On other forums, I see threads like this pop up increasingly often, so I figured this would be a chance for me to do the same. I'm going to watch the New Adventures of He-man for the first time ever and give my comments/feedback/thoughts after I watch the episode.

A little bit of background, I was the right age for He-man; I got into it during the FILMation era, even enjoyed the live action movie, but NA was a big gap personally. I had gotten the Skeletor/He-man 2 pack, but other then that comic, I had no further exposure to this part of the franchise. The cartoon didn't air at a time when I could see it, so for me He-man had ended until the 200X relaunch, which I didn't see until about a year later via pirate sources due to not having cable. Thanks to here and the wonder of the internet, I got caught up in many of the elements that I had missed out on, such as the DC comics, mini-comics, etc. I particularly like the Pre-filmation barbaric Masters of the Universe series. Oh, I'm also a Transformers fan.

Enough of that, onto the first episode! (I'll use the episode guide here to make sure I get the names right.)

1. A New Begining

Primus is a nice place, under attack from mutants. Gandalf the-- uh, Master Sebrian has seen that way to save Primus is to get a warrior from the past "'with the power of the good and the way of the magic." He consults a group who like to hang out in crystals, who agrees. Our comic relief scientists build a snail shaped time machine and two heroic warrio-- Guardians of Primus, Hydron and Flipshot (Figures on sale now!) don their respective swimming and flying equipment for no obvious reason and hop into the timeship. Does it have a name? No? I'm naming it the Chronosnail.

The Chronosnail arrives in the past, Hydron and Flipshot assume everyone is a friend and are quickly captured by Andros and taken to a really great Snake Mountain. Skeletor learns of their story and decides he likes their naivete as well as the whole future technology angle and decides to pose as the good guy. Hydron and Flipshot, knowing not to judge a book by its cover, agree to take Skeletor to the future. The Sorceress butts in and gets He-man to go before his parents, blow his secret identity, and run off and try to catch a ride to the future. He does, go figure.

The Chronosnail arrives back in the present (future) just as the Mutants breach the shield to attack Primus. Skeletor blows his ruse, and long story short, He-man is known as the good and joins up with those on Primus while Skeletor hitches a ride with Flogg back to the Mother Ship where he joins up with them, under Floggs command, of course.


-I didn't expect it, but either an explaination or a transition from the FILMation look to the current appearance would've been nice. I'll admit, again, since my only exposure to NA before this had been the minicomic, which did just that, I was hoping to see more of an explaination for Skeletor an He-mans new appearances, especially since we got a great looking classic Snake Mountain as well as a Randor and Marlena that more or less fit with the classic look. I wasn't expecting a whole episode explaining it, but just a nod or even a throwaway line about how they've changed.

-This is a really different take on Skeletor. Different voice, different personality. I like it!

-The Mutant fleet has a very Macross/Tekkaman feel to it. Technorganic in a few ways. I like it.

-I had always taken it as Primus wasn't Eternia (and I did see the thread about what it really is, but given the way the scene transition worked with the mudhole turning to a clean lake and Snake Mountain eroding, along with the Chronosnail being classified as only a timeship sure makes it seem like it's just Eternia of the far flung future visually.

-The Sorceress assures us that with Skeletor gone, Eternia is free from evil. This either gives Skeletor a lot of power or flat out ignores all the other evils in Eternia, of which there are quite a few, both natural and unnatural.

-I have to admit, the hardest part for me to swallow is when He-man obliterated that tree with a blast launched from his powersword.

-I don't like that whiny brat in the opening of the episode, I hope we never see him again.

-Why is there an Adam and why is he pretending to be Sebrian's nephew?

-It's funny how many Beast Wars actors there are in this series, and that Sue Blu is the voice director. I've met Gary Chalk and even did my original Skeletor voice impression during a voice acting competition at a convention, which he liked; I didn't realize he was He-man in this series until later!

Overall: I liked it! It's a good starting point for a new series, I just would've liked a smoother rollover from the previous setup if you're not going to start fresh or a stronger introduction of Primus/Mutants situation. 8/10