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Thread: WTFWTK 2.33 - Ask your questions here!

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    Mo-larr would be a good figure to accessorize with the weapons pack, his unique head perfect for creating original characters. Will his dentist jacket be removable so this is possible?
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    Count Marzo

    Count Marzo looks great!!, But is there anyway to put a chain (similar to scare glow's) to the Amulet so we can hang it around his neck like in the cartoons?

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    Will exclusives that were also sold on Matty like Faker and He-ro be re-issued with just the burst added on the package or will you follow the line set with King Grayskull and do a deco change for rereleased Exclusives instead?

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    When are we finally going to see a Fearless Photog figure?!

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    Are we finally going to see one of the Snake Men this year?

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    The glow-in-the-dark feature has been really popular for Scareglow and Zodak's tattoos, but it is sadly missing from Evil-Lyn's wand. Is there a policy on what will and won't glow in the dark, and is there a possibility that accessories and features for future characters down the line will retain their glow-in-the-dark abilities like Glimmer's headband and staff and Sweet Bee's headband and wings?

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    After seeing the new "Sapce Mutants" logo many people wondered why there was no "Future He-Man" logo on the blister. Can you tell us if this sticker has a history or is it a new invention? Will the galactic guardians also come with a new sticker and then the main question- would it be possible to make the sticker just a little bit smaller like the "Horde sticker" on Hordak, so it wouldn't cover as much of the amazing figures as it does now?

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    Why did Mattel give the ok for a character like Whiplash to acheieve both the vintage and 200X look by including both his vintage and 200X heads and weapons, yet some characters get the short end of the stick like Keldor not getting his 200X sword or Zodak not getting his 200X head sculpt. Is there some policy on on how or who gets these special privileges?

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    Well I normally just like to read other's questions rather than ask my own. Especially since it's probably been asked before or it'll get the same old answer but here goes:

    Mr Toyguru,

    While I enjoy the bios and how they add characters that we don't know much about into the whole big MOTU mythos is there any talk of getting us something bigger and better to carry out and explain some background and stories to these characters? Such as comics, cartoons, story books, or some other form or way to get some official Mattel released stories instead of all of us just speculating and/or argueing about it? (BTW, I for one voted for Mini-Comics rather than extra heads)

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    Optikk's bio leads me to believe that neither, He-Man or Skeletor travels to the future. Is this indeed the case? Has that storyline been scrapped?
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    We're well over a year into the line now and a lot of fans are still reporting loose/flappy feet problems. Are you addressing this issue in any way at all since for some of us the only way to display our figures is by lying them on the desk! I bought 2 BA HeMans and both are like this! Exchange is out of the question - I live abroad and I can't afford it.

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    it's been said before and needs to be said again, when is mattel going to look into getting an international distrubtor for these toys. honestly the prices, possible custome charges and the wait, that sometimes never ends(shipements not showing up) is simply rediclious.
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    Will the DC Univervse vs MOTUC 2-packs be offered to retailers outside the United States? Can we expect to find them in Toys R Us stores in Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom?

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    Is Cygor's armor removable?

    If it is, I'm sure fans would buy more than one to repaint for Grodd and Shadowbest customs.

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