The feedback I received for "the Triumph of Skeletor" (here and on DeviantArt) is astonishing, thanks to you all.
I just wished to revive the oldest of the canon and give old timers like me something to read (and dream) on the original and never forgotten barbarian He-man.
Great artists like Baena, 2bad, Jafari Stew, Slohcin, Mike Bock, TheBlock, Carlosdeanda, Lee-man, Jukka, Sha, TheRaw, Granamir, Wolfsgang ecc, have shown me praise and approval and that's a great satisfaction for me, probably the best ever, so thank you.

Does anyone have some dislike about how I developed the plot? You like my take on Zodac, the Sorceress and the return of the power swords?
I tried not to add anything to what was already there in the beginning, did I succedd?