Yeah I don't think a variant is necessary, I just wish that more research was done to uncover this weapon and it was somehow adapted to his character rather then creating a brand new weapon (his shield) for him. If they didn't have the rights to it, then it puts a kibosh on it, but what they could have done was give him a missile launcher as well as his photon neutralizer, instead of it being part of his armor, creating a new weapon out of the missile launcher rather then the shield. I hate variants all together and would rather use those spots in the calendar for new characters, but I know there are others out there that feel the opposite of what I do. I don't think it it necessary to create any variants for the NA line, for guys like flogg, hoove, hydron, and flipshot include all the accessories with the first release of them just like they did for catra. That way their 2 accessories are already known, and you dont have to worry about making the variants, For Skelator and heman, I dont feel they are very different,skelator more then heman, but again include all the accessories that came with the variants in one package and you are set.