It's been ages since the last "battle scenario" showdown poll (I can't even remember who it was between), but today (with the release of Moss Man) seems the perfect time for a new contest - and a logical one considering the recycling of body parts.

Who would win in a battle scenario between...


Let's take a brief look at the stats:
MOSS MAN - A master of camouflage and an expert spy. Armed with a mace, and a small dagger
BEAST MAN - Has control over many wild animals, brute strength. Armed with a whip.

A few conditions to bear in mind:
* We'll use the MOTUC back-of-box bios as a guide for the characters and their abilities (in this case, it affects Moss Man, as the bio makes no mention of the super "growing", land covering powers that he showed in the MYP cartoon)
* Likewise, each character is only armed with whatever weapons their MOTUC figure comes with (i.e. no "XXX pulls out a laser gun")
* And please remember, this is a "who would win" battle scenario, not voting for your favourite character.