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Thread: Queen Marlena and the Royal family.

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    Queen Marlena and the Royal family.

    I am a vintage purist and a pre-Filmation fan. In fact, I never saw a Filmation episode in the Eighties, as our native Norwegian tv channel did not air the series.

    As such, I really should not love Queen Marlena. She never had a vintage figure, unlike Prince Adam and King Randor, and though she was present in the first DC mini series, her MOTUC figure is based upon her look in the Filmation series.
    So how do I feel about her? I love her! She has a stern, yet graceful and regal facial expression, this lady has seen danger, and will not shy away, when it presents itself again, as she knows it will. I love her royal gown as well.
    As for Prince Adam, I have to say I think he is fantastic, as well! His colour scheme has always appealed to me, and his smiling face, is spot on! Mind you, in my canon, I am not sure that Adam and He-Man are one and the same person...

    I am still waiting for King Randor and Princess Adora to arrive, and when I have the Royal family gathered together on my shelf, I think I will feel the same affection for them as I have for the Royal family of Daventry, King Graham, Queen Valanice, Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella, from my favorite King's Quest adventure game series!

    So, I am a pre-Filmation, mineternia fan, who has fallen in love with the Royal Eternian family! And I could not be happier..!

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    I love having the royals all together (big Filmation fan here), especially Randor in his Filmation togs. Add in Cringer, you've got the whole royal roster. And we also have the inner circle around the royals, with Duncan, Teela, Orko and Clamp Champ (remember, Clamp was the royal bodyguard for the King and Queen in his first mini-comic appearance).
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    Quote Originally Posted by smaug View Post
    Mind you, in my canon, I am not sure that Adam and He-Man are one and the same person...
    Yes, it's the same for me. I also began as a fan of the figures before the cartoon began. (In 1982?) Then when the cartoon debuted with Orko and Prince Adam, well, as a kid I hated it. I've since gone back and re-watched every episode and I do love them now. But I don't like the idea of He-Man having a secret identity and I certainly wouldn't want it to be Adam. It's not that I dislike him, I just dislike he and He-Man being one and the same.
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    Thanks for sharing, smaug. It's quite interesting to hear about the MOTU experience in other countries. (one of the things that I like about the .org). Did you get the vintage toys in Norway around the same time as North America?

    If a King Miro ever got made, would he join your collection?
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