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Thread: Weapons & Extras for Filmation/Comic/Jetlag characters?

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    Weapons & Extras for Filmation/Comic/Jetlag characters?

    I was just thinking it would be interesting to see what weapons and accessories forthcoming Filmation, Jetlag, Mini comic and concept characters will come with. Would they get new ones? or like the vintage line share accessories with other characters but molded in different colours.

    I'd kick off: Vultak and Batros should come with Horde Crossbows in Blue and in dark grey.

    what do you guys think?

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    Hawke could come with the staff of Avion.

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    Whats greater than Filmation Havoc Staff & Filmation Power Sword ? Include those in a PAK & I'll buy 20 of them !!!!

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    I think the staff of Avion is a great choice for Hawke - its a desired piece for Stratos and let's face it, we don't need another Stratos soon (maybe the mini comic deco down the road) but Hawke would be a good candidate for the S.O.A.

    A few suggestions:

    Lizard man - a small crossbow and dagger

    Strongarm - raygun

    Huntara - lightsabre type weapons from the episode she was in

    Sea-Hawk - Fire sword

    Octavia - swords

    Lodar - spiked club and shield

    Crita - whip and raygun

    Mara - Pistol

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    Dree Elle could come with Orko's magic pyramid from the Dawn of Dragoon episode.

    If we ever get a Filmation Skeletor he could come with the Diamond Ray of Disappearance as well as a Havoc Staff with a newly tooled Filmation Ram's Head.

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    Crita has a wand in her witch garb, so she should totally come with that!

    Mara, in her assistant garb could come with some of the weapons she used when she and He-Man were leading the Great Rebellion against Flogg's forces occupying Primus.

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    Vultak should come with a crossbow like you say.
    Batros should come with a book and maybe a stack of books as well.
    I like the idea of Hawke coming with the staff of Avion.
    Master Sebrian with his staff.
    Octavia two swords, one for each hand.
    Katrina, the Grimalkin statue
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    I think a really cool idea they could do is give us some of the artifacts from the shows. I have read that every figure is logistically coming with two accessories. So give them a weapon and an ancient artifact. Example would be the Diamond from Diamond ray of disappearance. Would be a cool thing to see.
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    i love the crossbow idea for lizardman & vutak.

    batros- book that can open & close, translucent snakes
    icer- translucent ice armor, ice sword, ice spear & ice axe
    evil seed- vine hand & plant blade hand

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