As I've said in the several threads on Prince Adam and Orko, I'm mostly an MOC collector as I don't really have much space for loose displays but have wall space for my MOTU MOCs. I'm not too happy about Prince Adam being an "accessory" with Orko as the main figure in the package.

Couldn't they have made a special window box or something? Some sort of different MOTUC packaging like they're doing with weapons packs, larger beasts, and other random non-basic figures?

I feel that Prince Adam is too much of a high profile character to be thrown in the bottom of Orko's packaging and couldve been a great bonus figure, especially that particular Prince Adam figure, which is perfect imo.

Prince Adam > Zodak (with a k)
Prince Adam > The Goddess
Prince Adam = Battle Armor He-Man (both great throwback bonus figures)

Just my opinion here and I'd like to hear everyone else's.