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Thread: Who should have been Catra cohorts?

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    Who should have been Catra cohorts?

    It has always been strange that Catra and Entrapta were the only villains in the She-Ra toy line. Is it because girls aren't allowed to be bad? Looking at that prototype video, and reading up on some of the characters on wikipedia has made me write this entry.

    From the prototype video, it looks like Catra, Glimmer, Double Trouble and Castaspella (villainous Castaspella a precursor to Filmation Shadow Weaver?) were supposed to be the first wave of villains - leaving She-Ra, Bow, Angella and Frosta as the heroes. This makes more since, establishing both sides with an even number of characters.

    So who do you think would be the heroes and villains for waves 2 & 3?

    I go for this line up (some choices enfluenced by events in the show):

    Wave 2
    Peekablue - Villain
    Sweet Bee - Villain (nemesis of Flutterina)
    Entrapta - Villain
    Flutterina - Hero
    Mermista - Hero
    Perfuma -Hero

    Wave 3
    Spinerella - Villain
    Netossa - Hero (nemesis of Entrapta)

    What's your line up?
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    I LOVE this idea!! And I always agreed with the thought, that Catra COULDN'T have been the only villian in the first series.

    And while I 100% agree with your Wave 2 and 3 choices, I would have to change around your 1st wave just a bit.

    Catra - Obvious main villian
    Double-Trouble - Totally a villian... Trouble is in her name for Pete's sake. How many heroes have Trouble in their name... C'mon.
    Castaspella - Even when I was little, her name just sounded very chilling, and villianous. She'll cast a spell on ya; She's a witch of some sort!! Villian for sure!

    Now, where I differ... I'd trade Glimmer for Frosta. Going back to names alone, Glimmer is a very fun, and whimsical sounding name. Not exactly evil sounding... at all really. Even her powers scream heroic warrior to me. Not to mention the purple and silver color scheme of her costume. Now Frosta to me seems more like a villian. Cold, bitter, closed off from warm beautiful things in life; surrounded by cold, and snow... nothing grows, or come to life in the snow and ice. And the dark blue and icey white color of her costume; She is the Evil Ice Empress of Etheria!!! Catra's right hand woman in my opinion.

    There ya have it... my 2 cents.

    Great topic by the way!!
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    Love love such threads


    1. catra
    2. double trouble
    3. entrapta
    4. castaspella
    5. frosta

    6. huntura
    7. scorpia
    8. octavia
    9. harpia

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    When you start balencing things out, its like a chess board.

    ..the board is almost a meter wide, (I hope you guys are ready to build it, Matel won't.)

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    If MOTUC Castaspella comes in those prototype colors, I think I could be happy!

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