I know she only appeared in an ad, but I just adore her character design. She would make an amazing addition, possibly as an .org exclusive ? or 2011's subscription exclusive ? Without the He-Store, perhaps thats just a pipe dream. I'm just curious as to whether anyone else would like to see this ? Or am I just a crazy fan boy wanting what can never be. Val and Emil, your design totally rocks btw. The ad posted in the illuminia discussion thread just became my background.

Her unofficial 200x comic bio from the thread collecting comic info:

Little is known about the blue-skinned warrior named Illumina. It is known, however, that she is a descendant of the Gar refugees that came to Eternia after the destruction of Infinitia and that she was a member of the Guardians of Grayskull (a secret sect devoted to the preservation of Castle Grayskull’s secrets throughout time).

At one point in her life, Illumina was known as one of the strongest proponents of anti-Eternian sentiments amongst her fellow Gar. Accordingly, she was a fierce proponent against efforts to integrate the Eternian and Gar peoples. What remains unknown, however, is what (if any) role Illumina had in the ruination of Captain Miro’s planned union with the mother of Keldor and the subsequent Gar massacre instigated by Count Marzo and other segregationists. Whatever the cause, with age Illumina’s views changed and she eventually sought atonement and repentance past for misdeeds.

At the time when the Mystic Wall was created she was on the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia, which effectively trapped her there. Fortunately, in addition to being a great strategist and possessing formidable fighting skills (especially with melee weapons), she has the power to control light and can even blind her opponents when those other talents are not enough. Prior to being caught on Dark Hemisphere she assisted Dekker in the teaching of Duncan.

Although a heroic force, it has been said that she was very cold blooded. Also, a common misconception is that she is in some way related to Keldor; however, beyond their shared Gar heritage there is no connection between them. Similarly, many believe her mount to be a descendant of the Battle Cats of old, while, in fact, her white-furred companion is an entirely different species that is genetically closer to the blood-thirsty Panthor.

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