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  • I would prefer a live action movie with true actors

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  • I would prefer a cartoon with amazing animations

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  • I would love both

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Thread: Would you prefer a live action movie or a movie cartoon?

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    Heroic Warrior Khror's Avatar
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    Would you prefer a live action movie or a movie cartoon?

    It is known a live action movie will be released in the next months (or years) with true actors.

    I'm very suspicious about a MOTU movie with true actors.
    I would have preferred a cartoon of 1 hours an a Half with a big budget and very good animations.

    What about you?
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    Heroic Warrior Krueger's Avatar
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    Live-action. Animation would feel like a cop-out, IMO.

  3. #3 Brian Ozone's Avatar
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    i would love a new Live Action movie in the near future.

    But I would love a MYP cartoon straight to DVD movie to hold us over.
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    Heroic Warrior Stuart's Avatar
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    The first three episodes of the MYP storyline was pretty much an animated movie as far as I'm concerned. I was very pleased with that so I voted for live-action. I'd love to see it, and very interested in seeing if anyone could pull it off.

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    We've had, probably, hundreds of hours of He-man animation to date, but only an hour and a half-ish of live action. And, granted I'm not a kid any more, but none of those hours ever produced the same "hairs on the back of your neck" excitement that just a few minutes of seeing the characters brought to life did.

    Can't say if the two are mutually exclusive that yet more animation would be top of my list.

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    I would like a Live action movie with CGI for the characters that need it. I hope they make a good choice.
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    Huge custard eating power flaming_knob's Avatar
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    Both would rock. SOrt of like the Watchmen. Where the live-action is awesome and gives the newbies to the scene an in plus loads of new stuff for the veteren fan, and the suppliment cartoon could have side stories and more explanation as to what went on in the background.
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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    I'd like to see both.

    Obviously, the live action feature would take precedence but an movie length feature animation could be a supplement of sorts. I'm thinking along the lines like how those DC animations are movie length. The live action feature i think has nothing to do with the movie length animation.

    The thing that worries me about a live action feature is that it'll be MotU only in name while the movie is 're-invented' in movie speak and employs literally zero of the mythos.

    As Mattel have said (something along the lines of anyway): anything is possible in a movie year... so we'll see.
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    Keeper of the Chaos Eye Neaves The Wicked's Avatar
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    I would love to see a live action movie! I want it to be set in Eternia no mention of Earth. I want it to be real looking. I'd love to see strydor and all of the other technology things from the cartoon but I want it to be a Dark movie. I would also like for He-Man to be an Unknown actor IMHO having Dolph as He-Man made me shy away from it simply because I saw him in Rocky 4 before Masters came out and it made it completely unreal to me. I want this to be like a living Earl Norem painting!
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    Cobra Saboteur Firefly's Avatar
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    I would love both a live action movie in theaters and a direct to DVD/Blu-Ray animated film, kind of like what DC and Marvel do with some of their properties.

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    Heroic Warrior Teacher of Madness's Avatar
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    Id like a live action movie with very heavy special effects to give it a cartoony feel. Something like Sky Captain or Sin City.

    And Pixar needs to get to work on making a lice action movie. I think that could work too.
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    Court Magician mellowfellow's Avatar
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    Live action but i will be greedy and request a new animated tv as well
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