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Thread: MOTUC Castle Grayskull Variants

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    MOTUC Castle Grayskull Variants

    (Looked for another thread and couldn't find it, sorry mods if ya have to merge)

    Ok so with the big news i got to wonder if the sculpt for CG could be used again?

    A Powers of Grayskull era, more graystone and more medival accorised interior would be my first pick

    But you could make a run down/ or more future He-ro version.


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    That will definitely happen.
    My seller/trader/buyer feedback:

    MOTUC Most Wanted: 1) Stridor 2) Night Stalker 3) Squeeeze 4) Roton 5) Multi-Bot 6) Dragstor 7) Saurod 8) Blast-Attak 9) Karg 10) Lodar 11) Mask of Power Demons 12) TC Skeletor 13) FF He-Man 14) Talon Fighter/Point Dread 15) Road Ripper 16) Lord Masque 17) Filmation Teela

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