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Thread: Another Mossman Custom

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    i like the shorter loin cloth and accurate prototype paint scheme.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm glad you like him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jii Dee View Post
    Hes brilliant. Did you go over his eyes with a lighter green too? looks tops. I want one. and a winter one. An autumn one. A woody/tree one

    I did go over his eyes with a lighter green but, it doesn't pop as much as I want. I've thought about repainting them. I think your idea about a winter and autumn one is very cool (especially autumn). To do this version I mixed two different flocks together.

    Quote Originally Posted by claw guy 3 View Post
    Brilliant work!

    I want one

    I know the flock comes off in water but what did you use to get all the glue off?

    And I'm loving the shorter loin cloth too

    I used Zinsser Graffiti Remover & Stripper to get the glue and paint off. It was very hard to get off and the most unenjoyable aspect of this custom.

    Quote Originally Posted by masterenglish View Post
    Man that looks great, in fact I like it better than the release, though I would have wanted the official version with the classic flocking material like they did. Would be cool if they did a reissue closer to the prototype just like you have done so we could have both. I'm surprised at how cool he looks without the flocking too.
    How bout a comparison pic next to the Mattel release?
    I have an extra Mossman but, he is on card and I plan on selling him because I'm very pleased with my custom ( I got one to customize and one to leave alone) and this version is what I wanted since I saw the prototype. I'll try and take a pic of the two together but it will probably not be a good comparison since one will be on card. Overall, I think Mattel did a pretty good job with the flock. I agree that Mossman looks good without the flock too. It would be a pretty easy custom to make an unflocked mossman. The only thing you would have to do is repaint the head. Everything else is casted in the same color plastic.

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    WOWSERS!!! Great work bud. That looks amazing! REALLY AMAZING!!!
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    Loves it! I love the painted face. I don't have my Moss Man yet but I already prefer this one.

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    sweet mossy custom,great job!

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