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Thread: MOTUC custom Plundor

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    MOTUC custom Plundor

    Here is my MOTUC Plundor (re-designed a little).
    Yes it is a Usagi Yojimbo head, my homage to TMNT.
    His shield is a star wars probe droid lower body and greyskull ring with
    a crystal I "borrowed" from my wife...Dont tell her, I used it for one of my
    Man-Dolls, Ill never hear the end of it!
    I have another head (filmation style) and his 3 of his robotic rabbits
    modeled in 3D and printing this weekend. I will update the
    post when they are ready.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Good times!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the other head.
    I've got a custom MOTUC Plundor in progress.
    I'm doing a full head sculpt for mine.
    Mine will be a mix of the Filmation version and The Raw's version of the character.
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    Another cool figure.

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