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Thread: Watching NA for the First Time Ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pravus Prime View Post
    -I've met Gary Chalk. I've talked with Gary Chalk. I like Gary Chalk, but if He-man was supposed to be in despair, that's a major voice acting failure either on the performance or the directing side. Especially when you compare to his job in Beast Machines when he voiced a character who had been beaten and had lost all hope for a time.
    Gary is awesome, he's like a big teddy bear (I've met him too)! He doesn't really "sell" He-Man as well as he should, I agree, but Beast Wars/Beast Machines came along a bit later than NA He-Man, so I'm willing to cut him a little slack in his voice acting. Of course, shouting "I have the Power!" in an almost monotone does not help, lol.

    -Boy Gebel must use a lot of hair product, red scientist guy is sitting on top of his hair!
    Considering how often he promotes his Goo, I wouldn't be surprised if he uses some of the excess there.

    Love the reviews, keep it up!
    Vintage New Adventures deserves to be finished!
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    Thanks for the replies guys! I should point out that for these "new" reviews I've been doing, I'm noting as I watch, rather then waiting until I'm done with the episode. When I get finished with the notes and the episode is over, then I write the summary and fix/group some notes. The overall comes last.

    28. Cold Freeze

    It's cold on Primus, but it's not winter. Turns out one of the suns is going dormant. This means that the solar based Primans are going to be totally screwed. Denebria has Transium, an ore that can keep a planet toasty, but Skeletor wants total surrender for it. He-man heroically tries to use thug tactics to get some, but is outwitted and only steals fools Transium. So he flies to the sun to use brute force to force the sun to be active again. Sadly, it works.


    -I'm at 2:28 in and this episode gets an F- for it's science. The sun gets a protective shell while it regenerates? Why should one sun producing slightly less solar radiation cause that big of a difference, are the other two suns in the Tri-solar system not producing any light and heat? In addition, I've never really questioned the planetary shield system, but I'm curious as to it's properties now. How is it that it doesn't regulate temperature, yet acts as a barrier? Then later, the warning that The Eternia would be crushed if it got between the stars? The warning should be that it would be torn about due to the gravitational pulls each in a different direction! Not that the last part ever comes up again.

    -Have they thought about disabling the Trithusium Generator from episode 3 to counterbalance the lowering temperatures?

    -The Intergalactic Ear, while that's not at all how sound works in space, I'm willing to give a pass, as stupid as it is, because this is a kids cartoon.

    -Nice to see Crita, we haven't seen her in a while.

    -Seriously, did they just forget about the two other suns?

    -Clobber makes an appearance, as does Hydron and Flipshot. All sorts of faces we haven't seen in a while.

    -Again, Drissi seems not to understand animals. Animals that have big thick white coats are at home in the snow and cold. Had they shown animals that were ill suited, that would be one thing, but these are very clearly cold climate animals.

    -Wait, the entire surface of Primus has been cleared and they're still concerned? Does this planet not have any geo-thermal heat?

    -Slush Head and Flogg in hawaiian clothing was funny. Skeletors simple request for his free gift made me laugh. In fact, Skeletor gets an A for this episode.

    -So, this episode is episode 3, Heat, in reverse. Gotcha. Heck, Trithusium and Transium even sound the same.

    -What exactly is the relationship between the Mutants and Denebria? Do they run it, or they free trade partners, what?

    -Instead of taking via force some ore, why doesn't He-man explain the concept of winter and fire to them? While the length of time that the planet is frozen is gobbledy **** numbers, it doesn't seem that long. Why not just use some of Primus' vast forests and heat them the old fashioned way? Plus some animal furs to help keep them warm.

    -Actually, that last question takes me to an interesting place. Caz is a shepherd. What does the people of Primus do with said animals? What's the point of the flock? Do they eat the animals? Fleece them? Force their migratory patterns?

    -How is it that Saggitar isn't thought of as a mutant?

    -Remind me again, how is anything He-man has done isn't villainous? He decides to use force to take what he wants from Denbria, He enters a bar that clearly doesn't welcome him, picks a fight, uses strongarm negotations after he meets someone willing to do business with him, offers an insulting amount in payment for heating a planet, takes the ore by force, etc.

    -The Web of the Orrix? Really? In fact, what the hell is that? Sadly, I foreseee a He-man goes into outer space scene coming up.

    -I was right, He-man again ventures into outer space with neither breathing apparatus nor protection.

    -Wait, what's going on? He-man couldn't cut the web, Sorceress tells him the Sun is good, then He-man shouts he has the power and cuts the web?

    -The animation when Skeletor destroys the listening device was very well done!

    This episode is so bad, I never want to see it again. He-man is unapologetically villainous, the science is unforgivable, and the plot is unoriginal even to itself. The entire plot requires you to have never seen The Heat and to forget that the Tri-Solar System has three suns (despite them repeatedly showing you the three suns at the end.) I'm not even getting into the stellar dynamics which kids would be ignorant of (FYI, our own sun is coming out of a relatively dormant stage right now.), but the crystal covering was just plain stupid.

    Given that I recall there being several episodes of the original cartoon I thought were stupid as a child when I first viewed them, I have little doubt that had I been a child when I watched this episode (which I wasn't, even at the time), I'd have been insulted. This is honestly the first episode I would honestly recommend to anyone watching this series to skip. 0/10

    EDIT You know, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out the censoring in one of my notes. It took me several moments before I realized why. So, let's just say nonsense numbers if you can't figure that one out.

    New Day Update, since no one has posted, 8/9

    29. He-Caz Hoo boy

    Caz plays around, but after mentioning taking on Skeletor, fate mocks him and he falls, injuring his leg/ankle/foot. The Scientists, minus Gebel, decide that he's a perfect case to test out Gebels medi-suit on. However, rather then giving him enough power crystals to merely function like normal, they give him many times the required dosage. This turns him super, which he uses to perform rescues on the citizens of Primus. Skeletor sees this on the news and sets up a trap. Caz falls for it, is captured, then disabled by Skeletor. He-man, Sagitar, and Tuskador mount a rescue, but are captured as well. Caz helps He-man escape, leading to all the good guys getting back home safely.


    -I think I found Caz injuring himself to be funnier then I was supposed to.

    -Sagitar doesn't have his helmet.

    -Spinwit, another denizen of the pacifist planet of Primus who thirsts for battle and glory over the bodies of his vanquished foes.

    -Worst. Designed. Baby. Carriage. Ever.

    -Wait, there's broadcast news on Primus?

    -"If some is good, more is better." The delivery of that line made me laugh.

    -"Leave the rescues to He-man." Except we have never seen He-man do anything even remotely so pedantic as what Caz was doing. Guess Adam doesn't like to share the spotlight.

    -Dang, Skeletor has one hell of an aim. He launches the decoy from space and it lands 10 feet in front of Caz!

    -Is Dectus in the Tri-Solar System?

    -Number of Astrosubs Skeletor has captured thanks to Caz, 3.

    -I like that Skeletor isn't amused by He-Caz and disables him with one shot.

    -Interesting that He-man and co take Astrosubs rather then The Eternia.

    -So, do the Mutants run Denebria? They must, or else how else could they set up a perimeter of invisible space mines around the planet?

    -I actually give credit, the force field and He-mans escape were well done. Skeletors later escape was even better.

    -What exactly is Tuskador? Is he a guy in a suit, or does he really have tusks and a snout?

    -Where are the mutant stormtroopers?

    Overall, this was a really good episode. Though I dislike Caz, it used him well and the story was very nice. The space mines seemed like a dead end plot element used to pad the episode and show off He-mans magic sword. That said, I'm sure you'll be shocked to see, 9/10

    Update, since no one has posted, 8/10

    30. Slaves to the Machine

    Floggs machines start to break down, prompting a repair call. The repairman says their vehicles are so obsolete that they can't repair them, Skeletor jumps at the opportunity to get new state of the art weapons. Sorceress decides to get involved and gets He-man to invite himself to the party. Turns out the manufacturing planet is machine controlled, He-man tries to help the resistance retake the planet, Skeletor gets a robot brain that backfires on him, and somehow the people are free again.


    -That's intersting the Terror walkers have wheels and feet.

    -This isn't Flogg's day.

    -Ah, there's the Mutant Stormtroopers! Looks like we get a new design for the Priman soldier.

    -Wait, where are they retreating to? They're on Denebria, so that makes it an invasion by He-man.

    -Heh, there's a manufaturing plate on the... uh, toy not Terrortank.

    -Where and how did Flogg and the mutants get them in the first place if they're not the original owners purchasing them?

    -*Sigh* The Sorceress. Joy. Telling He-man the plot.

    -Ah, the greed of Sebrian, wanting the machine for himself.

    -The episode is inconsistant. There's a direct implication that the Mutants are scavengers and that's how they got their machines, but then Sebrian says they got it from the Machinima telcs ago.

    -LOL as Skeletor just asking the computer where it is.

    -Bigger LOL as the tectons are going to conquer both planets now. Good job, He-man!

    -How did the Autobot move the rocks to the entrance of the meeting place?

    -Skeletors "I told ya so!" oh man, I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

    -If none of them had ever gotten past the Selineium bars, how did they know about the electric gap and the electric tunnel?

    -Why would a fully automated system have button panel on the other side?

    -Skeletor gets an A for this episode.

    -"By the power of Eternia, I have forced this plot to obey me!"

    -How can the Autobots reprogram the computer if they've been slaves for generations? They should barely know how anything electronic works!

    -The pacifists of Primus, sending invasion parties to cause revolution on other planets with joy on their faces!

    Overall, while it had several LOLs, and was engaging, the Sorceress and He-man repeatedly attempted to break the plot. 7/10

    Update since no one has posted, 8/11

    31. The Galactic Guardians

    Flipshot convinces everyone to go camping. After some campsite fun, they tell the story of Sagitar, Tuskador, and Spinwits first mission with the Galactic Guardians via flashback. The tale of a starship transporting poison that is damaged by stellar ejections and is on a collision course with Primus; the guardians mission is to reprogram the nav system to avoid any planet.


    -Steaks. That means they do slaughter the animals and eat em. Nom nom nom!

    -The question about Tuskador is answered. Armor.

    -Humans? What do any of them know about humans? Primans, Eternians, but no humans.

    -Sagitar sans helmet again. Is a bit freaky.

    -Why didn't the council destroy the poison by flying it into a sun or something other then transporting it through space forever?

    -Buy our new toys!

    -Again, what is Artilla? Machine? Man? Cyborg?

    -Hydron gets an F for science. Spinwit deflecting baseballs with his wind power does not mean he'd be able to send laser blasts back. (Please don't let Spinwit send laser blasts back in this, or any episode with wind power; I'd be OK if it bounces off his arm shield, but via wind? No.)

    -I feel for Skeletor. I really do.

    -Wow, kudos not having He-man enter the void of space to get rid of the energy cacoon. However, wasn't hurling it towards the poison ship a very risky move, sure it worked out for them, but what if it had crushed the ship and released the poison to float into Primus' atmosphere?

    -I like Artilla.

    -Why is there atmosphere on a robot/automatic ship?

    -*Sigh* Spinwit uses wind to suck up a laser beam.

    -Skeletor gets an A for this episode.

    -Mutant stormtroopers!

    -Why not take/destroy The Eternia instead?

    -The thorn troop delivery system is cool.

    -If this story is a flashback story, how do they know what happened after the guardians left?

    Overall, this is a very good episode. It balances the TO SELL TOYS part of the show with a fun narrative. While I dislike Spinwit's interaction with lasers, I can live with it. 9/10


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    I had the very fun task of first letting everyone beneath me go, firing all the teachers who work for me, as myself and my entire discipline has been dropped from the college I teach at. I'm currently in the works to become a "Private Practice" teacher.
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