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Thread: MYP in MOTUC by Battle_Brak

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    MYP in MOTUC by Battle_Brak

    I decided to start a single thread to hold all of these since I've done a few now. If a mod would be so kind as to merge or close the other two threads (MYP in MOTUC: Sorceress and MYP in MOTUC: Queen Veena) it would be much appreciated.

    Now for my next MOTUC figure concept: Evil Lyn.

    Like the Sorceress, Evil Lyn is a character for which I love both the classic and 200X designs. Unlike the Sorceress, she's a character that's 200X version seems to be more popular amongst fans in general than the classic look. So hopefully we'll see her somewhere down the line.

    And here are the two previous design's I did...

    The Sorceress

    and Queen Veena

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