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Thread: Spartacus Blood and Sand and General Talkback

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    Great finale! Will miss this series very much.
    "Problems Weaver?"
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    I got chills when I saw Andy at the end credits. Nice touch!

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    IGN: There has been some talk about a possible spinoff with Crassus and Caesar. Is anything happening with that? Is that a possibility currently?

    DeKnight: I donít think itís outside the realm of possibility. Iím currently eyeball deep in this other sci-fi extravaganza [Incursion], so Iím not directly involved with it -- although, Iíve given my huge, enthusiastic blessing. I would love to see this world continue, and itís been such a joy to be able to create such a unique show and a unique world. I think it would be a shame not to see more of it.

    IGN: If it did happen -- and I know this is all speculative -- do you think it would be best to stay away from seeing Agron and Nasir and the surviving rebels again, just because we leave with them on a hopeful note?

    DeKnight: Oh, absolutely. Definitely. I think if it goes on, Iíve always felt it would be great to follow the Caesar/Crassus/Pompey storyline. Or, if not that, I always have this little dream in the back of my head of those missing Gannicus years -- Gannicus, the wandering adventurer. Very much a Kane and Kung Fu kind of deal would be awesome.

    IGN: It seems like you could do a miniseries about that sort of thing.

    DeKnight: From your lips to Starzí ears!
    A Gannicus spinoff would be awesome! Please let this happen

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