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Thread: Dividing Factions: Who do you put where?

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    Dividing Factions: Who do you put where?

    Do you put some figures in factions they don't necessarily belong in? Rattlor in Horde, for example?

    For me I put Huntara with The Galactic Protectors, while Saurod will be with the Evil Mutants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    Dividing Factions: Who do you put where?
    Everybody against Orko, Plundor, and the Mighty Spector!
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    I have the Tank Vykron, the Space Vykron, and Mighty Spector all with he Galactic Protectors.
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    I have Slush Head in with the Horde. Gave him an armband and an extra emblem on his chest from the FFM

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    I got Icer, Batros and Geldor with the Evil Warriors rather than independent villians. Ill do the same with Evil Seed and Prahvus.

    Thought about Fang Man with the Snake Men but not sure if he would fit in.

    I also put Dawg-O-Tor with the Heroic warriors as the heroic Talon Fighter pilot. Also slapped on a black cosmic warrior armor on Vikor and i got him displayed with the modern heroic warriors.
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    I divvied up the Fighting Foe-Men along their vehicles' faction lines: Dittstroyer (Roton) with The Evil Warriors, and Dawg-O-Tor (Talon Fighter) and Shield Maiden Sherrilyn (Attak Trak) with The Heroic Warriors. None of this Evil Horde nonsense for me.

    I also have Horde Prime on my Great Rebellion Shelf (??!!?), but that's only because he is getting his @$$ soundly kicked by LightHope!! [^D

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    Yes, I have Horde Prime and Cy-Chop with the Space Mutants. Modulock, Multibot, Blade, and Blast Attack are with the Horde. He-ro and fearless photog with the Galactic protectors. I'm planning on making a shelf for the land of misfit toys. Basically all the figures I can't put anywhere and haven't been able to sell. So far it will have strongor, plundar, and batros.

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    Well rattlor is a snake man, so i would keep him with them. Mighty spector is also a part of king grayskulls defender of preternia, i actuall got one of those chest symbols from kevin kosse goes well that theme right there. Icer, fangman and strongarm are all evil warriors, no questions there, while geldor, shokoti, batros, nepthu, i had form their own independent collective under Dittzoyer- the new modern day fighting foe men, essentially the foe men were the evil warriors of pretenia's time, taking in all baddies and loosely working toegther for collective benefit (kinda like the legion of doom in justice league unlimited) Dawgotor and SMS are part of the herioc warroirs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedict Judas Hel View Post
    Everybody against Orko, Plundor, and the Mighty Spector!
    The carnage!

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    I have Rokkon, Stonedar, Strobo, and a custom painted Netossa with the Galactic Protectors. Huntara is filling in for Crita with my Space Mutants, and Saurod will fill Lizzor's role once we get him. I'm also working on a custom Roboto using the upcoming 200X head and Multi-Bot parts that will take the place of Artilla for me.

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    I have my UK version of Horde Prime leading NA Skeletor and the Space Mutants, along with Ninjor, Mosquitor, and Cy-Chop

    I have a Son of He-Man shelf too, with:

    King He-Man
    BG Teela
    My custom vintage toy costume She-Ra
    Sir Laser-Lot
    Kowl (yellow, "older" version)
    Space Vykron
    Custom toy design Netossa (with face plate and custom net cape)
    Custom toy design Castaspella


    The unnamed one
    Battle armor faker (with cyborg head)
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    I have Multi-Bot and Blast Attack in with the Space Mutants. I like that futuristic, and the Horde and Snake Men savage.
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    Hmmm, let's have a look . . .

    Moss Man is in my Preternia display alongside the Green Goddess. Vintage Hordak is also Preternia while Etherian Invasion Hordak is in the "current" display.

    Light Hope, the Star Sisters and He-Ro make up an early team against Horde Prime.

    Vintage King Hsss is in Preternia, while 200x King Hsss menaces the current heroes.

    Strobo, Clamp Champ, and the Fearless Photog are on the NA shelf - showcasing the events on Primus as well as on Eternia . . . really need an elder Jitsu for that display.

    Oh, and Oo-Larr is displayed with Alcala Skeletor, mustache-less MAA, Stratos, Gygor, and Battleground Teela.
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    Nope I pretty much faction them out the way they are supposed to be the only discrepancies are I put Kobra Kahn with Snake Men, and Snout Spout with the Heroic Masters, I know some put Kobra Kahn with Skeletor and some put Snout Spout with the Rebels.
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    Don't know if this counts but I have Snout Spout and the Comet Warriors in with the Great Rebellion due to their POP Filmation appearances. I moved Extendar over to the GR also due to his connection with Hordak.

    I have Cy-Chop with the Space Mutants. I also just added Multi-Bot to the Mutants as a robotic army builder. I actually think he fits in great.

    I also have a group of characters that IMO don't fit anywhere so I made them into a group of pirates to rival Seahawk. They consist of Dekker, Strong-Arm, Blast Attack, Goat Man, and Dittstroyer.

    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    I have a Son of He-Man shelf too
    So do I.

    NA doesn't exist In My Canon so a lot of the characters I've adapted to my SOHM shelf/era. A good example is NA He-Man. He is on my SOHM shelf since I use Jetlag NA He-Man as Dare, son of Adora and Seahawk. I also have: Vintage Toy Kowl, Icarius, Huntara, Eldor, Strobo, Sir-Lazer-Lot, and Battle Lion w/BattleCat saddle all on my SOHM shelf.

    The flip side of this is that the Space Mutants are the main villains of King He-Man/Dare.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaster View Post
    Nope I pretty much faction them out the way they are supposed to be the only discrepancies are I put Kobra Kahn with Snake Men, and Snout Spout with the Heroic Masters, I know some put Kobra Kahn with Skeletor and some put Snout Spout with the Rebels.
    Some people put him in both.

    He's the only character who's in both factions in my display to represent his time in each one.

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    -I put Sky High with the Fighting Foe Men (put a Horde armband from Rattlor for him).

    -I made a second evil faction that often allies with Skeletor led by Marzo that includes Batros, Icer, Fang Man, Nepthu, Shokoti, and Strongarm. I'm thinking or adding Prahvus to that faction as well.
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    I put the Roton driver with DB Skelly and his rouge band of villains. These include all the Filmation villians and 200X Hiss who I have as Shokoti's king.

    I have the rest of the Foe Men and Sky High with King He-Man as their elite guard with SLL as his Man at Arms.

    I also have a King Faker faction. Jitsu is his advisor.

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    Hmmmmm. I have Snout Spout, Rokkon, Stonedar and Extendar with The Great Rebellion. And I have Batros with The Evil Horde. But, I think they're pretty standard/obvious allegiances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikescab View Post
    I got Icer, Batros and Geldor with the Evil Warriors rather than independent villians. Ill do the same with Evil Seed and Prahvus.

    Thought about Fang Man with the Snake Men but not sure if he would fit in.

    I also put Dawg-O-Tor with the Heroic warriors as the heroic Talon Fighter pilot. Also slapped on a black cosmic warrior armor on Vikor and i got him displayed with the modern heroic warriors.
    *Emphasis mine* As Icer served Skeletor in he was always an Evil Warrior and he stands with them in my collection.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I feel like I have gone on about this elsewhere in a different thread but here you go:

    the mix ups as I see them begins with Zodac (original claw feet) With Skeletor while Zodac (TRU2pac) with the Preternian Heroes. (catch all for anything pre current era) Moss man had been with them, but he went back to modern Heroes.

    Zodak is with the Royal Family who themselves host Adora, Kowl (original toy colour) and the 200x Council, along with Gwildor. Royal Guards with them as well, obviously.

    200x Man At Arms is with Royal Family while Original non Stache Duncan is with the Heroic Masters. Once I get the Battle Ram, I may put FIlmation Man At Arms with the Royal Family, however since the Jet Sled is ridden by He-Man (TRU2pac) he may stay with the Battle Ram and 200x Duncan can keep his place, though Filmation Man At Arms would fit really well. It's just that I got Filmation Royal Family standing with the 200x unique Heroes, as part of that Council. We'll see what I feel if/when FIlmation Teela drops in my collection.

    Cy Chop is Horde, while Blast Attack is Evil Warrior, Foe Men are Evil Preternians. Not different really, since all was suggested, but specific choice made of where they belong.

    Have Skeletor (TRU2pac) with the Alcala Head with the Horde as "Horde Apprentice" Skeletor, representing just after he was created when Keldor was merged with Demo Man rendering Skeletor crazy, believe he was from a race of skeletors from another dimension. I'll end up putting this character on the Evil Jet Sled once I get one, though He'll still belong to the Horde Faction in my mind.

    UK Horde Prime Custom with the Space Mutants.

    Strobo with Spector & King He-Man for "Son Of" Mini Area.

    Spirit of Hordak is with the "Random Villains" standing with Keldor, Kronis, & BG Evil Lyn who themselves are the biggest team in the "Random Villains" Shelf.

    If I can I find a place for Variants to go on other shelves to space them out, but I have an increasingly large Variant Shelf.

    If I get more room, I may do a 200x Shelf, though I love them mixed in with other areas. If I did do a dedicated 200x Shelf I'd have a place for my 200x Snake Armour He Man & Hiss, since they are seriously superfulous variants though I do not begrudge them. Just sad they are lost in the variant shelf.

    Incidentally I have 2 Horde. Filmation Horde (with Cy Chop) and Horde (with Horde Prime & Horde Troopers). Apprentice Skeletor (Alcala head) will move out of Horde to vehicle to make room for Dragstor.

    I want a second Mantenna eventually to do one with yellow eyes & Kosse Mouth for Filmation Horde and one with repainted blue bloodshot eyes extended and standard monster mouth for Horde. Maybe Someday another Trooper set for Filmation Horde (signified by silver stun batons while Standard horde is toy weapon & Sheild, and crossbow respectively.) and another Modulok to make the Filmation Modulok

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    At the moment, my entire collection is displayed rather randomly. I like the variety of it. (The main heroic and evil warriors are arrayed around Grayskull though.)

    Of note, I do consider SMS and DOT of the FFM as SoHM era heroes (having realized whose side they belonged on after the SUB), with Dittstroyer allied with Jitsu.
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    I don't do much creative, I like the characters to stand with who they're 'supposed' to - Snake Men, Evil Warriors, Horde, Masters, Great Rebellion, Preternia, New Adventures, Misc Villains - but to add to the 'tally' as it were:
    Kobra Khan and the Unknown One are with the Snake Men (Snake Armor He-man stands behind them); Blast Attacks stands between the Snakes and the Evil Warriors*; Vikor and Goddess stand with the Preternia characters (The Fighting Foe Men aren't currently up); Extendar, Snout Spout and the Comet Warriors stand with the Great Rebellion (but that's more of a space issue than anything else) along with Light Hope; Zodac, Zodak and Strobo all stand together as Cosmic Enforcers; and I have a sort of 'Great Unrest/Council' section of Randor, Marlena, Oo-Lar, Dactus, Carnivus and Dekker (Ceratus will join them, as will the Faceless One when I give in and buy him).
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    I've done this for several figures:

    -Blast attack is with the NA Mutants. His aesthetic just speaks more to NA to me to be honest.

    -I also put Huntara with Skeletor in NA. My thinking is, after being defeated by She-ra on Etheria, she is commissioned by Skeletor to join his side in NA and exact her revenge.

    -Shield Maiden is with He-man and his team. She was recruited by Man-at-arms when her brother mysteriously disappeared piloting the Talon Fighter.

    -I plan on putting Twistoid with the mutants as well, as it feels like a better fit visually.
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    For me I have Fang Man, The Goddess, and Blast Attak with the Snake Men. Likely Saurod will go with them too.

    All the Foe Men, the 2 pack 'Filmation' Zodac, 2 pack blue Mer-Man, Vikor, Vykron, Battleground Teela, and Titus are all with my Preternia shelf.

    Adora, Batros, and Tank Vykron are with the Horde.

    Space Vykron, Photog, Standor, Spector, King He-Man, and Space Marlena are with my Galactic Protectors

    NA She-Ra and Huntara are with my great rebelion. So are the rock warriors, but that's mostly because I had space.

    Kronis is with my Mutants

    Most everyone else is with their normal factions.
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    I have Kobra Khan with the Snakemen and Snout Spout with the Heroic Warriors.

    I have Icer, Batros, Fang Man, Strong-Arm, Plundor and Nepthu in a "Council Of Evil" faction led by Count Marzo, made up of villains used and discarded by Skeletor (in my canon). Once I get a Shokoti figure, she'll go there as second-in-command. Evil Seed will be among these ranks as well.

    Carnivus gets displayed with the Royal Family, which is also where I'll put Dactys (don't have him yet) and Chooblah and Ceratus.

    I have no idea where Prahvus is going to go. He seems like too much of a Big Bad to be someone else's subordinate.

    If I ever get the Fighting Foe Men, Dawg and Sherrilyn will go with the Heroic Warriors, and Ditzstroyer will go with Skeletor. (I have a whole backstory where Ditzstroyer loved Sherrilyn, but she rejected him in favor of Dawg-o-Tor due to long-held prejudice against the Gar race, causing Ditz to join up with Skeletor out of bitterness.)

    If I ever get Battleground Teela, she'll go with the Preternia Heroic Warriors as an original character, wife of Vikor.

    I currently display Huntara with the Great Rebellion, but sometimes I slap a Horde band on her leg and put her with the Horde.
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    Gotta go with Blast Attak, he has always been to me some sort of invention by the horde scientists, I dont get he's part of the snakemen at all
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