Interesting that the figures released from Aug-Dec of last year are all pretty much readily available, but then the ones for this year are not. I think there were more units produced of Tri-Klops - Randor than of Adora/Trap Jaw. I think once they got the subscription numbers firm, they lowered production back, otherwise wouldn't Tri-Klops and the like be in the same ballpark of prices? Demand seems to have only gone up.

$75 for Battle Cat is ridiculous. That shows you the demand right there. Can we get the stands on there too please? (Now that they are sure to be some of the rarest items in the line)

Also, a note, seeing how many individual units sold on ebay over two months I think shows that the after-market/reseller market is rather small, if they are indeed producing upwards 10,000 of these and only a couple hundred are sold aftermarket.