First of all folks, forgive me if this was suggested in a previous thread already (I searched for it, but didn't find anything).

As faNAtics might know, Vizar's original concept was titled "Detector" and showed a Caucasian warrior with red cape and slightly altered helmet and armor. This version also was used alot in the European NA comics.

If Mattel comes to producing Vizar for the MotU Classics line, what would you say if they'd go the same routine with Detector that they went with Zodak?

Means: First of all, Vizar is released as a regular figure.

A while later, Detector is released (probably as bonus figure), with the biography linking him to Vizar, but making him a separate character.

Vizar is relatively unexpensive to produce anyway (aside of him not needing many new molds, they even could reuse Webstor's hook), and Detector would only need a new paint job, head and extra cape. It would offer fans a way to get both versions, as well as add a "new" character for the MotU cosmos.

The only problem there is that Vizar is not quite the most popular and prominent NA character, thus it's up to question if he's even on the horizon within the next couple of years, and if there would be enough demand to justify a Detector refresh down the road. Personally, I don't think that's Vizar's high on Mattel's radar, and Detector probably is even more obscure than Wun-Dar. But aside of potential sales, it would be a nice thing to do IMO.