I've been watching my She-Ra DVDs, to learn more about the charactes. I never really whached She-Ra as kid. I like many really want a Shadow Weaver figure, she was the one character that did catch my attention as a kid. But now that I've watched the cartoon more closely I was wondering how Matty would make her work as a figure. Her sleeves drap down and attach to each other in the back. How would that work in figure form? They only way I can think of would be with cloth but that would not fit with the rest of the figures in MOTUC. Do you think they would just make he sleeves seperate? Then how would they make them look good when her arms are both raised and by her side. There seems to be a lot of design issues the 4H would have to work out. I have no doubt that they could make her look great, and I hope they get the chance too. What does everyone else think?