't tell which characters are fighting on screen...
There are times when I'd consider myself a hardcore TF fan, but there are more times when I can't tell who's fighting on screen.