241: Shadow People (Skeletors minions, - Ladybird "A Trap For He-Man")
242: Skelcons (skeletors minions, - various Ladybird books)
243: Sea-People (Mer-Man's minions, - various Ladybird books)
244: Nerlins (Man-At-Arms workers, - Ladybird "Castle Grayskull Under Attack")
245: Delora (Stratos' Wife, - Ladybird "Wings of Doom"/Minicomic "The Siege of Avion")
246: Wyverns (Winged Creatures, Ladybird - "Wings of Doom")
247: Trog (Leader of Dwarves, Ladybird - "Wings of Doom")
248: Gnoll (Creature in the Mystic Mountains, Ladybird - "Wings of Doom")
249: Trolls (various forms)(Ladybird books, minicomics, Filmation)
250: The Behomoth (Creature in the Plains of Perpetua, Ladybird - "He-Man Meets the Beast")
251: The Iron Master (Evil warrior created by Skeletor, Ladybird - "The Iron Master")
252: Stegosaurus (OK he doesn't have a name, but he has lines and fights with the Horde and Skeletor! Ladybird - "He-Man and the Lost Dragon")
253: Thunder Horse (Horse that can speak, not to keen on Battle Cat Ladybird - "He-Man and the Memory Stone"