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As for the sales with regards to the Green Goddess, expected sellout times and whatnot... well, we don't see the books. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes, the sales numbers, the costs (fixed and variable), upper management expectations or pressures or anything else that is going on. Maybe GG had a tiny run compared to other figures and it's deemed to be too risky to take similarly obscure characters as this point and give them figures when there are more surefire bonus character options available. Things can and do change in the business world and that can lead to different views on expectations and whatnot as well. Unfortunately this can also mean that the information we are given isn't written in stone either. Sometimes that is a positive, such as when something negative turns out to be untrue. Other times it sucks because something we wanted doesn't occur.
That is just it though it has never been qualified. We were told what a GOOD sell out time was, a figure comes in under that and its POOR? We do not need specifics, we do not need how much money they made. But you cannot expect fans to try their hardest to keep the line going when apparently from figure to figure the amount is up in the air

Business 101 at least to me says this many need to sell out to make profit, if they do not then profit is not made. Using the term "poor" denotes that she did not turn a profit or struggled, but fact is she still sold out.

And take their other lines, MOTUC sells out and the rest don't. But they are perfectly fine?? Guess we should just wait till they start pulling figures all together like they are doing with JLU to comprehend just how bad things have gotten

I think once again its just a poor choice of wording, its an inherent problem that has been going on with him or whoever is telling him what to say. Semantics can change the understanding of everything.