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Thread: Why are you subbing?

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    Why are you subbing?

    So, we have a thread for "fence sitters," and one for people who are not subbing, so I figured we should have one for people to give their reasons for why they ARE subbing. This is a thread to talk about your reasons for subbing. There's another thread for getting an exact count, that's not the purpose here. Nor is the purpose to argue about issues we've had, so let's please keep that to other threads.

    Despite any issues with QC, or Digital River, or anything else, I'm in for two 2015 subs. I'm a fairly late comer to the line, but I am pretty well caught up. I think that MOTUC is the best modern action figure line. The sculpt, scale, articulation, paint, accessories, and overall quality are heads and tails above anything else in this scale and price point. I love the characters, I love the swords and sorcery and sci fi mix, I love the homage to the original figures, everything.

    With Two Bad I got the last vintage figure I have any connection to from my childhood. But I am still in for the long haul. There's so many amazing characters in the universe I have been introduced to, I want them all. Filmation, 200x, NA, POP, concept figures, anything. I've been a huge fan of the Four Horsemen for a long time, and love just about everything they do.

    Sure, there are issues, but every toy line has issues. Overall, it's much easier and more fun to collect this line than anything else. Not having to fight scalpers at retail or pay bloated eBay prices for new figures is amazing. I look forward to what 2015 has to offer, and sincerely hope the sub makes it!
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    Well, I'm subbing for a few reasons.

    The first of which is the fact that these are some of the finest action figures in this price range we are ever likely to see. Just fantastic stuff coming out of the Four Horsemen.

    The second reason is obviously nostalgia. I'm a 35 year old man that never grew up, and these toys are a link to the 8 year old in me.

    The third is that I have infected my wife with love for this line, particularly the PoP figures. In the last six months (since the announcement of the PoP mini-sub), I have caught my wife up completely on the PoP figures released thusfar, and am now determined to help her finish her Princess of Power Collection.
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    When I was a young squirt, I never got to finish the vintage Masters line. I was there at the very beginning but I never got to finish what I started.

    With MOTU Classics, it's a chance to rectify that situation!

    This is the second chance I've been waiting my whole life for! There's no way I'm gonna miss out on a complete collection this time!

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    Simply put, I'm subbing cause I love the franchise and the line. This is the definitive MOTU line. I'm in it till the end, which hopefully won't be for years to come. Nothing else to really say.

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    I absolutely love MOTU and like 95% of what MOTUC has offered. I have never had any reason not to sub. I love the ever expanding MOTUverse and hope that it keeps going for years to come. As long as MOTUC is offered, I will support it.

    Thank you for this great thread. I can't wait for the celebration on Tuesday!
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    Beacause I want every figure, simple.
    I survived the 2013 sub ordeal!
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    I'm subbing because I love the line. The figures to come that we've seen look great and the ones yet to come are going to be pretty awesome too. I love that we're going to have the vintage figures all over in an awesome modern style as well as stuff from POP, NA, and 200X all mixed in seamlessly, and also those figures that were never figures before! That's what makes this line go above and beyond. I also love getting something straight from the source each month without having to go around everywhere and hope the figures I want are released around me. This way I get what I want plus have this big collection with crazy variety all sent right to my door.

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    It seemed like the cool thing to do. Everybody else is doing it.
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    Because I want the figures and I can afford them. I'm not making yodafreakmaster cash (but really, who is?), but hadley cash is more than enough for a sub or two and having everything I want.

    MOTUC is an expensive thing to get into and it sucks for the people who can't deal with basically what amounts to another bill for at least $50 a month. But man, the people that act like Mattel owes them figures or something really stick in my craw. Oh dear, I'm starting to sound like a Fox News watcher. I'm a liberal! I swear!

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    Because this is the best franchise ever and I want us to keep going until the original roadmap is completed.
    Proud supporter of the Snake Men.

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    I've been in it since the beginning and I'll see it through till the end. Plus I've been a subber every year so why change things up now.
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    The reason I am subbing is because these are the best figures ever! This line has released characters I have wanted since I was three years old that I never thought would see an official release. As far as I'm concerned, this line isn't finished until we see Snake Mountain, Charger (Battle Unicorn/whatever they are calling him), and could go on indefinitely if true 200X variants and characters are released. This is simply the best MOTU incarnation and I've collected them all.
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    Because I'm a sucker and I'll just resell them so other fans can get them.
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    This should be an amazing year to sub. Some of the figures I've wanted the most are still yet to come. Bring on Saurod, Rotar, Blast Attak, and Multi-Bot!

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    Its the right thing to do since im a Princess of Power and Masters of the Universe fan.

    I want those figures, i love those characters please give me those figures and im willing to pay for those figures.
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    As a child in the 80s, I never had any of the MOTU figures. My parents did the best they could for us and I wasn't the type to push for more than they could do - "someday…" I would think. When MOTU returned in 200X, I'd just gotten out of college and couldn't really afford or find as many figures as I would have liked. Once MOTUC appeared, I was finally in a place where I could pick the figures up (despite the persistence of the WSOD). When subscribing became an option, I signed up immediately and have since the very beginning. When it finally ends, with the exception of bronze and clear King Grayskull, I'll be able to say that I have all the figures of this line - and I'll have a kept a promise to my younger self.

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    It's fun... like an articulated "Jelly of the Month club!" If I can afford it... why not? See it thru I say. We are all very aware that we will NEVER get this type of opportunity again. To me it's like surfing... the last wave of your surf session needs to be epic... you wanna leave the ocean knowing your last ride was awesome so completing classics is very much the same mindset... Enjoy the ride... all the way to the beach I say.
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    New Motu toys delivered to my house.

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    I'm subbing, because for ME, 2015 will have the strongest line up for my personal wants. Queen Angella, Saurod, Peekablue, Dragstor, Squeeze, Ninjor, Blast Attack, Hopefully Stridor! There's no way I could skip 2015. These are the characters I've been wanting since 2010!
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    I love this franchise. I've loved it since I was 8 years old when it was brand new.

    Financial reasons kept me from subbing until this year. I loved what the 4H were making, but I couldn't afford to love them, so I tried to keep the whole thing out of my periphery. No credit, no can buy. Why torture myself.

    Of course, I would still see them - at conventions and online. I loved to look at them and imagine owning them. When I got my credit back I was able to make some online purchases, but I saw some of the astronomical prices many had reached (FU ShadowWeaver!).

    Now I'm in a much better money situation, and I can afford to sub. I won't let sub-exclusives get away from me and become ridiculously expensive on the secondary market.

    I lurked the .org for years and saw the enjoyment people were having with the line and their subscriptions. Sure I saw the negatives too, (how could I miss that on, but it still seemed like a game I wanted to play.

    Essentially, it was like I kept watching all the other kids play with awesome toys every day, and I wanted to play too. When I was finally able to get some figures of my own, I joined the fun.
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    I sub because I want the majority of the figures. I've found it pretty easy to off load the ones I don't care for via trades so that's incentive as well.

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    This is simply a fun toyline. It was, is, and continues to be. I either like most figures, or end up liking ones I was previously uninterested in (when I get them in-hand). I have no reason not to trust them to make a cool figure, even if there are a few confusing choices here and there. Nothing is out of the ordinary for a toyline, though, and my toys aren't breaking left and right like some of my Toybiz Marvel Legends.

    So yeah...I want everything. I may end up culling the line in the future, but for now, I'm ridin' the high.
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    ^All of the above pretty much sums up myself! Best toy line we have ever had period!!
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    As long as I can remember, I've been a fan of Masters of the Universe. Some of my best memories from childhood are playing Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power with my sister. 1987 came and went, and then no more new figures came out. It just died. It was a sad time when it went away, then came back as something totally different (New Adventures). All those years there was a void. Then I remember visiting for the first time in the late 90's as well as getting a Blast-Attak figure (one of the few characters I never had/heard of) from a toy catalog. Then there was a Toyfare magazine in 2000 I saw that announced the Commemorative line. Then came 200x. And that died out too unfortunately.

    Then searching on the .org one day in the summer of 2008, I saw the news about the SDCC King Grayskull exclusive, then He-Man and Beast Man. Finally, after all the incarnations, we were going to get a line that captured the true essence of vintage and brought all eras in the fold. Through the marvelous job the Four Horsemen have done with these figures, it's nice to have one line, altogether, capturing everything. Heck, I'm impressed by the New Adventures figures, characters I hated not long ago. I'm a vintage MOTU and POP purist at heart, so 2015 is essential to finish this line off right, and hopefully keep it going in some form 2016 and beyond.

    If my sister and I, 25 plus years ago saw what the future would hold for such a vast line of all these characters we love, I'd say we'd be elated as heck. This line makes me feel like a kid again. Masters of the Universe Classics is the phoenix rising from the ashes. It's a fan line, a love letter to the fans from fellow fans in the Four Horsemen.

    It hasn't been the easiest line to collect. I've been buying since December 1, 2008, fought many white screens of death, QC issues, some not so fun DR problems, etc.... I feel like I've lucked out compared to some other collectors overall though. I'm very happy with how much we've gotten, and how far we can go. This is the ultimate Masters of the Universe collection. We're not going to get another shot like this, so deep into the entire mythos.

    I sub for convenience, avoiding WSOD/sellouts, peace of mind, and I want the darn figures!

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    I subscribed to 2015 because I love this Line so much and it would break my hart to have an incomplete collection 6 years into this.

    I want 2015 to happen so that we get all the surprises Scott said would be coming. I want the heavily rumored 200x add on sub so that more core characters are added to my collection.
    I want 2016 to happen so that those characters mattel couldn't fit into 2015 get made in 2016.
    Looking forward to the entire 2014 & 2015 line

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