So we just finished watching Apollo 13, and as always, I get a little tear in my eye at the very end when, after 4 minutes, the pod finally appears in the sky and Hanks and his guys announce that they've made it home safely. Every time, that scene gets me.

Probably the worst (or best?) moment ever was from Backdraft. As a proud, older brother myself who went through his own share of problems growing up with his younger brother, the end of this movie always gets me. When Kurt Russel is laying on the catwalk, mortal wound crippling him with agony, he has the strength to proudely point out to his rescuers that his brother is below fighting the fire to get them out alive. "That's my brother, god ******..." he utters.

Every time I hear that line, WHAM, I'm done.

In Serenity, seeing River heartbroken as her seemingly mortally wounded brother apologizes for not doing better by her always gets me.

And for television, in Supernatural, when Sam find his dead father in the hospital room after giving his soul for his other son's life...that's just heartbreaking.

So what about you all?