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  • Clever way to package Prince Adam and Orko.

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  • Stupid way to package a great figure.

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Thread: How do you feel about Prince Adam being packaged with Orko?

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    Rogue Warrior Shawners's Avatar
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    I open all my figures so displaying will not be an issue. Overall I like the humor behind it and being a fan of Orko it makes me laugh he gets the spot light and Adam is a random accessory. I can see though for collectors who dont open their figures it would be frustrating.
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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    I wouldn't quite classify it as "stupid" but that's what i voted. Certainly nothing wrong with Orko but Adam as an accessory? Ah well. There's a couple of things i don't like about this, namely because i collect MOC. Also, i really don't understand what the humour is about - what am i missing here lol? I really do hope that vintage Prince Adam gets his own packaging sometime down the line...

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    Soft.Delicious.Nutritious Matt79's Avatar
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    I'm a MOC only collector. No need to say how much I like the packaging.

    I still hope for a "more MOC collector friendly" release on Mattycollector later this or next year.

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    NA mini-sub Supporter ! Arkangel's Avatar
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    notice that, right now, 117 voters and zero voted "Not getting them, Don't like them "

    gonna be a real war to get them i suppose.

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    MOTUC fan! Evil_Horde's Avatar
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    Great figures but stupid package..And for me who collected also MOC the packagung is very important..

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    Evil Apologist of Mattel Count Marzo's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkangel View Post
    notice that, right now, 117 voters and zero voted "Not getting them, Don't like them "

    gonna be a real war to get them i suppose.
    Yeah. Looking back on this poll I started is pretty crazy. Not a single one chose that option. They better make enough of those to go around.

    YOU WANNA KNOW WHY NOT A SINGLE PERSON DOESN'T WANT THESE MATTEL??? Because Prince Adam is vintage-style and not and scrawny little kid like 200x and because Orko looks verrrrrry Filmation-like.
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    Heroic Tough Guy Colton's Avatar
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    Until Prince Adam doesnt get smashed inside ...

    No ... wait .... just talking BS.

    I dont care for the package since im opening all ....

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    Heroic Warrior BIG DADDY SINISTER's Avatar
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    I vote for "stupid". But this question is moot, as they'll sell the hell out anyways. But I hope there aren't any damage issues that arise from him flopping around in there....
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    Stupid way to package a great figure gets my vote.

    Prince Adam deserves better!


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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    I agree but I'm just happy to get both together.

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    Heroic Warrior nilito's Avatar
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    I love the packaging. I think it's great to make Orko the star of that little show. lol

    Just keeping my fingers crossed that I can get that set on Matty.

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    Heroic Warrior MOONCHILD's Avatar
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    Well i'm not a MOC collector so I couldn't care less about the way they were packaged. I usually open my boxes, so that doesn't bother me, but on the other hand I really think that they could be packaged in a way that both figures were visible, for the MOC collectors.

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    I'm Anime Hyper-Detailed Battle_Brak's Avatar
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    I think it was a cool way to package a figure I'd otherwise not be interested in (Prince Adam). I mean any way they packed it I would've got the set for Orko, but this version of Prince Adam is just not a character I acknowledge in my personal canon.
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    Heroic Warrior He-Ryno's Avatar
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    I'm an opener so I don't care.

    But I would rather have Adam be packaged so you can see him...
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    Heroic Warrior Peace Crusher's Avatar
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    Don't care since I'm opening them anyways.

    I'm a loose collector, so akes no difference to me. I do feel for MOC collectors, though.
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    Heroic Warrior Cosmic Falcon's Avatar
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    I suppose if Orko wasn't selling too well, it would make sense to package him with Prince Adam. But personally I would think that Adam would be logically paired with Cringer.
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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    I voted Opening them, but I think it is a clever and cool way to package that. If MOC people werent servants of the devil and I was one of them (heheh) I would think that was a cool little way to draw attention to it.

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    Master of Power Suction Killian's Avatar
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    I wish it hadn't sold out so fast that I couldn't get one. I hope they re-issue Adam soon at least
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    Court Magician Dammage7's Avatar
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    Prince Adam & Orko? Nah!

    As a matter of showing some respect & appreciation to the character (which is considered the hero of the show even while not being transformed into He-Man), I dislike how Mattel accessorized Prince Adam that way!

    It was gonna be much better if they released Prince Adam and added Cringer with him as an accessory, instead of Queen Marlena/Capt. Glenn -- which I bought just to get that inc. lil' Cringer figure.

    As for Orko, it's a great fun character and I guess they didn't have to add any accessory character with it!

    Regarding Orko, read this
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    Heroic Warrior Akai's Avatar
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    I was happy to just have Adam despite having no sword holster and a loose ankle.

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    Vintage Vintage Vintage Vlcan's Avatar
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    It was stupid. More than anything annoying. Give me Prince Adam on his own card. Maybe we'll get the Filmation look finally on card.

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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    I guess I'm in the minority here then. No one likes to put MOCs on their wall?

    I'm not that happy about it because I really dislike the Mo-Larr/Skeletor thing and that has the kind of packaging that Prince Adam and Orko should have gotten but maybe a bit smaller. A nice window box so I can see them both.
    I have mine on shelves on the wall in ZW cases, not hanging, but sitting (but still on the wall), and I hate that I can't see Adam, he was one of my favorite toys as a kid, and is the biggest reason I got the Orko. There is plenty of room in that bubble for Adam to have been positioned behind Orko, and still make it appear that Orko was the "MAIN" I have to have my Orko on the wall in a lower place so I can actually see some of Adam.

    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    I thought they should be side by side. I do hope that they both get bios thats all that really matters to me.
    Adam needs a single release, they could have included a bio for him....I mean in vintage / Filmation it's not like Adam is a non important character, aside from He-Man, he IS the main character..I mean he should have gotten a smaller space on the back for a bio at least. I think it's a really bad way to get Adam out, it's not like he wouldn't have sold well on his own...Orko could have come with Cringer for the way his "Accessory" is treated, then again, it may have been the only way they could get Orko sold, because him alone would have been a $10 figure, and Adam IS the only reason I bought the set.
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    Option 4: Stupid way to package a great figure.
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