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Thread: Interview with Doctor Who DVD Designer

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    Interview with Doctor Who DVD Designer

    Today I'm sitting down and finishing Part 2 of my interview with Brendan Sheppard, creator of the awesome Dapol Doctor Who figure video series. Brendan spent quite some time working with the BBC, 2|e and Big Finish on the awesome Doctor Who DVDs. Brendan had a big part in helping those DVDs look so good and he discusses many of his experiences, including his experiences with Terrance ***** and the late Barry Letts. Check out the full interview if you're into toys, Doctor Who and amateur filmmaking!

    Infinite Hollywood: Dapol Doctor Who & The BBC

    Have a good one and thanks for reading.
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    these would be the same as the american versions correct? if so I am not fond of the design and the fact that the menus are pretty wonky.

    the show itself is great.
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