1. Even after changed a day forward for the release of this month's figure, there was another ~30 minute delay for the "add to cart" button to appear.

2. As usual, server busy pages. After another few minutes of waiting managed to add Trap Jaw and Battle Cat to cart.

3. Proceeded to check out, at the final step when you enter the security code of your card, a message appeared on top which stated Trap Jaw was out of stock, and that I had to manually remove it by going back to my shopping cart.

How awesome is that? Added to cart, confirmed shipping, and then sudenly not available on the final confirmation step eh? Total time wasted waiting, about 1 hours 40 minutes.

Scr00 you Mattel, you had a whole year in 2009 to learn from your rediculous mistakes and handling of MOTUC sales process. Although you may think you're creating hype and demand by intentionally choosing such a process, insted you've suceeded in kicking away a MOTU fan since the 80's.

Good job!