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Thread: Tyrantisaurus Rex in MOTUC!!! Who wants him!?

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    I don't know...
    They have to make them HUGE to look right in scale. Like 20" at the very least!
    Remember they made Tytus 4" smaller than the original toy?
    Because of that, I don't have much faith in it. Besides I think the huge toys would cost too much for most average collectors.
    On the other hand, if they do it right scale and detailed wise, there is a huge fanbase of Dinosaur collectors out there.

    I really love the Jurassic Park dino's though!
    They are incredibly detailed and pretty tall already.
    Just not big enough for the MOTUC 7" figures to look exactly right scale wise.
    But to me it's the best Dino fix I can get detailed and size wise!

    If we ever get the MOTUC Dino's, they have to be;
    - taller as the Jurassic Park Dino Toys
    - at least as detailed as the Jurassic Park Dino Toys
    If not, I wouldn't be interested at all.
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    Why not...but for sure it would cost more than 60...
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    Yes I fully support, and think they'd be really nice additions to the line. I never get the doesn't fit in MOTU gripe.....

    we have barbarians, wizards, robot, lizards, monsters, cowboys, aliens, rock people, sasquatch, crabs, snake peole, mosqiutos, people that turn into cars, sabertoooth tigers, robot horses, giant birds......

    but dinosaurs don't fit? thats just silly.

    i personally feel stuff like swift wind is boring to me. but if people want it awesome.

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    I think Tyrantisaurus is a sure bet if we're patient. And I'm calling it now: He'll be my favorite beast figure of the line.

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    I'd be happy for an updated Tyrantisaurus once we have a King Hiss figure. The original is one of my favorite features in my collection!

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    I just really hope the Four Horseman sculpt him with a retro "tail-dragging" look that was so prevalent in the 80's. No Jurassic Park tail balancing please! This is fantasy, not scientifically accurate!

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    I would definitely buy him if he was offered. But yeah, I'd also kill to have a vintage Gigantasaur that's pictured in that catalogue. I think the idea of bionic dinosuars is so cool, because it's such a high contrast between pre-historic beasts and future technology - but they get melded together here.

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    I would love to see any and all of the dinosaurs made! I have Tyrantisaurus from when I was little and it was always one of my favorite MOTU toys.

    Quote Originally Posted by krosfyah View Post
    HELL YES! give me gigantisaur too since they're making unmade prototypes! !!!
    I am embarrassed by the amount of money I would be willing to pay for Gigantisaur

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianatarms View Post
    Sure il take anything motuc
    Same, same! Bring it on!
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    I own all three vintage dinosaurs and they are soem of my favourites... so bring'em on asap!

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    Tyrantisaurus has always been one of my favourite mounts/large beasts in MOTU !


    I love all the dinosaurs (Tyrantisaurus Rex, Bionatops, Turbodactyl), and I just can't wait for GIGANTISAUR ! This dino (never released prototype) might be the "holy grail" for me as far as large scale beasts are concerned !

    Yep ! I'm all for the dinosaurs ! SO BRING THEM ON !

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    I want all the dinosaurs, even Gigantisaur. I don'tcare that he'll cost a zillion bucks-- I want him.

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    Now that We have the body buck (Thank you Granymer) he might actually be a reality. If not I would totally settle for Battle Raptor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo of Eternia View Post
    I may be in the minority here, but generally speaking, I just don't like the idea of Dinosaurs in MOTU.

    It would be one thing if they had made up some kind of dinosaur-ESQUE prehistoric creatures for MOTU that would have some similar features to dinosaurs, but would have been different, original, and "alien" in their own right.

    Something about just plain, straight up dinosaurs that are the exact same species of dinosaurs from Earth in MOTU on Eternia just doesn't seem right.

    They should have done something to make them more unique to MOTU specifically.

    Now, that doesn't mean that I am protesting them making this kind of thing in MOTUC. It was a part of MOTU history, so it's fair game. And the truth be told there is a good chance I would get it anyway despite my opinion on the topic. But, still, something about plain old traditional dinos in MOTU just does not seem right.
    This,this & this.! My thoughts exactly. Motu became extinct like the dinosaurs at this point.
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    Yep. I'd buy that. I fondly remember my turodactyl. I'd love to finally get a tyrantisaurus and binotops

    In my opinion though, they should do the binotops first. Partly because it would be a cheaper price point, but also it always felt more important to my He-Man canon than the tyrantisaurus. Take care of the smaller beasts and items that are more affordable with only a couple pricey ones per year.

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    Dinosaurs is the last thing I want in the classics line. Just give me the sky sled and roton and I'll be happy

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    Personally I think He-Ro needs his Turbodactyl, King Hsss needs his Tyrantisaurus, and PD He-Man needs a Bionatops. The beasts are there rides. While were at it Hordak needs his Mantisaur. Make em all Matty!

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    Ohhhh yeah bring em on
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    hell yeah!!!
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    I definitely want Tyrantisaurus! And actually think the same when I saw Granamyr body parts!
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    We definitely need Tyrantasaurus Rex. He is King Hssss' mount after all.

    If they made him in scale with the MOTUC figures, he'd have to stand roughly between 15-18 inches tall. I can see that happening, since Granamyr was 26 inches. And, now that Granamyr sold out and was a success, I can see them getting to Tyrantasaurus Rex more than ever. Imagine the cool box art he'd have.

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    The dinosaurs are so generic. Definitely not interested in the least.

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    Any oversize dinosaurs are an easy pass for me. So many other things that could be made before this.

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    'Tis the wind and nothing more.....

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    Wow, I can't believe I haven't chimed in here! YES!!!
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