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Ahhh... ok, now the April Fools joke is funny

Great answers too...

This statement pushes me further towards thinking that they are going to announce ownership of the Filmation characters at SDCC. The toon version of Swift Wind does not appear in the Style Guide, so the toy would have to look like regular toy Swift Wind, Crystal Swift Wind, or Royal Swift Wind.
Now, I know that I am pulling this out of the air and reading into the statement, but I bet they ask: "Do you want vintage toy-colors Swift Wind or cartoon Swift Wind??"

That would be so nice because he has never had a proper toon figure.

I don't think this has anything to do with the ownership of filmation rights. Its speaking on terms of weither or not Swifty would be produced in his original all pink toy form OR his later white and neon pink toyform. Both where Mattel Designs.