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Thread: An Open Letter To The Team At Keep It Classic!

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    An Open Letter To The Team At Keep It Classic!

    MattyCollector: Keep It Classic!

    To the team at,

    The final years of Masters of the Universe Classics have been exciting and eventful to say the least. Who’d have thought we’d ever see an adult collector MOTU line that not only includes He-Man, Skeletor and She-Ra, but Flipshot, Madame Razz and Geldor too? What you have given us is largely amazing.

    So, thank you.

    We understand that MOTUC is ending, but that a new line using parts from MOTUC figures will be offered. Our request is that you keep this new line ‘classic’ – not ‘Masters of the Universe Classics’, but ‘classic’ in its nature. We hope you continue to produce plastic versions of previously unreleased characters we have nostalgic connections with and have been wanting for 25+ years.

    Our Concerns: Too Many New Characters And Not Enough Females?

    As fans look forward to learning what awaits us in 2016, we hope for:

    • More Filmation characters (from both the MOTU and POP series)
    • More minicomic characters
    • More 200X characters
    • Vintage POP variants
    • More New Adventures characters

    Some of us, however, are concerned that the 2016 line will include too many brand new characters and forget many of the fan-favourite females.

    The Evidence

    The He-Man.Org 2016 Fan Poll revealed that:

    • 8 of the Top 20 most requested remaining characters are from the He-Man/She-Ra Filmation cartoons
    • 5/20 are from the 200X cartoon series
    • 3 are New Adventures toys
    • One each come from the Jetlag (New Adventures) cartoon, vintage minicomics and the new DC comic respectively

    Some characters from this list have already been revealed (Lizard Man, Skeletor’s Robot Knights) and others heavily rumoured (most of the 200X characters), leaving fans hoping to see the likes of Granita, General Sunder and the Horde Wraith in 2016. With 500 people voting in this poll, it’s a pretty good benchmark for fan demand.

    Handle New Characters Designed For The Minicomics With Caution

    Some of us are concerned that the 2016 line will unwisely focus on the new characters created for the MOTUC minicomics. None of these characters – including Bandwidth, Gladiator and the Great Black Wizard – featured in the He-Man.Org Top 20. There is nothing wrong with including two or three of these characters in a year to ‘expand the mythos’ but focusing on any more (or slotting them late in the year when subs have been pre-sold) would be a grave mistake that could cost Mattel dearly. Certainly a 12-month subscription with 5, 6 or more of these characters could cause fans to abandon MOTUC’s successor altogether.

    It may be worth noting the frustration felt by many fans when unexpected characters such as the Fighting Foe Men, Nepthu and Vykron were given priority over fan-demanded figures. Another of these ‘questionable’ figures has been rumoured for 2015. We hope these rumours are false.

    Fans Want Females!

    We also fear that Matty will ignore female figures almost entirely in 2016, similarly to how they were handled early on in the line (remember the 11 month wait between She-Ra and Catra back in 2010-2011?).

    As the He-Man.Org poll shows, 5 of the Top 20 are female - and none of them are She-Ra, Teela or Evil-Lyn variants – they’re original characters. Nobody’s expecting another Club Etheria, but the balance of eight males and four females in 2014’s Club Eternia felt like a minimum standard. Please don’t let Crita, Hunga the Harpy and Kittrina slip through your fingers.

    It’s Not Too Late

    The line’s previous brand manager has stated that he had a hand in developing the 2016. It’s for this reason that some fans are concerned, given he effectively designed and named the new minicomic characters and ordered action figure mock-ups of some of them to be presented at 2013’s San Diego Comic Con.

    Without knowing the toy industry as well as you, we suspect a lot can happen in a year. If plans have been made to cram 2016 with lots of these characters - as has been rumoured - these plans can be changed. As hardcore fans, we’re happy to pay up for figures of characters we’ve always wanted. Please listen to our requests and you’ll put MattyCollector streets ahead of other adult collector brands.

    So, we wait in earnest for the reveals to happen, presumably at San Diego Comic Con in July. In the absence of Masters of the Universe Classics, we hope you keep the new line ‘classic’ at its heart.

    Thank you for your time.

    He-Fans and She-Ravers of Facebook


    He-Man.Org 2016 Poll Top 20 Results
    Would you be happy if SOH and/or new characters occupied the majority of 2016?
    MOTUC Idol
    Filmation Idol
    New Adventures Idol
    Variant Idol
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    I'm definitely on board with this! A great well thought out letter, Scorpia!

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    I am absolutely, 100% on board with this!
    PoP Variants are part of the vintage line, too! Starburst She-Ra, Shower Power Catra, and Scratchin' Sound Catra for 2015!!!

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    Very well done now let's hope they listen.

    KEEP IT CLASSIC MATTEL!!! Finish the New Adventures, MYP, Filmation, Jetlag, and Major comic characters and if there's a way get us Karg!

    Crita, Kittrina, Granita, Hunga, Dylamug, Vultak, Montork, Dree Elle, Sagitar, Darius, Hawke, Miro, Bubblor, Lady Slither, Quakke, Lodar, Ra-Jar, Butthead, Sebrian, Spinwit for 2016!!!!!
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    I agree with this letter wholeheartedly. Not getting folks like Kayo, Crita, Masque, King Micah, Hawke (200X look to represent all eras), or Songster but instead getting "Muckman", Hans Hammer Holder, Dare and Skeleteen would be a slap in the face of fans. Some of these old school characters have been on our wishlists for nearly 30 years. It wouldn't sit well with fans seeing these new guys filling out most of the slots of the new line while characters with a lot more "seniority" and "street cred" are being ignored.

    Personally, I'd be glad to get a Hans Hammer Holder, but I'd rather have Crita and Kayo first. Man Crystal? Sure! Just get me Songster and Granita first!
    FINALLY!! GLIMMER IS IN MY SHELF!! Crita is coming... Now I NEED SONGSTER! The Awesometastic Bard!

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    I'm all for keeping it Classic!!! And I think Filmation variants of the main characters is a great way to keep A-Listers present as the vintage figure line finishes.
    My feedback:

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    I got to say I like new guys

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    Some of my favourite figures have been the new creations like Draego-Man, Cy-Chop and Castle Grayskullman. I can't agree with this letter at all. I think things need to move forward as well as being respectful to the past.

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    I don't agree with this open letter.

    I don't want more females.

    I like variants.

    I like new characters.

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    I agree. I have no interest in new characters when there is a wealth of existing characters that still have not had a figure in classics. NA in particular.
    The only new character I liked was Dreago. Castle Grayskull Man was fine as was Sir Laser Lot but I wouldn't miss them if they were gone. Cy-Chop, Farting Foe Men etc were garbage.

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    As much as Like new characters I think the argument "Keep it classic" is valid inasmuch as I believe if Mattel saturate the re-branded line with too many new characters vs characters that have been fan demanded for 30 years, I fear it will have a negative affect on 2016 subs going forward.

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    ...I get it totally, but there has to be some new stuff too! Lord Masque and Lodar are immediate priorities. And I think with vintage POP covered by years'end, there is little in the way of females left, yes? Oh and please no Little purple people, lol!
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    ...Seriously looking for a gray Sir Laser-Lot sword from the Final Wars weapon-pack!!

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    I agree with some of the points, but the letter asks for way to many specific things. Too many specific
    Requests to achieve any type of consensus amongst fandom, let
    alone influence decisions that may already have been made
    In full, if not partially, by Mattel.

    I think you should identify no more than 3
    Key areas that fandom can universally agree upon . I am not going to claim to know what those are, but you could set up a poll to figure it
    Out....the biggest, would be maintaining the style and scale of
    Classics into a rebranded line.
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    Not on board either. It's basically saying no 200x or new characters and is a step backwards in my opinion. After these past 6+ years, I hate the words "vintage" and "classics". I'm actually glad the classics line is ending with no more wars between factions (Na,Vintage,POP,200x) and hope it doesn't have enough steam to continue in 2016. It's only going to bring more problems. We had a great run, lets end it on good terms.
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    Usually I am not going to comment on any 2016 plans as that is up to Mattel and the current team to discuss. However, as I have mentioned that I did extensive work on 2016 planning up to and including character selection for a 6" "classics" line extension; to keep anyone from spinning off in any direction, (and noting Mattel could absolutley completely change the plans I put in place, or just as much keep them exactly) I am happy to clarify the line I proposed was NOT a "son of He-man" line. It doesn't mean these "characters" (ie New mini comic or vintage SOHM characters) were banned from the line, but they definitely did not dominate it.

    Again, that being clarified, I have no idea if Mattel will be moving forward with the plans I started or if they will toss/modify them. Come next Jan (or assuming a Sdcc 2015 reveal of Q1 figs), assuming a 2016 one goes forward (ie: support it!!!) I would be happy to note (based on who is released/shown) to confirm if the line is what I worked on or something different.

    If that helps.

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    The overall sentiment is very valid and accurate - if they go "new character heavy" there simply won't be an audience for the line. The amount of folks who want newly made-up characters isn't going to be enough to produce them. Most people don't just arbitrarily collect figures they don't have any prior investment in, I think you'll find that the folks who do want them largely only collect MOTUC and simply want it kept going because they don't collect anything else. Further diluting the brand by arbitrarily adding new characters simply would be a terrible direction for them to go.

    That said, it hits upon the key issue any post-2015 line is going to have. For example, no, contrary to what is listed, the amount of people who want vintage TOY variants of PoP is miniscule. I mainly collect MOTUC because of PoP, and I couldn't care less about them. I think folks could just about justify Catra in some more toy-like form, but that's about it.

    This is the problem that any 2016 line is going to have an almost impossible time to overcome - what would be available now to make is so diverse, and so different, that without the big carrots of Vintage MOTU and POP characters being made, that folks simply aren't going to put up with paying $40+ each for figures they don't really care about just to get the few they may want. People discount this all the time, but the truth is - the "silent majority" of subscribers is subscribing for those figures.

    This is all why I plan on simply enjoying 2015 as a nice, planned end to the line, where we fill the promise of finishing vintage MOTU and PoP. Anything that comes later is gravy for the meal that is already going to be rather complete. The only way we get a 2016 line is if they drastically alter the entire model it has previously been run on. The days of people pledging $600+ for unknown mystery figures, knowing that all the big "carrot" figures are gone, is just over.

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    I'm not interested in characters I'm not invested in. Not interested in 200x. Not interested in new mini comics characters. Not interested in SoH. Not interested in concept figures not interested in meteorbs or vintage motu dinosaurs. Not interested in NA Give me filmation in motuc style and occasional vintage minicomics character vintage motu and pop are done after 2015 so let's see refreshed A listers or hard to find figures ie filmation variants of he man skeletor teela evil lyn beastman merman frosta(or straight up reissues like fisto or whiplash)and new filmation characters like Dylamug vultak general sunder hunga colonel blast lord masque dree Elle uncle montork etc. ditch the sub and go back to day of sales only. But unlike 2008 and 09 produce enough that they don't sell out in minutes but last a few days at least so no ********* with buyers. No more thermometers. No more bullying to buy subs no more being saddled with unwanted items with all in subscription model
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    please release accurate Filmation of-- merman, fisto, roboto, kobra khan, grizzlor, mantenna. Leech, entrapta, , spikor, buzz off, whiplash, webstor, prince adam, rattlor, tung lashor, mekaneck, sorceress, jitsu, ram man, man e faces, frosta, bow and perfuma.

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    I completely concure..... If Mattel want my wallet open for 2016 I suggest they read this open letter and pay attention to these points! Fantastic letter!!!!!!
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    Yes and no.

    Want unreleased "new" FILMATION characters (Lord Masque), vintage mini-comic characters (Lodar, Mask of Power Demons), vintage vehicles and beasts (Stridor/Night Stalker, Roton), and maybe a few variants (FILMATION Teela). A couple of re-releases of hard-to-get characters would be good.

    Don't want PoP variants, "new" characters, SOH characters, or 200x characters.
    My seller/trader/buyer feedback:

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    Admittedly, I'm wary of rumors but if these are true it's unsettling. A splash of one or two that have become fan favourites like Despara or Lady Slither I'd be totally open to but if 2016 is again a subscription, getting locked into any more of the ToyGuru-verse would be enough to finally make me drop the line. After this year wraps, the (non-variant) vintage line is complete so 2016 needs to seriously wow us with characters we've waited our whole lives for, not characters who appeared in one panel in a mini-comic that came out a year or two ago. I know if I was forced to sign up for six figures I MIGHT want and six I definitely don't want, the buck literally stops there.

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    Toy guru when planing 2016 did you consider lowering prices due to that most if not all remaining regular sized figures have shared parts and the tooling has already been, I know that there will be new tooling due to new heads, armor, and weapons. But the cost of would be down right ? Also could prices be down because of having 1 accessory and a more simple packaging

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainMendoc View Post
    I think things need to move forward as well as being respectful to the past.
    I agree.

    Don't get me wrong I want many of the characters stated by the OP but that doesn't mean we should exclude other characters like 200X ones, which weren't listed in the "what we hope for" section and even new characters.

    My 2 cents:

    I've said this before but I hardly feel a poll of only 500 people represents a major chunk of the fandom. The polls were nice and I did enjoy them and am grateful for all the hard work that went into them but I still fell they don't truly show the most wanted characters. Many popular characters got eliminated early cause they were placed in first round polls with other popular characters. A few polls were stacked while others had very few standouts. A large chunk of the characters in the polls were filler and had no chance of even winning. In closing, IMO the poll format was flawed.

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    Im in. Great post.


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    I agree with this open letter.

    However, I would note that I would be more than happy to see another Club Etheria. It could include: toy-design/Starburst She-Ra, toy-design Catra, Granita, General Sunder, Vultak, Hunga the Harpy, Dylamug (subscription exclusive) and each of the three main Twiggets could be packed as an accessory with those figures which use many existing parts (i.e. She-Ra, Catra and General Sunder).

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    I would really like to see

    Lady slither
    Great Black Wizard

    I think they would all make great figures. Although I Certainly agree that listed figures in the letter would take precedent over them.

    I would be all in no matter what as long as they stay using the same buck and give me a HORDE WRAITH
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