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    WTFWTK 2.34 - Ask your questions here!

    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know:
    • Each user is limited to 1 question per Q&A.
    • Posts that repeat questions from other Q&As or from earlier in this thread, or posts that contain multiple questions, will be deleted and the offending user will no longer be permitted to participate in that particular Q&A. So check to see if your question has been asked and help everyone out!
      Be sure to check the posts in this thread before you, as well as previous Q&A sessions!
    • This is for question submission only; not discussion.
    • We will start a new Q&A thread when it is time for more questions, approximately every 2 weeks. So please don't start new Q&A threads.

    The figures that can be produced are figures that were in the original MOTU, POP and NA lines, as well as in the mini-comics for these lines.
    Characters that appeared in the 2002 MYP cartoon are also fair game.
    Filmation characters are off limits!
    Who will be produced will remain to be seen.

    We will pick up to 5 questions we feel might get answers at that time. Please do not take offense to your question not being asked.
    Also, we also edit questions to make them more concise, to be more specific, etc. Please take no offense to this either, as it's only meant to help.
    It's nothing personal.

    ***Important note: Mattel has limited the questions to 5 from each site who submits Q&As.
    Mattel has also asked not to submit figure inquiries about unannounced figures (eg: When will we see [insert character name])

    Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


    This past round of questions were selected by PaTrIcKfOgArTy,
    and proofed against old Q&As by Uncle Montork.
    Thanks to them for their help!!!

    The questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

    1. Tallstar: Will you talk to Digital River about implementing a way to update credit card information on the subscription itself? As of this post, any changes made to credit card information only impact and apply to items that are purchased directly from the site, while the subscription itself keeps referring back to the original card information that was used at the time of sign up.

    2. Adam_Portugal: With the fantastic fan demand for every thing MOTU related, do you now have the rights to and plan to release a CD soundTrack and/or iTunes MP3 Album of the Filmation He-Man and She-Ra cartoon? We are hoping this is possible since it's Mattel rather than Boomerrang telling fans on YouTube that they can't use pieces of the music in their interviews, reviews and commentaries.

    3. MoViEfReAk: After seeing the new "Space Mutants" logo many fans wonder why there was no 1989 "He-Man" toy logo on the blister. Does this new logo have a history or is it a new invention, and also why you are not using the He-Man toy logo to designate figures are from the 1989 NA toy line like you are with the POP logo?

    4. Mr.Treeface: Optikk's bio leads me to believe that neither He-Man or Skeletor travels to the future. Is this indeed the case? Has that story line been scrapped?

    5. king.of.grayskull: In SDCC you mention something about Armybuilder 2-Packs! Referring to your Plans about the "All-in" Subscription, there was no word about them anymore! Are they discarded?


    So ask those questions!

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    In a self perpetual way, Mattel has stated that they can never change a color scheme or an accesory due to a figure being too far along in production when shown to fans while at the same time stating that a figure can never be announced for legal and other reasons when it begins its production a whole year before it is actually unveiled.

    So why couldn't Mattel simply put up polls asking basic questions, not specific to a figure, but relatively known to its fans? For example, Evil-Lyn could have had a simple poll stating "Female skin - yellow or purple?" or Keldor "acid burned face or cape" without actually having their names released and let a lot fans relatively happy when the final product was made. What about just having a basic poll up stating "When/If we eventually get to 'character name here', we would like to see 'option A, B, C, D here'.

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    This is the second question that I've asked. The first one I was told it had already been asked which I had no idea. I don't know if this question has been asked yet but here it goes. I know we are seeing alot of MOTUC figures being reissued so my question is: When are we going to see MOTUC figures "Gone For Good" just like some other none MOTUC related figures from the Mattycollector site?
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    It was recently announced that all He-man variants will have the same head, which is understandable, but is Prince Adam counted among these? It would look very odd if the Prince of Eternia was constantly scowling.
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    Undoubtedly Mattel has noticed the fan backlash about the news of the Grayskull stands only "possibly" coming back and how Mattel intended these to sort of be a one-shot thing. Knowing full well that the line is going into 2016 and that many more customers are going to want stands in order for their collection to have a uniform look, plus the fact that these sold out miraculously fast, will Mattel please seriously consider going back into production on these stands?

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    I don't know if this has been asked in WTFWTK and if it has, I am sorry. I have just never seen a response from Scott and Mattel.

    A couple months ago Mattel asked us members of two choices Mattel had in regards to the bobble-head female issue. Did Mattel finally decide on one of these options or did they make the "customer friendly and product smart" choice by leaving the articulation on the females (after the correction) the same as their male counterparts?

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    Since Mattel called Illumina's backstory a "fan pitched idea," all ideas that were not published in the MVC comic must be viewed as such by Mattel. Taking this into account, will Mattel finally allow MVC to publish their series bible for the comic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    1. Tallstar: Will you talk to Digital River about implementing a way to update credit card information on the subscription itself? As of this post, any changes made to credit card information only impact and apply to items that are purchased directly from the site, while the subscription itself keeps referring back to the original card information that was used at the time of sign up.
    I'm not trying to ask a redundant question, but what I want to ask it sort of related to this, but actually goes deeper into a very specific issue with the subscriptions...

    When I signed up for the 2010 subscription, I specifically used a credit card that doesn't expire until the end of the year just incase the charge did not default to the card that I have on file with my Matty account (which is due to expire mid-year, and will be updated once I get the new card).

    Since then, this is what has happened and I think I have discovered part of the problem with how the subscriptions work. When my subscription Adoras shipped in January, the card that I used when I signed up for the subscription was charged (and not the card that I have on file with my general Matty account). However, when my subscription Trap-Jaws shipped in February, the default card on file in my account was charged (and not the one I used to sign up for the subscriptions).

    And I also noticed something else interesting. Back around November, those of us in Illinois started getting charged tax on our orders. My subscription renewal orders from my 2009 subscription during November and December and my manual orders from that time were taxed. HOWEVER, for my 2010 subscription (which I signed up for back at the end of July), my subscription Adoras in January did not include any charge for tax... but my susbcription Trap-Jaws did.

    So, I think I've figured out a big part of the problem with these subscriptions. When the subscriptions "Renew" (and we get our renewal confirmations), it seems to be using the default information, like it should. It is updating to the most current information on file. HOWEVER, the problem is that, within the "logic" of how this was set up, the very first shipment of the subscription period is not registering as a "renewal" since technically it's the first order and there is nothing to "renew" yet. But the problem is that as a result, in whatever manner this is programmed, since it's not processing that first shipment in the same way that the renewals are processed, it is not defaulting to the info that people may have changed in their profiles during the 5 or 6 months between signing up for the subscription and the first shipment going out.

    So, is there a way to look into changing the programming and semantics of future subscriptions so that when the first shipment is processed, it will check against any new/changed address and/or credit card information just like the renewals? Given that just shy of a half a year goes by between signing up for the subscription and the first shipment going out, this is a very critical issue that really needs to be addressed.

    (Feel free to edit this question to make it more concise... I just wanted to explain the issue as clearly as possible, but this is definately a critical one for many fans).

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    Is there a possibility that the Slime Pit Mutant will be produced in MOTUC ?

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    Will She-Ra's bio reveal any new or different [from Adora's] information that maybe PoP have never known?

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    In WTFWTK 2.32 You gave mention to Swift Wind and with him there has been a lot of debate on how he will look. At this time can you comment on the color scheme for him? Will he be pink like the original toy or closer to Royal Swift Wind?
    Hey Super7 I'm looking forward to what you do for Classics and I'm awaiting these figures!

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    Now that you've revealed the perch and armor for the Zoar mold (in Evil Lyn's packaging), will they be released somewhere else for Zoar, or will we be stuck ordering two of Evil Lyn to get them? Why were they not simply put into the upcoming weapons pack?
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    Would Modulok or Multi-Bot be considered "large scale beasts" since they are centauric in nature? That they wouldn't be larger than the normal figures, but they take up far too much space for a normal MOTUC card?

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
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    If He-Man.Org members organized a MOTU Con, would Mattel be interested in participating? Would Mattel be interested in offering a MOTU Con MOTUC's Exclusive Figure/Item?? It would also be a great and logical venue to do some MOTUC's reveals!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

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    Will the TRU Exclusive MOTUC VS DCUC sets be available at TRU stores outside of the US, particularly in Canada?


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    I changed my question in my earlier post to this since TG recently answered my other question making the old one redundant:

    You've recently explained why Keldor's 200x version of his two halved sword won't be seen in MOTUC. However many times you've said this line is about giving fans what they want, and fans clearly madly deeply want Keldors 200x styled swords. After toyfair you said:

    "While this is not completely off the table, we don't have any plans right now. Still, we did find a way to do the electronic power sword, so anything is possible."

    Can you explain why you've now decided to make such a rule even when it goes against the majority of fans product desires. Is there a possibility you might change your mind on this issue? I'll bake you cupcakes, Red Velvet perhaps... :-)
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    Last year during the Matty SDCC presentation the Army Builder 2-packs were mentioned. It has now been 8 months since then and there hasn't been a hint of this SKU. Can we expect these 2-packs to be revealed any time soon? We need some Horde Troopers, Royal Guards, and Snakemen!

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    Battle Cat has resealable package and I think that's great thing. Is it going to be like this with all other large scale characters?
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