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    Official Glimmer Discussion Thread

    Glimmer is one of the principle characters in Princess of Power, but she isn't often discussed on the threads. We all assume that she will get a figure in the MOTUC, but will it be sooner or later among the POP cast?

    Here's her bio, from the org's encyclopedia:

    "Glimmer is The Princess of Bright Moon and daughter of Queen Angella and King Micah. Glimmer is the original leader and helped establish The Great Rebellion on Etheria. She has the ability to control light. She can teleport, illuminate large areas, refract light, and direct beams of light from her hands. Glimmer is also able to levitate herself and others."

    What does everyone think of her, and how do you think she should be handled, in regards to the MOTUC style? What do you think her bio should contain, and in what manner will she join into the bio's already in progress?

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