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-I've met Gary Chalk. I've talked with Gary Chalk. I like Gary Chalk, but if He-man was supposed to be in despair, that's a major voice acting failure either on the performance or the directing side. Especially when you compare to his job in Beast Machines when he voiced a character who had been beaten and had lost all hope for a time.
Gary is awesome, he's like a big teddy bear (I've met him too)! He doesn't really "sell" He-Man as well as he should, I agree, but Beast Wars/Beast Machines came along a bit later than NA He-Man, so I'm willing to cut him a little slack in his voice acting. Of course, shouting "I have the Power!" in an almost monotone does not help, lol.

-Boy Gebel must use a lot of hair product, red scientist guy is sitting on top of his hair!
Considering how often he promotes his Goo, I wouldn't be surprised if he uses some of the excess there.

Love the reviews, keep it up!