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To the Original Poster here:

You'll try to back out of Matty's charges, but when you clicked the "Yes I agree" statement that the subscription is non-refundable is the day you got screwed for the long haul.

I'm just thankful I had a subscription of Trappie because it took 25 minutes from 8:59am PST to get my order in, and even then I wasn't even sure it went through.

I went through 5 payment screens and 4 of them failed. The other one didn't even show a confirmation!!!! Eventually I checked order history to see if there was anything and ONE made it through for MAA and BC. I NEVER got a screen confirm so I was a little peeved this was so complicated.

To make it worse I couldn't even tell if the discount code worked cuz it was hidden in the shipping cost. THEY NEED TO DO A WAY BETTER JOB SHOWING THIS DISCOUNT CODE INDICATOR.

I didn't get mine by chiming in the soonest, it was pure luck out of a handful of failed order attempts. By far this was the worst order experience I have ever had.

I posted this on another thread, but this was me this morning using multiple browsers and windows WAITING for ONE OPENING:


3 times my order said something was sold out when the orders showed MAA and BC were NOT yet sold out.

I may have gotten an order in my just plain chance, but I didn't know it ever went through.

SUPER terrible experience this morning even though it was a completed order.

The order code didn't work a few times and almost gave up on that. REALLY BAD discount indicator.

HUGE thumbs down this morning.
I had the easiest time in the world canceling my subscription. The lady said it would take 24-72 hours to get an email saying it was canceled...and within 5 minutes i had this...

Dear paul reinhart,

We have recently canceled the following subscription.

Subscription Details:
Original Order ID: 6165534514
Customer ID: 36929119308
Order Date: February 15, 2010

Product Name Subscription Date Expiration Date Amount
Club Eternia™ 2010 - F 08/02/2009 03/20/2010 $20.00

If in march it's not canceled...i'll call my bank and put a block on any charges coming from mattycollector.com and report it...it's fairly easy to cancel something that's "non refundable"

I'm not asking for my money back...i don't give a frig about that...it's not that much anyhow really...what..20 bucks...for a figure promised to us for february release..and pushed back to april now anyhow? lol no worries