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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC news thread

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    Toyguru MOTUC news thread

    Instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL here. Keep checking for updates! I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom. Be patient, because it's going to take awhile to sift through 200 posts and provide the links.

    SDCC preorders?

    No, not yet. It is something we are looking into but it all depend on whether SDCC can provide adequate space for us to run this type of program. If we can do pre sales it will be announced relatively soon.
    New JLU Exclusive

    NOTE: This is a JLU Question, but it tells of the success of the MOTUC line.

    Q: I hear that Matty says "We would love to do more JLU figures on, but so far only Lobo has sold well enough. Unless we know there is a large enough customer base, it is hard for us to green light more figures."

    But isn't the only way to know... to try??

    A: Hopefully we can have some news on JLU to announce at SDCC. So far, only 1 our of 6 JLU items sold on have done well, so we have tried JLU quite a bit. It isn't for a lack of trying but rather the JLU audience tends to be louder then they are numerous.

    For JLU to really work on, we need to be able to sell any figure to a certain baseline no matter who that figure is. Obviously some figures will still sell better, but without a baseline that will support any sku, it is hard to keep a line going. This is the same way MOTUC works.
    Weapons Paks-future direction?

    Q: I΄m a big fan of additional accessories like the Weapons Paks.

    I΄m only wondering if we have to expect more experimental colors like the pink Zodak/c stuff or the brown Beast Man armor?

    The design for the weapons are awesome but in most forums I read the fan demand for correctly colors or colors that match...

    The funniness of a pink armor doesn`t last long...

    A: How is the purple armor any different from the blue sword or yellow Beast Man armor in the original vintage set? All are examples of new colors on existing accessories which is exactly what you will see in future weapon paks.
    New MOTU comic subscription program?

    As cool as a new comic would be, we just don't have the logistics right now to do comics of any time. If this changes we will let fans know.
    Better Materials on translucent parts?

    It was actually not the materials that lead to some Green Goddess figures breaking but the manufacturing process. We have corrected this process to avoid this issue going forward. The issue had nothing to do with the type of plastic or the fact that it was clear.

    Mo-Larr pack price

    We will have a full price list soon. The Mo-Larr vs Skeletor pack is 40.00 both at the show and online on Aug 2.
    Gigantisaur The powers of Grayskull

    Not anytime soon. As cool as Gigantasour is, if we were going to do something this big, I think we would tackle a playset like Castle Grayskull first. Not out of the question, but nothing to announce now.

    Q: Will subscription exc./bonus/quarterly/large figures like Zodak, The Goddess, Battle Armor HeMan, Tytus, BattleCat, and Keldor get reissues?

    A: We don't have dates to announce, but "most" figure will get a reissue in time. MOTUC figures are not Beanie Babies. They don't retire. The only figures we will not reissue are the subscription figures like Wun-Dar or the SDCC King Grayskull with light and sound box.

    Other basic figures will most likely be reissued in time. We want to make sure people who missed out or new fans can still get a complete collection.
    A few advanced bio questions

    Q: 1) Mer-Man's bio said that Skeletor recruited him. So Mer-Man wasn't one of Keldor's recruits during the Great Unrest?

    2) Did the Great Unrest officially end once Keldor was driven behind the Mystic Wall? As far as the fans can tell, Skeletor was active near the end of the Great Unrest, recruiting Tri-Klops and Mer-Man and maiming Kronis? Is this correct?

    3) Does Gygor's people rule over/enslaved Beast Man's people? In Beast Man's bio it is said that he was banished from the Vine Jungle. Later, we read in Gygor's bio that Gygor is Lord of the Vine Jungle and that he lead an army of "beast men".

    4) Who was recruited first? Kronis or Beast Man?

    4) Who was recruited first? Mer-Man or Tri-Klops?

    A: You will just need to wait for more bios to answer these questions! We're not going to spill the beans in the letter column after all!
    Will We See 3rd Issue Of He-Man & Skeletor This Year (2010)

    We will re-release He-Man and Skeletor again. The exact dates are yet to be announced! We will have some second release Skeletor with open hand at SDCC along with just a few first release She-Ra, He-Ro and Randor.
    Beast Class / Oversized Class Question

    It is a safe bet to assume any one that was a "ride" or a "giant" in the vintage lines, mini comics or 2002 series could be an oversized Beast. Keep in mind that the "oversized" assortment will also include multipacks of basic size figures such as the army builder two pack coming this fall (to be announced at SDCC).

    The "oversized" assortment is really anything beyond a single figure. So even Mo-Larr & Skeletor is an "oversized" figure too. The Oversized assortment will flux in price based on what comes out. A Tytus like giant or army builder two pack might be $40.00 while a ride on beast like Battle Cat or Swiftwind would likely run $30.00. We will tell you how many at each price pint will be in each year's subscription, but we won't reveal who they character(s) are in each oversized slot. For 2011 you will get 3 items at $30.00 and one at $40.00 in the Oversized slots.

    We don't have details on 2012 to announce at this time, but if the subs for 2011 sell well, you can bet we will look at continuing this type of program in 2012 and beyond. We do have bigs plans for the line and always plan to grow as more fans come on board.
    MOTU 200X Season 3 Question

    Q: The other day you posted a reply to this question: Would Randor and his Council of Good have been proactive if MYP cartoon continued?

    Your response: Yes. And some would have become members of the Masters.

    My question is, what else can you tell us about what might have we seen in season 3? Are there any plans to release this information down the road? Can they release script ideas/story plots?

    A: There is a great interview with Ian on that goes into this. You can also find out more by reading the MOTUC bios. We used a lot of info from the proposed season 3 in the bios.

    Always possible. Hordak is clearly an A-list character and we do have plans to get to variants of him in time. Nothing to announce right now.
    How come you don't utilize actual product photos to sell your product?

    We do our best, but many times we do not have a final product on hand to photo when it is time for photo needs for the site. A lot of times we will update images after a sale once we have final product, but every so often we have to go with the best sample we have to photo.

    A lot of times we are making changes and improving product right up until the last minute and simply do not have a final final figure on hand to shoot. I can tell you that about 95% of person samples I get are slightly incorrect and come from what we call "production pilot" (PP) samples which we use to note and make corrections on before the full production run start. It is rare that I even get a final finished toy sample which I why I bought a MOTU sub myself, it is the only way I even get finished product!
    When will we find out about the next MOTUC re-issue?

    We will have a few MOTUC figures at SDCC but will not have a reissue on in July. The next reissue will be in August.

    At SDCC we will have a few Open Hand Skeletors (with second run "The Original Burst"), a few She-Ra's (for her 25th, but no change to package from those sold online earlier this month) and I believe we have a handful of Randors and He-Ros left over from customer service that we are bringing. All of these are just a handful, not a full allocation like we have with our exclusives.

    And of course we will still have Orko with the Prince Adam pack in!

    More details will be posted soon.

    While new comics would be fun, this is not something logistically we can work on right now.
    How articlulated is Whiplash's tail?

    The base of the tail is a separate piece that can turn 360.
    When for BARBIE Princess of Power & Ghostbusters???

    This is up to the Barbie team. We have proposed ideas like this, but in the end, it is the Barbie team that would execute something like this. Head over to Barbie and let them know if this is something you would like!
    Would Randor and his Council of Good have been proactive if MYP cartoon

    Yes. And some would have become members of the Masters.
    Classic Colours on Man E Faces & Ram Man?

    Likely both in time. Prob the vintage toy colors first but anything is possible!
    She-Ra and Lobo will be at SDCC (very limited numbers)

    Although they sold out online, we know JLU fans really want to have a JLU item to pick up at SDCC. Additionally, it is the Princess of Power's 25th, so we saved a few of her as well.

    This is the exact same run as those sold on earlier last week with no change to product or package (this was preallocated months ago as a set quota in addition to what was sold online). So if you missed out on Lobo or She-Ra online, swing by Mattel's retail booth at SDCC and pick them up! (along with all the great exclusives and some other nifty items!)

    More details coming soon.
    Half Swords of HE and story

    Stay tuned to the bios. Most of your questions will be answered in time.

    It is real bear fur.

    Just kidding.

    Very similar to the vintage figure. You'll see Grizzlor at SDCC. Stay tuned!
    The Girls from POP

    Of course we have other POP characters planned. In time our goal is to get to all the figures from the vintage MOTU, POP and NA toy lines. When you will see the next POP figures is yet to be revealed!
    Production numbers

    We are constantly adjusting production numbers but for a variety of reasons we are unable to share specifics with the public.
    KG re-release with furry cape??

    We are changing King Grayskull up a bit for his reissue. You'll need to wait for SDCC to see the full details!
    ** Question about "Carnivus" and about the "ULTIMATE BATTLEGROUND" ?

    Making it more interesting is pretty much the point. You will just need to wait and see!
    SCOTT : Is there a link between "OO-LARR" and "MO-LARR" ??????

    No link. Just similar sounding names since they are both from planet Eternia.

    "Oo-Larr" was not a "mistake" trademark as some fans have guessed. It costs Mattel money everytime a trademark is taken out. Oo-Larr was trademarked very deliberately. This is just a case of fan conjecture gone wild.
    MOTUC bios and comic book references?

    So I've seen a lot of fans commenting on similarities between the MOTUC bios and some comic book stories (specifically Green Lantern). Let me see if I can shed some light.

    The bottom line is both MOTU and most modern superheroes are based on mythological motifs and themes. The concept and theme of "gods" or powerful beings giving weapons and objects of power to heroes to fight evil is as old as Greek, Egyptian, Chinese and other worldly myths.

    So if you are seeing similar themes in MOTUC and comics books, it is not because MOTU is trying to rip off or copy comic books stories, but rather both comics and MOTU are both deliberately referencing mythology and ancient mythic themes.

    Hope that sheds some light!
    Will the highly-demanded MOTUC 2-packs make an appearance at Comic-Con this year?

    We will have new MOTUC vs DCUC 2 packs to show off at SDCC!

    However: That is great news however, I was talking about the army-builder 2-packs for MOTUC.

    Moss Man will be back in time, but not in 2010.
    Question about MOTUC figures not in the subscription

    We do not sell any figures directly to online stores for the MOTUC line. If online stores choose to order them from and then re-sell them that is their issue. Once we sell figures on we can not control what anyone does with them. Online stores can buy them from in the same way individual customers can. We don't change the rules for anyone!
    MOTUC September Figure

    I will be revealing the September figure at Wizard World on June 11th in Philly!
    Are characters from the Golden Books on or off limits?

    Characters created by Golden Books are not in the cards at this time.
    12" MOTU

    Nothing in the cards right now, but not out of the questions in the future.
    Maniac Mike

    Mike decided to leave Mattel on his own shortly after we made that announcement. We wish him nothing but the best in his future exploits.
    A few more notes on tonight's AOTS SDCC reveals

    Hey toy fans,

    Part 1 of what will be a 2 part story on Mattel's SDCC exclusives just aired on G4's Attack of the Show. Big thanks to Blair and the whole AOTS crew who were a pleasure to work with.

    Since not all the sound bites made it into the final aired cut, here are a few more tid bits on the exclusives revealed thus far:

    Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor.

    This box set will be $40.00 both at SDCC and on after the show (no change to product). Mo-Larr will come with all his tools including his #$^&@ drill and his floss. Skeletor features a new toothless face and comes with his Havok Staff, Power Sword and half Power Sword. The pack out is truly epic as designed by Ray Makowski. It includes Skeletor's massage chair and magazine collection as chip art. Also features brand new bios supplied by the gang at Robot Chicken!

    Orko (with Prince Adam)

    So here is the first of our SDCC items that will be different after the show. The version of Orko at SDCC will feature color change when you dip him in warm water. His magic book also show the SDCC logo in hot water. The version sold on after the show will not be color change (on Orko or the book) but both version will include his stand, wand and book as well as a pack in Prince Adam with two heads (He-Man and new Prince Adam smirk) as well as a purple Power Sword and half purple Power Sword.

    The bio on the back belongs to Orko as this is his figure. Adam is his accessory! The only difference between the SDCC version and the version is the color change feature. $25.00

    A lot of fans have asked "why Orko for SDCC?" Well, simple. We chose Orko because we wanted to go with a more 'A' list MOTU character who would draw in fans otherwise unfamiliar with the current line. In the past our SDCC items have been a bit more obscure in character selection so we deliberately went the other way this year. Also, since Orko was larger then a "standard" accessory we had no way to fit him into a monthly $20.00 figure structure. But by pairing him with Adam we could do a unique structure for a unique price ($25.00) at the show. One of the whole points of a SDCC item is to get PR for a line and to do an item that wouldn't fit into the standard line due to size, theme etc... This fit the bill in a lot of ways!
    motu movie will happen?

    A MOTU film continues to be a project we would like to do. It just takes the right timing the the right script!
    MOTUCs that won't be made

    It is better to look at what can be made as that is a bit easier.

    MOTUC will include characters from:

    Any previous Mattel toy line (MOTU, NA, POP, 2002, etc...)
    Any previous Mattel mini comic
    the 2002 animated series (even if they never had a toy before)
    Concept art and concept storylines from the vintage toy line
    Unproduced toys from the vintage toy line (like He-Ro)

    All the figures will be in the Classic style, even if they first appeared in the 2002 line which features a more hyper detailed style. If a character was not from the vintage era, we will do it as if it had a hypothetical toy in the vintage era and take into account how that character might have been done in the 1980's with shared parts and then update it with modern articulation and detail (King Grayskull is a great example of this).
    MOTU Art show book possible?

    Not at this time.
    can children play with motuc figures?

    Although we have labeled them "Adult Collector" we still safety test them the same way we do all of our 4+ toys are. So yes, children are totally encouraged to play with MOTUC! (but we still don't consider them bath toys, so Moss Man is not ideal for water play as some fans have found out!)
    about a motuc animated movie

    That would be awesome, but nothing is planned at this time.
    A question about Club Eternia subscription quantities

    It has always been very public that the 2010 subscription was open in unlimited quantities. Fans were allowed to purchase as many subscriptions as they wanted and some did buy several hundred. This certainly may account for the number of MOTUC items on the secondary market.

    Additionally, very few customers are buying more then 4 figures at a time through the non subscription figures on sale each month (which is why we are keeping the limit at 10). If we saw most of our non subscription stock was getting taken up by a handful of buyers purchasing 10 at a time we certainly would adjust the limits down. But this is not the case. So few are buying 10 at time that we want to keep the limit where it is to help international fans who asked for this limit to save on shipping.

    It will be the same for the 2011 subscription this summer. You may buy as many subscriptions as you would like. If you choose to buy a subscription just to resell it you certainly have every right to do that. This is not something Mattel controls or has an opinion on. Because the subscriptions were open to all in unlimited quantities they are each subscription owners to control, not Mattel's.

    And that is why most sell out figures will be back in time for a second run. Hordak and Faker are coming up next!

    So far fans seem to have no problem getting the second run as they tend to last for a few more days.
    Question about bonus figures becoming subscription figures...

    Q:Okay, the uncertatinty with Keldor's release brought up a question that I thought had been answered:

    If a regular monthly figure misses it's release date, one of the bonus figures is supposed to be plugged in for that slot on Matty. But we have been told numerous times, especially when the issue came up as the 2010 subscriptions were being hawked, that such a substituted figure would not be part of the subscription.

    So, if Keldor had to take the place of, say, the September figure, there would have been no subscription figure for that month, if I'm interpreting the above right?

    A: For the sake of explaining this, lets pretend that the September figure is Sweet Bee.

    Keldor was planned as a "bonus" quarterly figure who would be ready for June avail. If "Sweet Bee" had slipped schedule, Keldor would become the new September figure and their would be no June bonus figure. This would not matter as the bonus figures are not tied to the subscription so no one is loosing out on anything committed to. "Sweet Bee" would then get slotted in down the road as either a monthly figure or a bonus figure when she was ready.

    This is why we don't announce who the monthly figures are until about 3 months prior to release (most of the time). Things change ALL THE TIME that are well beyond our control changing up the release schedule on us. It is the same reason we don't do preorders. We often do not know when a figure will truly be available until very close to the release date.
    Any chance to get a Demo-Man Figure ? And... :-)

    Demo-Man certainly could be a potential figure. Check out the art book for more on what he could look like!
    Real Size of Tytus ??? Huger than 12'' ?

    He is about 12.5 inches give or take. I put a ruler next t0 him and he looks to be about a smidge taller then the ruler.
    Why is the line only being made until 2016?????

    There is no reason the line can't go beyond 2016, we just only have it worked out until then. Considering 99% of Mattel's toy lines are only worked out through 2011, I think we are doing pretty good with a long term plan here!
    SDCC Exclusive Reveal Question

    We won't actually be in person at C2E2. At this show Mattel will have a display case which will show off all of the toys revealed to the press at NYTF. Their won't be a Mattel "booth" so to speak. The SDCC exclusive reveal will be later in April.

    Last year we revealed our SDCC items on April 1st as a mock April Fool's joke. This year we have something larger in store but it won't be until mid to late April.
    HORDE TROOPER PRE-ORDER (No, you haven't missed anything)

    We won't be offering pre orders on any figures from outside of the Club Eternia subscription which lets you pre order a full year's worth of figures.
    How does Mattel choose which head to pack on the figure?

    Since a lot of fans are asking, all figures that have two heads always have the vintage toy head packed on the figure. That is why it is a "Classics" line. Check out Mer-Man or She-Ra for great examples.
    Cuestion about 2011 MOTU C Subscription

    We'll announce figures about three months before release, but will not be revealed the full 2011 line up at the time of the subscription. If you want to pick and choose your figures, you can always buy them each month (and yes we know sometimes they sell out fast, but that is how it goes).

    If you want each figure guaranteed, the subscription is a blind purchase, but you will get them all!
    Matty, who chooses the pictured figures on the MOTUC card backs?

    That is decided by the brand managers and packaging designer on the line. Our goal (now that we have enough figures) is to feature figures on the cross sell that are related to (enemies, allies, relatives, flunkies etc...) to the carded figure.

    So for example, if we did a new Skeletor flunkie like say "Clawful", we would feature all Skeletor flunkies on the back. This way we tell a nice "related to" story through the cross sell.

    This is similar to the vintage line to how Snake Men card backs featured all Snake Men etc...
    @ToyGuru, do you use parts from other lines for MotuC?

    No. While we do share parts within lines, we will not be sharing one line's parts with another. MOTUC in particular is meant to be a beefier larger figure and the parts would not work for a DC Superhero or a Ghostbuster.
    I'm starting to organize the questions into sections. Bear with me...lots of stuff to sift through!


    How come He-Man's belt has red circles instead of matching the bracelets?

    Because this is the design deco the Horsemen created to update the vintage look of the figure with improved deco opportunities.
    Toyguru - A question about Adam

    No, he does not have a clip on his back to hold the sword. We'll get some back images posted ASAP.
    De-flocked mossman...with water???

    Do we still need to warn fans not to use water and slime on their Moss Man? Hoped that ended in the 80's.
    Clamp Champ real name

    Like everyone who had a figure in the 1980's the plan is to get to Clamp Champ eventually.
    Weapons for Clamp Champ

    Way to early to tell. Like all MOTUC figures (except Stratos) he will come with at least two, maybe more if and when we get to him. But he is not in the cards for 2010 we can tell you that.
    Battle Armour Skeletor accessory idea.?

    Q:When you get around doing BA bone face i think it would be a good idea to include the he-man axe and shield in purple/black deco,instead of the staff and sword.

    A:This is an idea that has been suggested before on other fan sites. A very neat idea indeed!
    Powers of Grayskull logo

    Something we thought about as well and might consider going forward.
    Scott, Questions about ELDOR, Spirits and Holograms ;-)

    I've looked throughout the Mattel product archive and could not find a He-Ro or Eldor figure prototype. Obviously they were made and were photographed in the 1987 catalogue, but the samples seem to be long gone. Sad.

    So Where Are We At With The Filmation License?

    We do not currently have rights to Filmation characters. We are well aware of fan demand for this. Please do not contact Mattel or Entertainment Rights directly requesting this, it will only be a hinderance. A few fans have done this lately. This is a big no no. Please try to keep comments on this board and other fan sites. We can't have fans contacting Mattel or Entertainment Rights directly regarding this issue!

    If and when we have any news you can be sure we will announce it here!
    OCTAVIA created by Mattel ?......

    Although this sheet is labeled "Mattel toy" Octavia was a Filmation character and we do not have access to her at this time.

    Why was Marzo changed from the prototype?

    We've answered this one a few times already. The "Prototype" was a quick kit bash done for the show so we would have one to display. The way the Horsemen designed the figure is as seen in the final product.
    Will MOTU stactions ever come back?

    The Stactions are awesome. I have fond memories of getting Hordak at SDCC and being so excited for new MOTU toys, even if they didn't move!

    At this time, no plans to continue the line. Honestly, we have limited resources overall for MOTU and we're putting them all into Classics right now as to not spread ourselves thin!
    Bios into a graphic novel? (The Illumina Part)
    Q: Do you ever find yourselves deciding to plan another character which wasn't originally planned for the line, and thus having to work them into the storyline?

    A: We absolutely left room for growth. If new characters become available to us we will work them into the line as needed. But the major characters (i.e. those who had toys in the 1980s, mini comics) or were in the 2002 series have all been worked out, bios, names and all!

    Me: Except for Illumina and her cat...

    A: That is because they were part of an larger story which was rejected by Mattel and therefore off limits. If they had remained background characters in the comic only and were not tied to the rejected story we could look at them.

    Unfortunately the pitch's creators published an overview of this without Mattel's approval or permission and we therefore have to cut all ties to characters that were part of this pitch. It is regrettable but that is how it goes sometimes. At the end of the day I need to go by the rules too and can't just make any figures I or the fans want :-)
    Guys, I totally get it. But one thing to clear up is that as Brand Manager for the MOTUC line, I still have to follow Mattel policy. I would totally love to do Shokoti, Shadow Weaver, Lizard Man, Photog and a ton of others. But at the end of the day, it is not just up to me to make these calls.

    I promise I will do all I can to incorporate fan requests when possible (like unflocking Moss Man's ears or adding extra hightlights to She-Ra's sword) but on things like character selection that is just something I am not in control of and no matter how many requests we get from fans, it won't change logistics.

    Illuminata is not in the cards. It would be cool if she was, but she isn't. I'm a huge MOTU fan as well and I want to make Classics the best line it can be. But I still need to follow Mattel procedures and we can't just do everything fan's ask (as much as I wish we could!)

    Cool stuff is coming! Wait till you all see the great surprises we have in store for SDCC and beyond!
    Bios into a graphic novel? (The 200X Part)

    Its not that the long hair piece can't be made, it is that it won't be.

    The longer hair was a 2002 style element and this style or interpretation of MOTU is retired in favor of the new "Classics" style.

    Both MOTUC He-Man and 200X He-Man are the same character reimagined in two different interpretations.

    The 200X He-Man is based on the vintage He-Man figure but with an "anime" style with longer hair, more pouches and hyper detail. This style is retired.

    The MOTUC He-Man is based on the same vintage He-Man but with a "modern update" style with better articulation, more paint ops and modern sculpting techniques.

    The 200X style or interpretation of the brand is retired. All style elements from this line are retired. We may do unique concepts that were first introduced in the 2002 line (like the Doomseeker or Electronic Power Sword) but all will be in the "Classic" style, not the "200X" hyper detail style as that style/interpretation of the brand is retired.
    One of the mandates from the top brass when we pitched MOTUC was that it could not be in the style of the 2002 line. That is why He-Man can't have long hair. Long hair is too "2002" style and the deal to do MOTUC was that all 2002 style influences had to be retired in favor of a new collector style. What we came up with was the "Classics" style.

    Marzo crossed the line a bit too much, but because we didn't have time to resculpt his hair less "wind blown" it went to production with the caveat from management that going forward all characters would really need to be in a more "Classic" style, especially those pulled from the 2002 animated series like Marzo. Marzo kinda snuck in. If we resculpted him we would not have made the deadline for a July figure. So management agreed to pardon him to maintain schedule as long as we made more of an effort going forward to reduce the number of 2002 style influences because this style is officially retired.

    We can still do objects from the 2002 series like Doomseekers or the Electronic Sword, the just need to be in Classic colors or style. Keldor's swords in 2002 ARE the vintage power swords with 2002 style elements (look at the shape of the hilt and ability to split in two). So to bring Keldor's duel swords to the "Classics" style, we did them in "Classic style" which is essentially both halves of the vintage sword.

    We can also do color influences from the 2002 series like Evil Lyn with pale skin and a cape or Randor in green/brown armor. We just need to tone down the long hair, extra spikes, pouches etc... that are part of the 2002 style which is retired.
    Mattel does not "hate" the 2002 series/toy line. In fact, personally, I'm a HUGE fan of it. For Classics the creative guidelines was to do something in a different direction rather then continue that style/interpretation as it is retired.

    And a 2002 version of the Sorceress is totally fair game. It would mean she would be "Classic-ized" a bit loose some of the over the top hyper detail, but the overall green and blue egyptian look is totally fair game in time.
    200X He-Man paint job question

    We might redeco the current Classics He-Man in 2002 colors down the road, but their isn't any plans to do a "2002" version with the anime sculpt changes to details (i.e. flared hair and extra pouches etc...) The anime 2002 look is retired, all the figures will have "Classic" look, so essentially, the existing He-Man is the same figure, just with a different sculpt style for the current line look.
    about 200x elements in motuc

    We will only do items in the MOTUC line that originated in the 2002 line if they are very different once you remove the 2002 stylized elements. (such as the electronic power sword or doomseeker).

    As for He-Man's 2002 "head" once you remove the 2002 style (like the flared hair and rigid cheekbones) it is the SAME He-Man head.

    Remember, the 2002 look is a "hyper detail" interpretation of the vintage line much as the MOTUC line is a "modern update" interpretation of the vintage line. We won't be doing anything in the MOTUC line that includes hyper detail styling.

    2002 He-Man is NOT a variant of He-Man the way Thunder Punch or Battle Armor are. He is a stylistic interpretation of He-Man based on the vintage toy. And that style is retired.
    ToyGuru, any news about the Faceless one ?? :-)

    Yup, Faceless one is on tap for first half of 2011. You will not see him at SDCC 2010. We're not that far ahead!
    Will Keldor benefit from the increased production in June?

    And if he does we can always do a second run!
    Will there be enough Keldors in June for everyone?

    Keldor was produced about the same amount as the other 2010 "quarterly" figures such as Battle Armor He-Man (who lasted around a few days).

    One of the reason the subscription figs are selling out so fast is because their production was based on the number of subscriptions sold. We were unsure at the start of 2010 just how many non subscribers we would have. Obviously the line is doing better and better and we are selling more non subscription figures then we expected.

    We have increased production on the sub figs for non subscribers, but as a non sub fig, hopefully Keldor should stick around for a while. If he does not, we'll be sure to go into a second run to keep up with demand.
    Does Keldor possess both halves of the sword of He?

    Keldor does not possess the sword of He. Just a similar looking sword that splits in two for his choice of combat weapon.
    Comments about "200X" elements in MOTUC

    Q: I don't understand how Mattel can't at least invest in new tooling for a 200X style He-Man and Skeletor. They can still get plenty of reuse out of existing parts, and still give us what we want. He-Man is already 60-70% there, all he'd need is a new hair piece, new bracers, new loincloth, and new armor.

    That's about the same amount of tooling BA He-Man got. (New Back armor, new Front Armor, and three pieces of 'damaged' armor).

    A: Its not that we "can't" it is that we "won't".

    The "200X" style is retired. We may pay tribute to some of the unique accessories from "200X" in Classic style but we are retiring the hyper anime style for figures to move the MOTU brand forward in the "Classic" look.

    Yes we get that their are fans of the anime style, but for now, their will not be any figures done in this style. Everything MOTU right now is about the Classics style.

    Q:You say that if there is enough fan demand that you guys will produce certain things. There is certainly enough demand for the Skeletor double swords, among other things such as
    1.200x MOTUC Heman with a new loincloth and head.
    2.Resume the 200x line adding the figures we never got,people would settle for 2 a year they have said.
    3. Let Neca continue the stactions,or produce them yourselves. at 2-4 a year.
    There is tons of fan demand for all of this among other things.
    So I was wondering what you mean then by the fans need to speak up,if you don't listen. I LOVE MOTUC but there are so many avenues to be taken with MOTU and you guys won't even give things a chance.

    A:We don't just produce things based on fan demand. While we love to listen to fans, they do not just dictate very skus, their are a lot of legal, logistic and technical issues preventing many things fans demand from going forward.

    As for the 2002 line, that line and interpretation of the MOTU world retired. Yes there are many fans who prefer that to the "Classic" interpretation of MOTU in the current line, and that is cool. I am also a huge fan of the 2002 hyper detail interpretation, but also need to accept that that line look is over.

    Going forward all figures will be in the Classic look, including accessories. Keldor's swords in the 2002 line was an "anime hyper detail" interpretation of the classic vintage power sword. Just look at the hilts and ability to split apart. We are doing swords in that hilt shape and ability to split apart in the classic line, and they are in the Classics interpretation, not the 2002 style interpretation.

    The 2002 interpretation of the MOTU world is done. It was awesome, but there are no plans to produce any further figures based on this stylized interpretation.

    Sorry to sound repetitive, but this issue seems to never end no matter how many times we explain it!
    Masters of the Universe 2002 series

    Q: now that the Masters of the Universe Classics collection is selling well is there any chance of you going back and making the proposed 3rd and 4th season of the 2002 series? This series was done great and it has been said that the series was not canceled because of ratings but because the toys were not selling. If not is there any chance for a new series within the next few years?

    A: As much as fans ask for this (and I personally am a huge fan of the 2002 show) it won't happen. This line both toy and cartoon is over. If we did a new animated series or direct to DVD film etc... it would be in an all new style unrelated to the 2002 series.

    While some animated series have worked as a comeback (Family Guy, Futurama etc..) MOTU 2002 had its shot and it just did not take off with kids quick enough. It is a shame as I've seen the plans for season 3 and they are killer! BUT we are working those plans into the MOTUC bios (see She-Ra's bio for example) and we have plotted out what potentially could have been a 4th season with the NA characters as well and incorporated that into the MOTUC bios as well (see Optikk). The 2002 series does act as a "frame work" for the MOTUC bios (with other mini comics and vintage elements thrown in in order to create the largest number of characters and battle situations possible). The bios are not meant to be 100% the 2002 series but a lot of elements from it and the future plans for it did wind up in the bios.

    So while we won't get to more animated episodes, the themes of the show's potential future live on!
    Does Mattel still have the tooling from the 2002 line?

    We do have the tools, but their are no plans to re-release them since this style is retired right now.

    Will fans have much longer to wait before Mattel send MOTUC She-Ra review samples out

    We send out samples last week. Fans sites will receive them based on how long the mail takes to get from El Segundo to where they live.
    Question about CATRA

    It is way too soon to confirm anything about Catra. It would be fun to do two heads but that was just online rambling, not a confirmed design plan. As for her "Cat" form, much like doing 2 heads, it would be fun to do, but nothing confirmed.
    Question for Toyguru re: She-Ra

    Q:I was just wondering if She-Ra was always going to come with gold weapons or if originally the plan was to give her a silver sword like Adora?

    A:She was always going to have gold weapons. The only thing we changed was adding the second bronze tone per fan request.
    She-Ra's Original Toy Sword

    I'm sure in time we will get to She-Ra's "toy" sword. After all, their are quite a lot of vintagevariation of her we can do in Classics style. We'd love to do a maskless head in time as well. She is a pretty A list character and I can't imagine we won't do variants of her in time and add new accessories and other fun stuff to freshen her up.
    PLEASE package She-Ra with the 'Filmation' head!

    All MOTUC figures are packaged with the vintage head no matter whom the figure is. That is why it is called MOTU Classics~!
    VOTE - which She Ra head should be on 'in box'

    To make sure all fans are in the loop, She-Ra is already in production, and no changes can be made at this point.

    Also, ALL MOTUC figures will always be packed out with the vintage toy head on the figure. That is why it is called a "Classic" line and not a modern line!

    You are welcome to vote, but no changes can be made at this point.
    Question about BOW

    When we get to Bow we will look at doing two heads as well as improve the wrist articulation a la the DCUC Green Arrow figure. We do plan to get to him before 2016.
    Question about MOTUC CASTASPELLA

    Way to early to comment on Castaspella's specifics. If and when we get to her doing a variant down the line is not out of the question. But nothing is planned right now.

    Hello Matty... MOTUC Optikk 'Silver' RePaint?? W/ a 'Red' and a 'Blue' eyeball heads?

    Who knoew Optikk would become such an underground hit. "Polar Armor" Optikk, hey, if it really is something fans want. Maybe the Ice Cream Maker Guy of MOTUC?

    Who knows, but it does look neat.
    Is Cringer/Battle Cat dead by the time NA events take place in the MOTUC universe?

    I imagine he is still kicking butt on Eternia even if Battle Cat did not follow Adam into space.
    New Adventures Prince Adam

    Certainly a possiblity but nothing in the cards to announce right now.
    NA "He-Man" Logo question

    The original toy logo just said "He-Man" and it was felt this was not descriptive enough for the factions that made up the New Adventures line. This is why we went with a Space Mutants logo.

    But to answer your question, no we won't be using the "New Adventures" logo, it is not in our library of resources.

    @TG who will pay Wun-dar shipping costs?

    Wun-Dar, the Map and Evil Lyn will ship together on one box and each subscriber will pay shipping for this box. Shipping two figures is bot that much more then shipping one (just FYI). It isn't "double" the shipping cost.
    Shouldn't Wundar come w/ two halves of The Powersword?

    Wun-Dar is a protector of the Sword of He, so I suppose he could have come with both halves, but then again by that standard so could He-Man. For now, we're going to follow the 1980's rule and most characters who carry the sword will come with only one half and one full version of the sword.

    He-Ro carries it too, but that was before it was split in two.

    We actually do have a character in mind who will come with both halves, but that is awhile down the road.
    Furry shorts for MOTUC

    Q: Hey Toyguru, I just wanted to find out why you guys have started using the harder plastic for the furry shorts again. The Battle Armor He-Man was bad, but I just opened Wun-Dar, and his furry shorts are rock hard. What's the deal? Can't you use the stuff that Evil-Lyn's dress is made of?

    A: This may be due to Wun-Dar's earlier production. I'll pass this along to our engineer team so we can ensure all figures going forward use the softer plastic loin cloth fans demand.
    Wun-Dar is already paid for

    MOTUC subscribers,

    A lot of Club Eternia Subscribers have been asking if they will be charged for Wun-Dar when he ships with Evil Lyn on the 19th. Nope!

    You already "paid" for Wun-Dar with the $20.00 sign up feel. There may be a slightly higher shipping fee due to shipping both Evil Lyn and Wun-Dar in one box (exact amount is depending on where you live) but you will not be charged an extra $20.00 for the Savage He-Man. You will only be charged for Evil Lyn the monthly fig.

    Oh, and the free map of Planet Eternia will also ship in this box with super secrets of the Elders on the back. Remember not to share these secrets with anyone outside the Club or you will be cursed by the dark magicians of Eternia forever!

    Weapons Packs

    Q: Is it possible that future weapons packs will have some straight-up re-releases instead of only repaints? Some of us would like another Adora silver sword for She-Ra, a silver sword for BA He-Man and Prince Adam, and a havoc staff for DC/MOTUC 2-pack Skeletor.

    A: All of the accessory in the Paks will be repaints. The only way to get the original weapons are with the figures.
    He-Man Chest plates in new Weapons packs?

    We are looking into new weapon paks and there are quite a lot of ideas. We can't confirm anything yet, stay tuned!
    There's a stench coming off that Weapons Pa(c)k
    Q:Well if it sells out, quickly, then we will see more each month. However, if it doesn't sell out, or takes a significant amount of time (1 week +) I don't think we will see them very regularly. My only question is, 'Does the weapon pack replace another figure we could have had?' Or is it simply an addition, where it replaces nothing?

    There was no tooling involved so this does not replace a figure. It was a fun nod to the vintage Weapons Pak. If fans want it, they can buy it. If it does well, we'll look at doing more. If not, oh well. It was inexpensive to do since their was no tooling involved and was meant to be fun for those who wanted it.
    Weapons pack order made 4/16 will definitly be cancelled?

    If you ordered during today's glitch, you will be refunded and your order canceled. The Pak will go on sale monday as planned!

    small vehicles - moc collector request

    Q: Not so much a question as a request... if you do go ahead with 'small vehicles' (and everything else for that matter) can you keep the clear front display packaging you are using (like on battle cat and tytus). as a moc collector, there's nothing more annoying than having an awesome item that you can only show the box of.

    a lot of the originals had packaging like this too

    A: We will certainly look into this. No plans on the books for vehicles right now!


    Both Trap Jaw and Battle Cat will be back this year. We'll likely have avail dates to announce at SDCC.
    3rd release of He-man & Skeletor

    Eventually. Nothing locked down right now. We will have a handful of open hand Skeletor's at SDCC.
    A question about Teela and Zoar

    If we re-release Teela the only change will be to make her outfit from a lighter material to improve articulation. We won't be changing the deco on her or Zoar.

    We do have plans for the other deco of Zoar down the road, but it won't be with a re-release of Teela.
    Can KG be far behind?

    We've confirmed a few times that yes Grayskull will be back as a non subscription figure in Q4 2010. This was kinda our last shot since in 2011 all the figures will be in the subscription and we didn't want to release him in 2011 as part of the sub when some fans already have him.

    This way by releasing him as the last non sub figure in 2010 it leaves fans open to choose whether or not they want him.

    We did plus him up with an improved deco, some extra little surprises, and slightly different accessories including one all new accessory that is way cool.
    King GraySkull reissue

    Q:Will there be a bronze variant when King Grayskull gets reissued?

    A: No.
    King Grayskull re-paint/re-deco= possible New Spirit of Grayskull re-paint/redeco?

    No plans for a glow in the dark King Grayskull right now.
    Question about Zodak.... will he be reissued?

    We may get to Zodak (and Zodac) in time, but do to the slow(er) original sell out they are not at the top of our re-release list.

    MATTY Can you please update us on MOTU vs.DC availability outside the US?

    It is up to TRU to decide where to distribute product. Once we hear from TRU that they are selling the vs. packs outside of the US we will let you know. But at the moment, this is not something Mattel has any control over.
    Extra shipping options for international customers??

    This is something we continue to look into. Just nothing to announce yet. Remember, at the end of the day, Mattel is a US based company. Much like how US fans pay extra for import toys from countries like Japan, international Matty fans should expect to pay a bit more for toys from a US based company.

    On thing we have also looked into is opening up additional distribution centers, but we have yet to see enough fans from any one region to justify this. We'll keep trying!
    Toyguru-Are the Toys R US Exclusive; DCUC VS MOTUC Two Packs coming to Germany

    They are available if TRU chooses to distribute them to German Toys R Us locations.
    Would there be more international shipping options for MOTUC 2011 Sub?

    We are always looking into new shipping options but do not have anything to announce right now.
    MOTUC vs DCUC are coming to Canada

    I was able to confirm with sales today. It may take a little more time (i.e don't look next week) but the 2 packs are coming to TRU Canada in the near future.

    Mo-Larr packaging

    They will be packed out in an amazing diorama display! Just you wait!
    Poll: MOTU Classics Superman?

    To avoid fans spinning their wheel in a direction that won't happen, I can confirm once again that this won't be happening. The MOTU "bucks" will only be used for MOTU figures just as the DCUC "bucks" will only be used for DC figures. When we mix brands like in the DCUC vs MOTUC 2 packs, each figure will have their brand's respective "buck".

    MOTUC "Create A Figure" contest?

    Doing a fan creation contest does feel like something baked into the blood of the line. Maybe one day. I am a big fan of something like this. It would just take a lot of logistic work and the right timing. Not something we couldn't explore down the road.

    Not anytime soon though!
    Fearless Photog?

    As cool as Photog and the other top characters from that fan contest are, the terms of that contest have long since expired. If anyone knows the creators we'd love to get in contact with them!

    Character Bios

    Q: I am thrilled with all the figures that have come out! Someone asked me if "they" (you) would ever at some point consider putting the whole He-Man, Masters of the Universe and She-Ra story into one place like a book, and sell it to the fans. I'm sure it would sell out quickly (The art book did pretty well). The bios are great and create a thirst for more of the story. The only issues I've had with a Bio is with Zodak's. It seems to contradict Hordak's and Zodac's bio.
    Also the original mini-comic story of He-Man works great for Wun-Dar, but does not work at all for Prince Adam.
    Thats it..Keep up the great work!

    A: There are many many MOTUC projects we are looking into, publishing being one of them. We've love to find a time to tell this story in more then bios, but now is just not that time logistically.
    map of eternia : where is subternia?

    Sub-ternia runs throughout most of the planet. One of the entrances is indeed marked on the map. More will be revealed in time!
    To Scott/TG and Fans : Questions about "The Sword of He"

    Q: A- Who is "He" ? Who are the Overlords of Trolla ? Will we know more in the future ?
    B- Has Skeletor taken possession of a half or the entire Sword of He at a certain point ? (not mentioned in the bios)
    C- How Man-at-arms was able to simulate the Power of "the Sword of He" in an electronic sword ? Thanks to the Sorceress ? Where were the halves of the sword at this time ?

    A: You'll find out most of this information in time. Keep reading the bios!
    She-Ra's bio

    The line about She-Ra's "brute strength" comes from the 1987 licensor kits. When writing the bios, we tried to pick up as much copy word for word from existing material. For example, the final line in "most" bios is the only line of copy from the original card backs!

    Other copy comes from the 1987 licensor kits. Its always funny when people react to the bios saying this or that line is "wrong" when a lot of times the lines people object to the most are picked up straight from existing material that has been around for 20+ years!
    green lantern influence in motuc canon

    Q: toyguru i feel some influence of green lantern in motuc canon ,for examples the "overlords of trolla" are like the "guardians of the universe" ,they send the "cosmics warrior" around the universe like the guardians of the universe send the green lanterns .the cosmics warrior are like the green lantern corps ,they have the same mission .
    ....hmmmm scott did you have some influence with this???

    A: And ancient mythology! Don't forget those were the original super heroes and influenced all of this stuff!

    Sure their might be some similar themes between MOTU and comic book heroes, but they all get their influence from folk tales and myths. MOTU is a very mythic story in itself and we have only begun to tell its tale.

    I promise no oaths and rings or constructs! (not that I'm not a fan of those things in other properties!)
    Bios into a graphic novel?

    We actually worked out quite a lot of the big picture from day 1. Although their are no plans for a graphic novel, from figure 1 we worked out a full timeline of all events based on the 2002 series (including notes on season 3 plots and what could have been season 4 with the NA characters) mini comics, vintage story bibles and other unpublished treatments (such as the Snakemen and Powers of Grayskull story outlines from 1987). It is all there, from creation of the universe to the final battle!

    This is part of why I spent so much time researching the brand for the design group's art book. All of the research really paid off as we put the bios together. (hey who needs having weekends off anyway...)

    We had a specific set of goals with the bios such as aligning a unique and separate importance of both He-Ro and King Grayskull (who in 1987 were essentially the same character) into He-Man's origin as well as finding ways to logically incorporate demanded characters we knew fans wanted as toys such as Wun-Dar, the Goddess and toys/characters based on early design sketches into a streamlined continuity. We knew this would be challenging since so much of the vintage material contradicts other later storylines. (hey, just look at the first mini comic when "He-Man" was clearly not Prince Adam)

    This timeline/storyline was then written into the bios strategically designed to be revealed bit by bit. All of the bios through 2016 were written at the same time by the same team to ensure a sense of continuity and purpose. We even tried to use as much existing material in the bios such as word-for-word pick ups from the 1987 licensor kits and the single line of copy from the vintage card backs (which was used as the final line in most bios!).

    Fans should have a good idea of the full story somewhere around the middle of 2012. (based on how good fans are about putting it all together!). A lot more info is out there then many fans realize, you just don't have all the clues yet to put it together! That's just part of the fun. :-)

    So when fans comment such as "the bios are getting better" or "this bio is better then this one, so Mattel should get this bio's writer to write them all", remember they were ALL written together by the same team before the first figure hit the internet!

    The overall storyline as told through the bios may not be for everyone and it is not intended to be a one true definitive cannon story. It was not intended to be a story that would work as a graphic novel or even an animated series. Our goal was to create a storyline that worked for toys which would incorporate the maximum number of characters and battle situations therefore allowing us to include the maximum number of toys in the line.

    If it is also entertaining and a fun ride as well as answering a lot of unresolved plot points from over 30 years of brand history, all the better!
    Bios into a graphic novel? (Story Pitches)
    Mattel does not publish ANY story pitches for any toy lines across all brands no matter who is the author is. That's just company policy guys.

    Hope that clarifies!

    Is there something else I'm missing here? What is it we are "not" doing that fans feel we should be that would equal more support?

    Bios into a graphic novel? (Mattel and

    I'm trying to be as upfront and candid as I can here folks but it seems I need to put this matter to bed and be a bit more blunt.

    Mattel will continue to work with just as we do many other toy fan sites. We participate in Q & As, send out samples when available, and I do personally post on their forums quite a bit. It is a great fan site to be part of and we are excited to continue to work with them.

    Anything beyond that is way beyond my control. I know there are a lot of personal fans out there of the web masters. I totally get that they helped keep the torch going in dark times (which is awesome!) and at one point they did work on a comic book series which had a lot of fans (myself included). But the line has been crossed too many times and we are no longer in a position to work with this site beyond standard fan site interaction (bi-weekly Q & As, samples when available, message board posts etc...).

    Asking is not going to change that now. I may be the brand manager and I do my best to communicate and work with all of the fans on all the sites fighting the good fight for their voice, but I can only do so within the boundaries my management sets. On this particular matter the ship has irreversibly sailed.

    Personally I think the .org guys are tops and I will do all I can to support the many fans who gather here within the boundaries I have.

    So for now, I'd rather try to look forward at all the awesomeness that is coming for MOTU! The Classics line is going stronger then ever (I mean we're doing Gygor people...) and we're still looking ahead at a live action film in the not too distant future. It is a great time to be a MOTU fan!
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    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) • Azdar • Belzar • Chazdar • 200X Evil-Lyn • 200X Teenage Prince Adam • 200X Teenage Teela • 200X Sorceress • General Rattlor (MYP) • 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena • 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena • Ice Armor He-Man • WMD Roboto

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    Sounds good! Thanks for the info!
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    200X He-Man paint job question

    We might redeco the current Classics He-Man in 2002 colors down the road, but their isn't any plans to do a "2002" version with the anime sculpt changes to details (i.e. flared hair and extra pouches etc...) The anime 2002 look is retired, all the figures will have "Classic" look, so essentially, the existing He-Man is the same figure, just with a different sculpt style for the current line look.
    So then, will the 200X version have the Asterisk as his emblem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL here. Keep checking for updates! I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom. Be patient, because it's going to take awhile to sift through 200 posts and provide the links.
    Just follow this link:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPansen View Post
    Which is what I'm doing...only now we have a thread to discuss all of the topics. Some fans don't keep up with all the current news. Let's face it, MOTUC is a line that flip flops from one day to the next. One day they aren't making Keldor's 200X swords, the next day they'll see about future inclusion, then the next day they aren't making them again.

    So this thread will help keep track of all the news. If fans want to talk about any of the subjects on the .org, they can.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) • Azdar • Belzar • Chazdar • 200X Evil-Lyn • 200X Teenage Prince Adam • 200X Teenage Teela • 200X Sorceress • General Rattlor (MYP) • 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena • 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena • Ice Armor He-Man • WMD Roboto

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    Sorry only wanted to help

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    Thanks for doing this; I think this will be very useful.
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    "@ToyGuru, do you use parts from other lines for MotuC?

    No. While we do share parts within lines, we will not be sharing one line's parts with another. MOTUC in particular is meant to be a beefier larger figure and the parts would not work for a DC Superhero or a Ghostbuster. "

    Didn't they use Zoar/Screeech from the DC line?

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    Thanks MegaGear! This is REALLY helpful!

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    Good news we will get 2 heads for Bow and wrist articulation. Bad news they will get to him before 2016!!!! So I guess we will be getting him sometime around 2014/2015.

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    THANK YOU MegaGearMax!

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    Not a bad idea MGM!
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    My feedback thread

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    Good idea. I've been so lost with many of the updates these past few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithfuchs View Post
    Didn't they use Zoar/Screeech from the DC line?

    Yes, Zoar/Screeech were first Beast Boy as an eagle and the Wonder Twins Eagle.
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    Lovin' this thread already. Thanks man.

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    Great idea for a thread! Thanks for posting this!
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    Great idea MegaGearMax...thanks for doing this.
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    Not to make too fine of a point of it, but technically Zoar/Screeech was made for MotUC and re-used for the Wonder Twins.
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    Hey thanks MegaGearMax for the useful thread..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronicler View Post
    Not to make too fine of a point of it, but technically Zoar/Screeech was made for MotUC and re-used for the Wonder Twins.
    Exactly what I said above! It doesn't bother me at all, whatever helps them keep costs down, but TG shouldn't say stuff like that when it isn't true! (Unless things have changed and going further they won't cross-use parts from different lines.)

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    200X He-Man paint job question

    We might redeco the current Classics He-Man in 2002 colors down the road, but their isn't any plans to do a "2002" version with the anime sculpt changes to details (i.e. flared hair and extra pouches etc...) The anime 2002 look is retired, all the figures will have "Classic" look, so essentially, the existing He-Man is the same figure, just with a different sculpt style for the current line look.
    Ok then. So do a 2002 version with some (ahem) non-anime sculpt changes along the lines of non-anime MOTUC Count Marzo, and it's all good. =)

    Good thread, MGM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eurorko View Post
    Good news we will get 2 heads for Bow and wrist articulation. Bad news they will get to him before 2016!!!! So I guess we will be getting him sometime around 2014/2015.
    probably sooner than that.... Bow was among the names Mattel recently trademarked.... so I'm speculating we'll see him either this year or next year. 2 heads is cool, one vintage toy version, one with the mustache I'd assume.

    and new wrist articulation.... can you say 'He-man reissue' that can finally hold aloft his sword as only He-man can? well actually Adam would be the one to use that new wrist joint, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by keithfuchs View Post
    "@ToyGuru, do you use parts from other lines for MotuC?

    No. While we do share parts within lines, we will not be sharing one line's parts with another. MOTUC in particular is meant to be a beefier larger figure and the parts would not work for a DC Superhero or a Ghostbuster. "

    Didn't they use Zoar/Screeech from the DC line?
    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Lynch View Post
    Yes, Zoar/Screeech were first Beast Boy as an eagle and the Wonder Twins Eagle.

    so much for not sharing one line's parts with another.... I'd assume they mean within the figures, not the accessories. no muscle-bound ghostbusters.... though that'd look hilarious.

    Too bad.....some of their WWE figure molds would work very well for a young myp Prince Adam, and the articulation & height are perfect matches with the motuc figures. they could use those molds without having to spend tooling $$ to make a whole new mold. guess they wouldn't ever think of the obvious.... since they made a whole new mold for Gygor, when they already had a decent gorilla mold from 'Grod', or whatever his name was, with the same articulation & scale.
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    Great thread! There's so much new info coming out right now that it's a bit hard to keep up!
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    Awesome thread!

    200X He-Man: want him NAO!

    Bow + 2-Head sculpts & wrist articulation = Phenomenal!!

    Small Vehicles? Hopefully NOT part of the sub when the time comes.....
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithfuchs View Post
    Didn't they use Zoar/Screeech from the DC line?

    He noted this one exception back around SDCC. Said this was the one time there were using a part for both lines but didn't expect to do it again.

    I don't think he needs to point out this again each time he explains the situation
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