So I have this thing where I can appreciate a figure moreso because of the character and not the toy alone. Granted, the figures have been amazing, but sometimes the character overshadows the figure and any flaws therein, ie: Frosta, Stinkor. That being said, for whatever reason I was thinking about Glimmer and what a cool character she is. Sure, the Filmation version was pretty weak, but this is how I see her: she's the leader of the Rebellion against the Horde, who took both of her parents. Also, her powers are something to fear. She controls light, which means she can use it like lasers, make holograms/illusions, create force fields out of hard light, turn herself invisible, create bursts of light to blind her enemies, or even fly. Think of her as the Masters/PoP version of Marvel's Invisible Woman. And she's no pushover when it comes to Adora taking the reins of the Rebellion.

This is what I do for every single character in my canon and Universe. I can't wait to get Glimmer in Classics because I really see her as an awesome character and I'm sure she'll be an awesome figure!