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Thread: MOTUC showdown: Moss Man vs. Beast Man

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    MOTUC showdown: Moss Man vs. Beast Man

    It's been ages since the last "battle scenario" showdown poll (I can't even remember who it was between), but today (with the release of Moss Man) seems the perfect time for a new contest - and a logical one considering the recycling of body parts.

    Who would win in a battle scenario between...


    Let's take a brief look at the stats:
    MOSS MAN - A master of camouflage and an expert spy. Armed with a mace, and a small dagger
    BEAST MAN - Has control over many wild animals, brute strength. Armed with a whip.

    A few conditions to bear in mind:
    * We'll use the MOTUC back-of-box bios as a guide for the characters and their abilities (in this case, it affects Moss Man, as the bio makes no mention of the super "growing", land covering powers that he showed in the MYP cartoon)
    * Likewise, each character is only armed with whatever weapons their MOTUC figure comes with (i.e. no "XXX pulls out a laser gun")
    * And please remember, this is a "who would win" battle scenario, not voting for your favourite character.

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    Moss Man would win. I don't think Beast Man would even have a change on winning the battle against an ancient nature god.

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    Beast man wins for me!

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    Depends on the location. In an arctic environment where there are animals for Beast Man to control but very little vegetation then I'd say Beast Man would win. But in a jungle, I think Moss Man would win no matter how many animals Beast Man had under his control.

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    I like Beast Man but this is a Savage Henchman vs a Nature God. Yeah Beast Man can control animals and monsters but Moss Man can control the very ground Beast Man and said controlled pets are on.
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    Moss Man has GOD-like elemental powers...He can control the forces of Eternia and life itself! He is as far as I can see second in power only to He-man himself! ( or possibly Zodac, with his cosmic powers)

    Beast Man doesn't have much to put up against that.

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    Hm...I think in a very particular situation Beast Man could win. Beyond that, though, Moss Man has it in the bag almost every time. However, I think it might have been different back in the day. I didn't know much about him outside his mini comic, and I remember him just smelling nice and making Stinkor run away.

    Nonetheless, we are talking about the new bios, so as a nature god, Moss Man wins.
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    Kreann'ot N'horosh! :)

    Nature-God Kreann'ot N'horosh wins easily. Evil henchman Raqquill Rqazz doesn't stand a chance.

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    Moss Man. There are more plants than animals on Eternia!
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    moss man has lived longer than beastman. if moss man is a demi god or just apart of a race he is still superior to beastman. if moss man was ever in an area with no plant life he has his seeds & his own abilities. so hands down moss man would win a fight against beastman any day. oh & beastman cant track moss man cuz he smells like a plants.

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    Before I watched 200X I would have said Beastman but, as already been mentioned, Mossman is a demi-god. Totally different tiers.

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    Beast Man wins easily. Moss Man is still "mortal" and Beast Man controls all animals including herbivores. Beast Man simply calls a herd of Eternian deer, cows and rabbits and tells them to eat Moss Man alive. No contest and a humiliating defeat for Moss Man to be beaten by cute and fuzzy animals.
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    Moss Man, hands down. All other factors aside, it's a well-known fact that Beast Man smells like wet dog, on his best day. That's why He-Man dislikes grappling with him- it takes hours to wash that stink off, and walking around as Adam, smelling like wet dog is inconvenient, to say the least...
    Anyway, everyone knows that good hygiene is Beast Man's kryptonite, so MM's fresh piney scent will tip the scales in his favor, letting him get inside the range of that ridiculous whip to lay the smackdown on limb or skull with his mace. Then it's a quick jab or two with his trusty stone knife, and then it's claw and fang to claw and fang. Beast Man wouldn't stand a chance.
    Yes, Beast Man is a formidable fighter, but there's a reason that he avoids one-on-one dustups with Moss Man...

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    Moss Man FTW!
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    In motu good wins evil in at least in the end of the episode.
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