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Thread: Which version should I open vs keep sealed

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    Which version should I open vs keep sealed

    I guess I'm really looking for folks opinions on which version are generally preferred of the characters that were released in both the Classics line and the DC vs MOTU line.....and if you had both and wanted to open one version for display and keep the other sealed to be stored and enjoyed at a later date, what would you do?

    I'm new to this line and have both versions in a most cases. I want to crack these guys open but I can't decide which ones. I had both the first release and reissue of He-Man and opened the first release. Since I opened it I see the difference in the eyes as well as read that the loin cloth is stiffer and now I'm thinking it would have been better to open the other one who's eyes I prefer and who sits better on Battlecat. So far I think I want to open the Zodac from the DC vs line as he has white gloves like the Filmation version while the Classics gloves are flesh color (like the original toy?).

    Stratos, Skeletor, Zodac, Merman are the ones I'm looking at.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I like most of the DC vs MOTU figures better. Especially Zodac and Skelly. Which means, I'd open them up. But I open all of my figures!

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    If you have both the Original Releases and the ones with "The Original" burst, I'd recommend opening "The Original" ones because those are second releases. The blank first releases would be worth more to keep MOC.

    As far as the TRU versions are concerned, I'd say open Stratos, Zodac, and She-Ra without question. They're updated versions and I don't think they're worth as much as their single carded counterparts. He-Man, Mer-Man, and Skeletor is up to personal preference. I prefer the regular green version of Mer-Man but the TRU He-Man & Skeletor are my default ones in my collection because they look closer to being like Filmation versions, IMO. Skeletor has a clean, yellow face and He-Man is more tan and brighter blonde. Battle Armor Faker is easily the most expensive figure in that set, so you have to be really sure if you want him opened.

    I opened all my figures, so it was an easy choice for me but every collection is different and the bottom line is to go with what makes you the happiest!
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