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    cereal:geek magazine! :)

    As some of you know I self-publish a glossy magazine called cereal:geek, which focuses strictly on animated shows from the eighties. Each issue features 100 pages with no ads, containing refreshing and enlightening articles, illustrations, scripts, storyboards, a wealth of unseen production materials, and interviews with those individuals that helped shape this particular decade of animation history.

    Below are just a few examples of the He-Man and She-Ra articles and illustrations that have appeared across the first five issues. Find out more at - Be sure to pick up the incredibly affordable 100 page PDF specials, too!

    Some content from issue #1...
    #01 - Teela and Evil-Lyn
    #02 - New Adventures of He-Man Comic Cover
    #03 - "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" Toy Advert Test
    #04 - Robert Lamb on Violence
    #05 - Queen Angella

    Some content from issue #2...
    #06 - She-Ra
    #07 - Skeletor's From Toy To Toon
    #08 - Prince Adam
    #09 - Prince Adam and Drissi
    #10 - Skeletor versus Skeletor

    Some content from issue #3...
    #11 - New Adventures of He-Man introduction
    #12 - Sorceress
    #13 - Evil Warriors
    #14 - Masters of the Universe
    #15 - He-Man, Orko, and the season two cast

    Some content from issue #4...
    #16 - Skeletor
    #17 - "Sweet Bee's Home"
    #18 - He-Man Comic Cover
    #19 - Masque overpowers He-Man
    #20 - Larry DiTillio writes about "House of Shokoti"

    Some content from issue #5...
    #21 - Beast Man Top Trump
    #22 - Prince Adam, Orko, and a DC Comic
    #23 - DC Comics article
    #24 - He-Man revised Series Bible material
    #25 - Frosta and Iceman


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    That NA mock-cover in issue #1 was always a beauty as far as I reckon.
    Love the mood and angle in it.

    He-Man & She-Ra fan and contributor to official Dark Horse MOTU/POP books

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    Have them all! Ordering every copy from day one!

    Looking forward to the next one..

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    Hey, James. Are there any other sites to buy the physical magazines? graham cracker comics is sold out of the first 3 issues.

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    On the captured poster behind Adam and Drissi it's kind of hard to tell who's who at first on some of the pictures if you don't notice the names at first glance. Before I noticed their names I thought the first two were Cyclops and Aladdin.
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