Just wondering if there's anyone in the same camp as me on this one. I'm a fan of everything MOTU and I plan on getting everything, as I haven't missed on a figure yet, I bought into the 2009 4-month subscription, the 2010 sub, and plan to get a 2011 sub. Since I have a sub, getting Optikk won't be a problem, so I get to concentrate on getting Tytus. However, if I had no sub and only had enough money to buy one figure, it would be Optikk. With Optikk, you're at least continuing forward with the MOTU timeline and he is an amazing character. With Tytus, as cool as a figure as he is, he's a figure from Eternia's past, and also a deceased character. I'm not even sure if I plan on opening him since I don't plan on mixing my living characters with my dead characters. Anyone else more hyped for Optikk's arrival than Tytus?