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Thread: Toy Masters documentary.

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    Toy Masters documentary.

    Does anyone know how the documentary, we got previews from in SDCC 2011, is doing?

    Is it still in production, is it finished, maybe even released, or is it, (and I sincerily hope not) cancelled..???

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    Update from earlier this month.

    Boys and girls:

    We are over 1k in this group, which is exciting! If every one of you buys a DVD, I'll be able to get those rims for my Yaris I've been wanting!

    Thanks for your curiosity, support, and most of all, patience. We know how eager you are to see our movie. Not half as eager as we are to get the sonofa***** done and in your hot little hands. Fear not... Our little elves are currently working their magic. And soon you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Hang in there, kitties. And THANK YOU.
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    Yep, sounds like we'll finally see it soon! Can't wait to see the final results!
    The full thread on the documentary is here:

    If anyone wants to discuss further!
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